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Wed Apr 23 19:43:06 2014 GMT

  • (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Listen: Archie Shepp, "Attica Blues" (fr, pt...
  • (en) Chile, Solidaridad #22 - Melissa Sepulveda*: "Our policy horizons have to be a revolutiona...
  • (en) Italy, FdCA - Libertarian Alternative,April 2014 (it) [machine translation]
  • (en) Palestine-Israel, Though it seems lot of things are going to change soon - it is done in a slow...
  • (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Classic subversion: Gaston Leval, "Libertarian Sp...
  • (en) Canada, MONTREAL , Festival of Anarchy MAY 1st – JUNE 15th, 2014
  • (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Morocco: It's still not spring! (fr, pt) [machine trans...
  • (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - 1794: The Terror against the people's revolution (...
  • (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Testimony of inmate France Prisons, prisoners of the w...
  • ACLU Action Alerts
    Mon Apr 21 16:43:02 2014 GMT
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  • President Obama: Don't Let the CIA Censor the Torture Report
  • A Gang Sign or School Pride?
  • Our Borders Aren't Constitution-Free Zones
  • President Obama's Shameful Milestone
  • President Obama: End workplace discrimination for 26 million workers
  • Stop Extreme Sentencing from Destroying Families
  • Tell Utah Gov. Herbert: Recognize all Same-Sex Marriages
  • It's practically torture - and we're doing it to kids?
  • Do you believe a Catholic hospital provided you or a loved one inadequate reproductive health care?
  • Adbusters
    Wed Apr 23 22:43:05 2014 GMT
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  • Israel on the couch
  • True Slaves to Our Devices
  • Global Funk
  • How economics became a science
  • Advertising is Brain Damage
  • Sacré bleu!
  • Aokigahara
  • Anal
  • Stranglehold
  • John Greer
  • Appalachia Rising
    Wed May 8 16:50:28 2013 GMT
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  • Residents Bring Dirty Water from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Communities To Washington
  • We’re Bringing Toxic Water to the EPA – Folks Are Arriving in DC Now
  • Video: EPA Action May 8th!
  • May 8th: Day of Action
  • More Actions in Atlanta!
  • A Crowd Gathers in Philly at EPA Region 3 Offices
  • Join Appalachia: Call EPA Region 3!
  • Appalachia Locked to Dirty Water–EPA has the Key!
  • Donate to Appalachia Rising Legal Defense!
  • Judge Says Quaker Pro-Mountain Demonstrators “To Be Admired”
  • Appalachian Voices
    Wed Apr 23 22:43:22 2014 GMT
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  • Addressing Climate Change in North Carolina
  • Addressing Climate Change in Virginia
  • Background // NEEDS TITLE
  • Carbon Pollution and Climate
  • FP 04-21-2014 McCrory’s coal ash proposal falls short
  • Surprised? McCrory’s Coal Ash Proposal Falls Short
  • Counteracting Coal’s Dirty Tricks
  • FP 04-17-2014 – The Power of Energy Efficiency
  • The Voice: Toxic Warnings, Trilliums and More
  • Spring Happenings for Clean Water in N.C.
  • Choose Responsibility
    Fri May 24 19:10:03 2013 GMT
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  • CR President on HuffPost Live!
  • Washington bill will allow tasting in classes for teens
  • No alcohol, at all
  • CR President Barrett Seaman on HuffPost Live TODAY!
  • Inmates sue alcoholic beverage companies
  • A sobering beginning
  • Sending our thoughts
  • Military Drinking, part 2
  • Is binge drinking genetic?
  • UT alcohol poisoning incident goes to court
  • CrimethInc
    Tue Apr 15 16:44:27 2014 GMT
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  • Steal Something from Work Day 2014
  • New Zine about Capitalism and Anxiety
  • Ukraine & the Future of Social Movements
  • The Ex-Worker #19: Anarchists In Revolt
  • Anarchists in the Bosnian Uprising
  • Beyond Self-Care: Speaking Tour
  • The Ex-Worker #14: Squat the World!
