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In shamanism, soul is the life force of a person, animal, plant, or anything which exists on any plane of being. A soul may be any of the bodies or sheaths in which this life force dwells as well. Thus, the physical body may sometimes be referred to as the "animal soul". The astral, mental or spiritual bodies may also be referred to as soul in discussions and literature about shamanism. As the individual life force, soul may be lost or drained away in part or in whole. When this happens an individual is affected with some psychic or physical illness or other malady and a shaman may attempt to retrieve the lost life force. If enough of this life force is lost or stolen by another a person may experience serious and debilitating illness or even death.

The Latin word for soul, ANIMUS, may be interpreted as meaning "breath of heaven" or "breath of Spirit". This bears some similarities to many traditional shamanic views of Soul.

Soul may also be defined as the indwelling individualized spiritual essence, a divine spark, or unit of awareness.


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by Dean Edwards

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