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You must know your mythic origins.

Facts and news are reports from the current TV drama.
They have no relevance to your 2-billion-year-old divinity.
Myth is the report from the cellular memory bank.
Myths humanize the recurrent themes of evolution.

You select a myth as a reminder that
you are part of an ancient and holy process.

You select a myth to guide you when you drop out of the
narrow confines of the fake-prop studio set.

Your mythic guide must be one who has solved the death-rebirth riddle.

A TV drama hero cannot help you.
Caesar, Napoleon, Kennedy are no help to your cellular orientation.
Christ, Lao-tse, Hermes Trismegistus, Socrates are recurrent turn-on figures.

You will find it absolutely necessary to leave the city.

Urban living is spiritually suicidal.
The cities of America are about to crumble as did Rome and Babylon.

Go to the land.
Go to the sea.

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