  • The Ex-Worker #13: Ones and Zeroes
  • Contemporary Israeli Anarchism: A History
  • Deserting the Digital Utopia
  • Defective By Design
    Fri Jan 17 23:45:59 2014 GMT
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  • Don't let the MPAA buy the Web
  • Our holiday visit to the Apple store (with photos)
  • Give freely this Cyber Monday: Introducing the 2013 Giving Guide
  • New iPhones put more polish on Apple's restrictions
  • Questions about DRM? Visit our new FAQ
  • Sell your Netflix stock to send a message: no DRM in HTML
  • Customers streaming away from Netflix
  • #CancelNetflix: Arrested Development isn't the only thing they screwed up
  • International Day Against DRM 2013 sent a message
  • Oscar awarded to W3C for Best Supporting Role in "The Hollyweb"
  • Earth First! Newswire
    Wed Apr 16 19:44:26 2014 GMT
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  • PH Deadliest Asian Country for Environmental Activists
  • SWN Returning to New Brunswick as Mi’kmaq Plan Renewed Resistance
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribe Turns Around Megaload
  • UK Pharmaceutical Company Wins Court Order Prohibiting Animal Rights Protests
  • Support “Mocassins on the Ground”: Lakota Resistance Against the KXL Pipeline
  • Disgraced Former Environment Minister Deletes Twitter Account After Shameful Debate on Line 9 (play-...
  • Eighth communique of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild
  • Day Seven of Washington University Sit-in Against Coal
  • Yinka Dene Say’s Their Decision is Final: Northern Gateway Pipeline Officially Rejected
  • Violence Plagues Costa Rican Conservationists
  • Fairewinds Energy Education
    Thu Apr 10 19:44:52 2014 GMT
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  • Bringing The Focus Back On Life
  • The Hottest Particle
  • Arnie Gundersen on Al Jazeera Discussing Fukushima Anniverary
  • Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated
  • Nuclear Power: Their Profits, Our Risks
  • What’s leaking from the nuclear Waste Isolation Pilot Program?
  • Demystifying Nuclear Power
  • CSI: Fukushima
  • New TEPCO Report Shows Damage to Unit 3 Fuel Pool MUCH Worse Than That at Unit 4
  • Fukushima’s Refugees: Why Have They Been Abandoned?
  • The Big Picture Theatre
  • The 4 Myths The Nuclear Industry Wants You to Believe
  • West Coast Radiation Exposure: What are the risks?
  • Atomic Sailors
  • Fukushima Daiichi: Why Is It So Hard To Clean-Up?
  • What The Japanese Government Is Not Saying About Fukushima
  • NRC Falls Short On Drug And Alcohol Enforcement
  • FOIA
  • Frack Action
    Mon Jan 27 23:45:36 2014 GMT
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  • Frack Action Responds to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (#Gastorino) Pro-Fracking Propag...
  • Hundreds of New Yorkers say NO to Fracking Infrastructure
  • October 30th Call to Action: A 40 Year Ban Is Being Lifted
  • Global Frackdown!
  • Poll: Fracking opposition at an all-time high in NY
  • A freshwater shortage is expected in the US by 2030
  • Fracking ‘threatens God’s glorious creation’
  • RWE profit off, to shutter some power-generation
  • How the Fracking Boom Could Lead to a Housing Bust
  • To cut natural gas costs, Chesapeake pumps up royalty deductions
  • HackBloc
    Wed Aug 1 22:45:59 2012 GMT
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  • Hackbloc Stands in Solidarity Against Pacific Northwest Grand Jury
  • Propose a talk at Hackmeet 3.0
  • Your Cell Phone is Covered in Spiders
  • Workshop Series Presentations Now Online
  • Hackbloc Hosts Computer Security Workshop Series in Olympia
  • FBI seizes server providing anonymous remailer and many other services from colocation facility.
  • Computer Equipment Available for Anarchists and their Projects
  • Hackmeet 2011 Report Back
  • HackThisZine #13 Released!
  • lulzsec and antisec attack the pigs again!
  • iLoveMountains
    Wed Apr 23 01:44:39 2014 GMT
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  • Divestment from Fossil Fuels Can Mean Reinvestment in Appalachian Economic Resiliency
  • Activism and Academia Meet for the Mountains at Annual Conference
  • Gainesville Loves Mountains Campaign Near Victory!
