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Arctic Sea Ice
Thu Jul 17 16:47:10 2014 GMT

  • June changes its tune
  • Sea ice tracking low in the north, high in the south
  • Spring unloaded
  • Arctic sea ice at fifth lowest annual maximum
  • In the Arctic, winter’s might doesn’t have much bite
  • Thicker on top, more down under
  • A slow and bumpy climb
  • Slow growth on the Atlantic side of the Arctic; Antarctic ice extent remains high
  • A typical October in the Arctic
  • Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
    Mon Dec 16 20:01:08 2013 GMT
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  • 11/2013: 397.31 PPM
  • 10/2013: 396.94 PPM
  • 09/2013: 396.77 PPM
  • 08/2013: 396.82 PPM
  • 07/2013: 396.74 PPM
  • 06/2013: 396.28 PPM
  • 05/2013: 396.55 PPM
  • 04/2013: 395.72 PPM
  • 03/2013: 395.83 PPM
  • 02/2013: 395.92 PPM
  • 01/2013: 395.24 PPM
  • 12/2012: 395.16 PPM
  • Climate Change Denial
    Mon Jul 21 16:43:40 2014 GMT
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  • You say “Global Warming”. I say “Climate Change”- Let’s call the whole...
  • Christmas Desserts in the Age of Melt
  • The story of how Greens became energy enemy number one
  • Climate Change News
    Tue Jul 22 16:43:02 2014 GMT
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  • Drier Dust Bowl: Waiting for relief in rural America
  • Climate change wins precarious slot in proposed development goals
  • South-west is the UK's jellyfish hotspot, survey finds
  • Tinderbox Explodes in Wildfires Across Northwest
  • Scientists blast Australian government moves dismantle environmental protections
  • Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars, says expert
  • Climate: Meat turns up the heat as livestock emit greenhouse gases
  • Replacing coal, oil with natural gas will not help fight global warming, expert argues
  • Activists say arrests made in protest at Utah tar sands mine project
  • Washington state wildfire claims first fatality, weather improving
  • California marks warmest winter and spring on record
  • Poll 60% back carbon tax if used for renewables
  • Beef's greater environment burden
  • Report: Sunday shows give climate change more air time
  • Climate Change Already Profound Impacts on Lakes in Europe
  • Your Cheeseburger Is Leaving a Giant Environmental Footprint
  • Surprising habitat: camera traps reveal high levels mammal diversity in oil palm plantations
  • Global warming emissions from meat consumption rising rapidly
  • Roads through the rainforest: an overview of South America's 'arc of deforestation'
  • Climate Change: The Next Generation
    Wed Jul 23 22:46:06 2014 GMT
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  • Richard Pauli on the immorality of paid climate denial comments, in response to the New Yorker artic...
  • New clue to Antarctic food-web puzzle: phytoplankton blooms, krill, penguin guano
  • Europe faces cereals crop crash from drought and higher temperatures
  • Saharan desert dust feeds deep ocean life
  • UK doctors vote to end fossil fuel funding
  • Trade unions worldwide say strong climate action could deliver 48 million jobs
  • The Unitarian Universalist Association Joins Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement
  • Deep Decarbonization: Truly facing the climate challenge
  • USGS: Groundwater pumping depleting aquifer below Albuquerque metropolitan area
  • Proximity to Coast Is Linked to Climate Change Belief
  • Senator Bernie Sanders: Increased Climate Coverage "A Step In The Right Direction"
  • Barry Bickmore's hilarious takedown of the Potty Peer's latest rampage, this time on his hom...
  • NOAA: Global temperature reaches record high in June, following record warmth in May
  • Peter Sinclair: Point of No Return, Deglaciation of West Antarctica, Meltwater Pulse 2B
  • Quest for Arctic sea ice answers
  • NASA JPL Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite (OCO-2) can track CO2 back to its source, help refi...
  • MUST READ: The Yes Men Secure the Homeland: Disguised as government officials—get Homeland Sec...
