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Technopaganism is a sub-belief that is closely related to Urban Shamanism. It is the belief that magic can affect technological processes as well as natural processes. It is a relatively new area of Paganism, being around only for the last thirty years or so.

Parts of this field include using modern day devices in magical ritual. For instance some Technopagans use their oven for a hearth. They might keep a "Disk of Shadows" instead of a "Book of Shadows". Others will sometimes use stones and other charms to help improve the performance of mundane items. One common one is placing a lodestone on top of your computer tower. (One should note however, it is rarely advisable to place any sort of magnetic substance near a computer.)

For some an essential belief of Technopaganism is the belief of the spiritual side of technology. They believe that items, such as your car, can become inhabited by a pseudo-spirit or thought-form if they have enough human contact. The theory is that if you invest enough of your energy into the device, it will take on a personality of its own and react accordingly. This also extends to a city itself. Each city can have its own pseudo-personality according to the people that live in it. As a sub-belief of this, many Technopagans also believe that things such as buildings, roads, parks and other such items have pseudo-spirits, or totem spirits, of their own.

One belief that faces substantial objections is that the Internet itself is attaining a pseudo-spirit. Indeed, it is the stated objective of the creator of VRML to bring about the merging of the spiritual world with the physical world.

The term technopaganism can also be used in relation to a combination of affinity to technology and some kind of pagan (Wiccan, gothic) worldview found relatively often in computer and internet subcultures.

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Cybersamhain Ritual:

Invocation of Water

Zi Dinger Ani Kia Kanpa BenBadur Kanpa Spirits of Earth and Sky Ocean and Storm remember this act of our creation! Known only to the most Ancient of civilizations "All is our relation" For we are one tribe, And one nation.

In this hour From the space between the stars We unite the power of Sky and Sea. Fill our eyes with vision and allow our heart to see. The river of life in its flow between these two worlds to and fro.

For only the heart can give the mind's eye meaning for any act of true seeing upon this Web of the patterns we are weaving.

Be it known through such spheres as Mercury, Mars and Saturn, That this Net/Web?, is links to another pattern; Forever like a wife it is to the Tapestry of Life.

By our wills be done, we are the center, So key the sign, and then press "Enter".

Hail and Welcome! Blessed be.

C. Scott Young

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