  • ACE Project Trains New Tennessee Volunteers
  • Victory Against Mountaintop Removal in Spain
  • West Virginians Call for Real Enforcement
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights Since Clean Water in WV: How to Help
  • I Love Mountains Day: Marchers Vote for a Bright Future
  • Hands Off Appalachia Tours East Coast
  • Appalachian Groups Join Allies in Climate Justice Alliance
  • Fellowship Prepares Leaders for Regional Change – Deadline Feb. 10
  • Appalachia Deserves Safe Water!
  • Ask Your Legislators to Support Tennessee’s Scenic Vistas
  • Hold Government Accountable for the West Virginia Water Crisis
  • Initial reaction to West Virginia chemical spill is — Why?
  • Resolve to shake things up in 2014
  • Tell Obama to Include Appalachia in His Clean Energy Agenda
  • See you this Thursday! Coalfields Expressway, Rally to Stop the Hijack!
  • International Rivers
    Wed Oct 31 18:05:07 2012 GMT
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  • Finland To Investigate Pöyry’s Role in Xayaburi Dam
  • A Proposed Power Development Plan for Thailand 2012
  • 3S Rivers Under Threat
  • On the Radio: The Mekong, Food Security, and Hydropower
  • Climate Change & Hydro: Mutually Damming
  • Local Alliance Renews Occupation of Belo Monte Dam in Brazil
  • Federal Public Prosecutors file lawsuit calling for suspension of São Luiz do Tapaj&At...
  • Climate Change: New urgency to rethink dam projects
  • Fishermen Paralyze Construction of the Belo Monte Dam
  • A Risky Climate for Southern African Hydro
  • Dam-Dependent Zambezi Basin Unprepared for Climate Change
  • The Xayaburi Dam: Threatening Food Security in the Mekong
  • Carbon Credit Fraud: How Big Firms Faked Green to Mint Gold
  • Federal Public Prosecutors Appeal to Supreme Court to Maintain Suspension of Belo Monte
  • Laos Begins Work on a Second Mekong River Dam
  • The Sesan, Srepok and Sekong Rivers at a Crossroads
  • Norway's Role in Global Hydropower
  • Supreme Court Judge Overturns Suspension of Belo Monte Dam
  • Samanalawewa leak – Engineering blunder or a blessing?
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    Thu Mar 27 17:10:08 2014 GMT
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  • Press Release: Research Confirms Legalizing Medical Marijuana Does Not Increase Crime
  • Press Release: Eighteen Members of Congress Call on Obama to Reschedule Marijuana
  • Press Release: House Oversight Committee Holds Hearings on Marijuana
  • Press Release: Top Republican Presidential Hopefuls Declare Commitment to Drug Policy Reform
  • Press Release: Obama: "It's Important for [Marijuana Legalization Laws in Colorado and Wash...
  • Press Release: New Hampshire House Passes Marijuana Legalization, Regulation Bill
  • Press Release: Marijuana Sales to Begin in Colorado January 1
  • Law Enforcement Leaders Ask Department of Justice to Respect State Marijuana Laws
  • Flint “Leaders” Disregard Will of Voters, Say They Will Ignore Voter-Passed Marijuana De...
  • Pro-Legalization Cops Cheer Marijuana Reform Election Results
  • Willie Nelson Marijuana Legalization Documentary Presented by Pro-Legalization Cops
  • Cops and Judges Support Colorado's Marijuana Regulation Ballot Measure
  • Cops Slam Obama for Same Old "Drug War" Budget
  • Cops And Judges Ask California Legislator to Withdraw Marijuana DUI Bill
  • Cops and Judges Endorse Washington’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative
  • Former Police Officers Testify for Changes to Marijuana Laws in Rhode Island
  • Human Rights is a Foreign Concept in the UN’s “War on Drugs”
  • C-10’s Mandatory Minimums Built On Ignorance, Say Cops and Judges
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Video
    Wed Mar 5 17:10:02 2014 GMT
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  • Norm Stamper tells MSNBC about the corruption brought by the War on Drugs
  • See a retired DEA Agent criticize the War on Drugs
  • Retired Judge give compelling reasons to end the War on Drugs
  • Retired narcotics cop takes it to the homeland!