  • Climate Denial Crock of the Week
    Wed Jul 23 13:44:41 2014 GMT
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  • Arctic Ice: Midsummer Melt Update
  • Warmest June on Record, But El Nino May be Mild
  • Candidate Running on Climate
  • John Oliver: Don’t Go to Antarctica
  • Siberian Mystery Hole Investigation Begins
  • Fracking: How Long Can the Boom Last?
  • California Dryin’
  • Preparing the Kit for Greenland
  • Beautiful and Functional: Solar + Wind Installation
  • The Myth of Energy Storage vs Baseload
  • Climate Denial Crock of the Week Video
    Thu Jul 17 01:30:02 2014 GMT
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  • Dark Snow Project: Drone Flights over Greenland
  • Dark Snow 2014: Why We're Here
  • Dark Snow Project 2014
  • Rhymes with Smokey Joe
  • The Weather Channel Covers Dark Snow Project
  • Live From New York: It's the Dark Snow Project
  • Arctic Sea Ice: The Death Spiral Continues
  • Dark Snow Project: Climate Change and Citizen Science in Greenland
  • Minding Nemo: Dr. Jeff Masters on Snowstorms and Climate Change
  • Joe Romm on Climate, Obama, Keystone, and Consequences
  • Game On. Obama Throws Down the Challenge on Climate Change
  • The "No Warming in 16 Years" Crock
  • 2012:The Year Climate Change Got Real
  • Sampling Greenland: The Dark Snow Project
  • Hurricane Sandy's Double Whammy
  • Update from Easton Glacier
  • Glaciers and Climate Change: Mauri Pelto Interview 1
  • Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives
  • The First Climate Crocks Research Trek Needs Your Support
  • Climate Progress
    Wed Jul 23 22:44:31 2014 GMT
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  • Why A Jury’s Historic $3M Award To A Family Sickened By Fracking May Never Be Paid
  • Faux Pause 3: More Evidence Global Surface Temperatures Poised To Rise Rapidly
  • White House To Propose New Rules For Crude Oil Rail Shipments
  • 21 Protesters Arrested While Attempting To Block The First Tar Sands Mine In America
  • Change In Antarctic Sea Ice Trend Not So Extreme, Study Finds
  • Storms, Sewage, And Maggots: Climate Change Comes To Chicago
  • The EU Wants To Get 30 Percent More Energy Efficient By 2030
  • How The South Portland City Council Foiled Big Oil’s Plan To Sneak Tar Sands Out Of Canada
  • Poll: U.S. Leads The World… In Climate Denial
  • Just Before Hosting Major U.N. Climate Talks, Peru Slashes Environmental Regulation
  • 60 Percent Of Americans Support A Carbon Tax When The Revenues Are Put To Good Use
  • Studies Sound Red Alert On Beef’s Global Warming Toll
  • Florida Utilities Move To Slash Energy Conservation Programs
  • Planet’s Hottest June On Record Follows Hottest May
  • This Congressional Candidate Isn’t Running From Climate Change, She’s Running On It
  • Meet The People Fighting Pollution In Michigan’s Most Toxic ZIP Code
  • Chilling Map Shows Boston With A 7.5-Foot Coastal Flood
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturer Hiring 800 People In Colorado As Orders Pile Up
  • Concerned Scientists: Global Warming
    Wed Jul 23 16:48:46 2014 GMT
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  • Playing with Fire (2014)
  • Global Warming: Confronting the Realities of Climate Change
  • Global Warming Impacts
  • Palm Oil Scorecard: Company Profiles
  • Power Plant Carbon Standards: A Climate Game Changer
  • Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living (2012)
  • Whose Forest Land Is It? (2013)
  • The Root of the Problem—Drivers of Deforestation (2011)
  • The Plus Side: Promoting Sustainable Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Forests (2010)
  • Solutions for Deforestation-Free Wood Products (2012)
  • Recipes for Success: Solutions for Deforestation-Free Vegetable Oils (2012)
  • Solutions for Deforestation-Free Meat (2012)
  • Points of Reference: Finding Common Ground Among Reference Level Approaches to Move REDD+ Forward (2...
  • Palm Oil Scorecard: Ranking America’s Biggest Brands on Their Commitment to Deforestation-Free...