  • LEAP's Peter Christ' "animated" talk on why Prohibition Doesn't Work
  • A bad day for gangs in Colorado
  • A place where no one dies from heroin overdoses
  • Drug Warriors take baby from house, Moms United fights back & wins!
  • Neill Franklin at ShowMe Cannabis
  • What happens when a jailed woman is pregnant
  • Retired Judge takes on the War on Drugs
  • Retired Cincinnati SWAT, Vice, and Narcotics cop confronts the War on Drugs
  • Jerry Epstein on drug policy and moving past marijuana prohibition
  • Meet LEAP speaker Arnold (Jim) Byron, US Customs, (Ret)
  • What is the worst thing about the War on Drugs?
  • Cops talk about life After Prohibition
  • Some quick answers to Why Cops Say Legalize Drugs
  • A retired State Trooper and a Narcotics Detective tell why they now oppose the War on Drugs
  • Neill Franklin at the 2013 National Conference on Mass Incarceration and the War on Drugs
  • Naked Protesters
    Fri Jan 24 17:46:21 2014 GMT
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  • Arrested For Naked Performance Art
  • Kissing The Riot Police
  • Arrested For Naked Legs
  • Dressing Down The Dress Code
  • Burning For Justice
  • Justice Gets Her Ass Beat
  • Punished By The Bishop For Naked Pope Costume
  • Naked Protesters On Twitter
  • Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival
    Thu Mar 6 20:45:49 2014 GMT
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  • Another Chapter in the Struggle for Survival
  • The water crisis is far from over
  • Rest in power, dear friend. You are a part of everything we do.
  • Honoring of the waters: Stand in Solidarity at Your River in Candlelight Vigil
  • Help us get clean water to those in the chemical spill zone
  • Help Support Chemical Spill Relief
  • Stamford 14 still facing charges in Connecticut
  • Glancing Back, Charging Forward
  • RAMPS Drop in on UBS during Hands Off Appalachia Action
  • Hands Off Appalachia! Come to HOA’s Connecticut Action Camp
  • Reverend Billy's Freakstorm
    Fri Mar 7 22:10:02 2014 GMT
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  • singing for our supper
  • test4
  • Reverend Billy Chase Sermon - 12/1/2013
  • Reverend Billy Invitation
  • CRONIES -- Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
  • PUSHBACK -- Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
  • Rev. Billy Extinction Resurrection Mini-Sermon at One Chase Plaza 5/22/13
  • Keep Cooper Union Free! -- Reverend Billy & Stop Shopping Choir support student activists 5/2013
  • You Don't Update a Masterpiece! -- Save Brooklyn Public Libraries
  • [E1] The Temple: Reverend Billy / The Last Televangelist
  • [E3] Bye, Bye Buying: Reverend Billy / The Last Televangelist
  • [E4] The Wall: Reverend Billy / The Last Televangelist
  • [E2] Coney Island Freakalujah!: Reverend Billy / The Last Televangelist:
  • Reverend Billy's Life After Shopping Sizzle Reel, directed by Glenn Gabel
  • Reverend Billy's Freakstorm: Bad Puns, Good Bananas
  • Reverend Billy & the Golden Toads @ Chase Bank in Manhattan, Extinction Resurrection -- 6/2013
  • Reverend Billy's Message to Istanbul, Turkey!
  • Reverend Billy's Freakstorm: GEZI-LUYEAH!
  • Root Force
    Thu Mar 13 05:46:19 2014 GMT
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  • Honduras: Machete Attack On Indigenous Dam Resister and Family
  • Line 9 Approved: Take Action March 19 and Beyond!
  • Unist’tot’en Spring Work Camp, May 12-30
  • Megaload Resistance Update
  • MI-CATS 3 Sentenced to Probation
  • Infrastructure News and Analysis
  • Pipeline Struggles: Analysis
  • Pipeline News
  • Get Ready for the Global Riots
  • First Nations Celebrate Federal Rejection of New Prosperity Mine proposal
  • Ruckus Society
    Tue Mar 4 23:46:04 2014 GMT
      » FEEDSITE

  • Get in on the Ruckus!
  • Thank You
  • This isn't Goodbye - it's Hello!
  • Laila Sapphira Williams
  • Emma Rubin
  • Seeking an Executive Director
  • 2013 In Review
  • Welcome to our New Staff!
  • We have a New Office!
  • Radical Garden Party Benefit
  • Thank You!
  • Canyon Country Action Camp
  • Moral Mondays
  • Fearless Summer Actions
  • Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Action at Corcoran State Prison
  • The Yes Men
    Tue Nov 12 20:48:28 2013 GMT
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  • Help us raise $75,000 by Dec. 31st!
  • Crowdfund "The Yes Men are Revolting" – A movie and an action platform!
  • Dow pays "strategic intelligence" firm to spy on Yes Men
  • "The Hobbit" saves money shooting Mordor in Tar Sands
  • Scholastic pulls coal contract!!
  • Response to legal threat to from Peabody Energy
  • Making Asthma Cool: Not Coal Industry Priority After All
  • New Coal Plant in Rich Chicago Neighborhood!
  • Coal plant to be built in wealthy Chicago neighborhood?
  • US Uncut + the Yes Lab: GE Returns Billions to Public... NOT
  • Enbridge's Hair Cares
  • Stand with Tim DeChristopher, Bidder #70 - TODAY
  • Give the gift of leadership!
  • Apple reacts?
  • Chevron wheat-paste and phone contest!!!
  • Chevron wheat-paste contest details
  • Leaks led to Chevron "We Agree" takeover; activist campaign expands
  • Help us keep Chevron's campaign on the skids!
  • Urban Art Core
    Sat Dec 1 20:45:34 2012 GMT
      » FEEDSITE

  • Urbanartcore is dead. Long live Openeverything!
  • ETAM Crew Exhibition in Vienna
  • Nychos The Weird in London
  • Low Bros, Mural Competition, Staple City & a Full Length Skateboardmovie
  • Urban Forms: Sainer Mural in Poland
  • Urban Multimedia Art: The Solution Is Irrelevant
  • Xingu Alive
    Wed Apr 16 21:30:10 2014 GMT
      » FEEDSITE

  • Justice demands that Norte Energia complies condition of Belo Monte to protect Indigenous Lands
  • Workers denounce poor conditions of work and housing in the outsourced North Energy
  • On the 50th anniversary of the coup, lawsuit seeks condemnation of Abin and Belo Monte for spying
  • TRF1 requires new environmental impact study under penalty of license suspension Previa Belo Monte
  • Government is denounced at the UN for violation of indigenous rights and use of Suspension Safety
  • Women Xingu: Not roses or chocolates. Mother of ten children only wanted to save what little he had
  • In Altamira, affected by resettlement of flood occupy Belo Monte
  • Native Americans win hydroelectric and come experience the peoples of the Xingu
  • Lawsuit seeks damages of £ 1 million to families affected by the Belo Monte
  • YES! Magazine
    Wed Apr 23 19:47:54 2014 GMT
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  • Live Chat: "Noah" Director on What Faith Has to Do with Fighting Climate Change
  • In Rural Kansas, an Experiment Makes Hitchhiking Safe Again
  • Protecting Classrooms From Corporate Takeover: What Families Can Learn from Teachers’ Unions
  • Stephen Colbert: New Standardized Tests Teach Valuable Lessons in Stress and Confusion
  • The Underground Railroad Was One of America’s First Co-ops: A Black History Tour of Cooperativ...
  • Think You Know What a Farmer Looks Like? Think Again.
  • They Started by Blockading a Bus Full of Detainees—And Went on to Shake Up the Immigration Debate
  • Don't Leave BitCoin to the Libertarians! (Or, Why Your Movement Needs Open Source Money)
  • 10 Things Creative People Know
  • Why Saul Alinsky, Author of "Rules" for Social Change, Would Probably Break Them Today
  • Tiny House Living, Off the Grid? Here's How to Do it in Style
  • Video: Can We Create Living-Wage Jobs for Everyone?
  • A New Source of Jobs for India's Rural Women? (Hint: It's in Your Shampoo)
  • How Better Health Care for the Poor Makes a Stronger Economy for All
  • Get Intersectional! (Or, Why Your Movement Can't Go It Alone)

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