  • Out of the Woods: A Realistic Role for Tropical Forests in Curbing Global Warming (2008)
  • Logging and the Law: How the U.S. Lacey Act Helps Reduce Illegal Logging in the Tropics (2012)
  • Deforestation Today: It's Just Business (2010)
  • Deforestation Success Stories (2014)
  • Goddard Institute for Space Studies
    Thu Jul 17 22:47:27 2014 GMT
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  • NASA Kicks Off Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle
  • A novel framework for quantifying past methane recycling by Sphagnum-methanotroph symbiosis…
  • How do various maize crop models vary in their responses to climate change factors?
  • Impact of climate change on mercury concentrations and deposition in the eastern United States
  • Direct demonstration of the concept of unrestricted effective-medium approximation
  • Northern winter climate change: Assessment of uncertainty in CMIP5 projections related…
  • Soot superaggregates from flaming wildfires and their direct radiative forcing
  • Assessment of NASA GISS CMIP5 and post-CMIP5 simulated clouds and TOA radiation budgets using satell...
  • Soil dust aerosols and wind as predictors of seasonal meningitis incidence in Niger
  • GISS Best Publication of 2013
  • A numerical testbed for remote sensing of aerosols, and its demonstration for evaluating…
  • The prevalence of the 22° halo in cirrus clouds
  • Directional radiometry and radiative transfer: The convoluted path from centuries-old…
  • Effects of nonsphericity on the behavior of Lorenz-Mie resonances in scattering…
  • Assessment of the accuracy of the conventional ray-tracing technique: Implications…
  • Irrigation as an historical climate forcing
  • Comparison of forced ENSO-like hydrological expressions in simulations of the pre-industrial#8230;
  • Impacts of projected climate change over the Lake Champlain basin in Vermont
  • Meltfactor
    Wed Sep 11 10:45:08 2013 GMT
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  • Phoenix Glacier relic ice
  • Visiting and monitoring South Greenland dark ice
  • Greenland 2013 melt is over the hill
  • Greenland high near-surface air temperature record set
  • mid 2013 melt season average Greenland ice sheet reflectivity 5% above 2012 value
  • Too late now for 2013 to produce Greenland ice surface melting anywhere near as large as in 2012
  • Quebec fires in NASA CALIPSO data, drifting to Greenland
  • GRACE-cast: Greenland ice sheet mass loss *this week* turns toward average
  • Greenland ice sheet ablation area albedo above average, upper elevations below average
  • Greenland steep fluctuations of 2013 warm and cold
  • RealClimate
    Thu Jul 10 10:48:11 2014 GMT
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  • Rossby waves and surface weather extremes
  • Release of the International Surface Temperature Initiative’s (ISTI’s) Global Land Surfa...
  • Unforced variations: July 2014
  • Unforced variations: June 2014
  • El Niño or Bust
  • Unforced variations: May 2014
  • Faking it
  • Nenana Ice Classic: Update
  • Labels for climate data
  • Mitigation of Climate Change – Part 3 of the new IPCC report
  • Skeptical Science
    Tue Jul 22 16:45:55 2014 GMT
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  • Climate models accurately predicted global warming when reflecting natural ocean cycles
  • Climate data from air, land, sea and ice in 2013 reflect trends of a warming planet
  • Is global warming causing extreme weather via jet stream waves?
  • Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes
  • 2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #29
  • 2014 SkS Weekly Digest #29
  • Seal of approval - How marine mammals provide important climate data
  • Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) Presents Interim Report to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-...
  • The power of pie-charts to communicate consensus
  • 2014 SkS Weekly Digest #28
  • What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate?
  • New Jersey science education standards may be blocked by climate contrarians
  • 'Reform conservatism' is not enough reform on global warming
  • Global warming makes drought come on earlier, faster, and harder
  • Mercury Rising: 2014 Sees Warmest May Ever Recorded Following on From 2nd Warmest April
  • State of the Climate
    Mon Jul 21 16:48:26 2014 GMT
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  • June 2014 National Overview
  • June 2014 Global Analysis
  • June 2014 Drought
  • June 2014 Synoptic Discussion
  • June 2014 Upper Air
  • June 2014 Tornadoes
  • June 2014 Global Snow & Ice
  • May 2014 National Snow & Ice

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