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Amazon Biodiversity
Fri Jul 25 22:43:13 2014 GMT

  • No longer 'deaf as a stump': researchers find turtles chirp, click, meow, cluck
  • Scientists: Neotropical otter should not be considered threatened
  • Camera trap captures first ever video of rarely-seen bird in the Amazon...and much more
  • After throwing out referendum, Ecuador approves oil drilling in Yasuni's embattled heart
  • Of jaguars and loggers: new film to showcase one of the least-known regions in the deep Amazon
  • Oil or rainforest: new website highlights the plight of Yasuni National Park
  • Scientist discovers a plethora of new praying mantises (pictures)
  • Several Amazonian tree frog species discovered, where only two existed before
  • Amazon trees super-diverse in chemicals
  • New $20,000 reporting grant explores benefits of Amazonian protected areas
  • Featured video: camera traps catch jaguars, anteaters, and a sloth eating clay in the Amazon rainforest
  • High-living frogs hurt by remote oil roads in the Amazon
  • Top 10 HAPPY environmental stories of 2013
  • Scientists make one of the biggest animal discoveries of the century - a new tapir
  • Could camera trap videos galvanize the world to protect Yasuni from oil drilling?
  • Scientist splits Amazonian giants into separate species
  • Featured video: 22-year-old produces documentary on the Peruvian Amazon
  • Over 100 scientists warn Ecuadorian Congress against oil development in Yasuni
  • Amazon Logging
    Thu Mar 27 23:43:12 2014 GMT
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  • Next big idea in forest conservation? Quantifying the cost of forest degradation
  • Mother of God: meet the 26 year old Indiana Jones of the Amazon, Paul Rosolie
  • Brazil begins evicting illegal settlers from hugely-imperiled indigenous reserve
  • Brazil's military takes on illegal loggers to protect nearly-extinct tribe
  • Amazonian students help monitor threatened frog populations
  • Featured video: Earth Day message from indigenous tribes in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Illegally logged trees to start calling for help
  • Forests, farming, and sprawl: the struggle over land in an Amazonian metropolis
  • Evidence of 'isolated' indigenous people found in Peru where priest is pushing highway
  • Experts: sustainable logging in rainforests impossible
  • Over 700 people killed defending forest and land rights in past ten years
  • U.S. car manufacturers linked to Amazon destruction, slave labor
  • Can loggers be conservationists?
  • Featured video: How to save the Amazon
  • U.S. gobbling illegal wood from Peru's Amazon rainforest
  • Climate change could increase fires, logging, and hunting in rainforests
  • Tourism for biodiversity in Tambopata
  • Photo of the Day: Critically Endangered brown spider monkey discovered in park
  • Amazon People
    Thu Jul 31 22:43:13 2014 GMT
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  • Brazil releases video showing first contact with rainforest tribe
  • Phone-based logging alert system eyes expanding to the Amazon
  • A garden or a wilderness? One-fifth of the Amazon may have been savannah before the arrival of Europ...
  • Using Google Earth to protect uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest
  • 53 indigenous activists on trial for police-protester massacre in Peru
  • New report reveals human rights abuses by corporations, governments in the Amazon
  • Stolen information may derail Yasuni drilling referendum
  • Small monkeys take over when big primates have been hunted out in the Amazon
  • Ecuador will have referendum on fate of Yasuni after activists collect over 700,000 signatures
  • Featured video: celebrities speak out for Yasuni
  • Helping the Amazon's 'Jaguar People' protect their culture and traditional wisdom
  • Gas company to drill in Manu National Park buffer zone, imperiling indigenous people
  • Indigenous groups win right to pursue Chevron assets in Canada in Amazon pollution case
  • Ecuador's government shuts down indigenous rights organization over oil battle
  • Flawed from inception? Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT initiative threatened indigenous groups wit...
  • Rebranded as the Rainforest Trust, green group launches push to protect 6M acres of Amazon rainforest
  • Amazon rainforest tribe sells REDD+ credits to Brazilian cosmetics giant
  • Isolated Amazonian tribe makes another appearance in Peru (video)
  • Amazon River
    Tue Jul 29 22:43:16 2014 GMT
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  • Peruvian oil spill sparks concern in indigenous rainforest community
  • Oil drilling causes widespread contamination in the Amazon rainforest
  • Uncovering the impact of big banks on the Amazon
  • New dolphin discovered in the Amazon surprises scientists
  • Rainforest news review for 2013
  • Gold mine near controversial Belo Monte dam suspended
  • Belo Monte dam suspended
  • Judge halts construction of Amazon dam on Brazil's Teles Pires river
  • Indigenous peoples resume occupation of Brazil's Belo Monte dam site
  • Forgotten species: the arapaima or 'dinosaur fish'
  • Stand up paddleboarding in the Amazon for conservation
  • Mystery of Amazon River carbon emissions solved
  • Amazon's flood/drought cycle becoming more extreme, less predictable
  • Deforestation will undercut effectiveness of rainforest dams
  • Tribesmen launch 'occupy' protest at dam site in the Amazon rainforest
  • Scientists describe new species of see-through fish from the Amazon
  • Tribe rejects payment from electricity company behind destructive Amazon dam
  • Brazilian agency rejects Canadian company's bid to mine controversial Amazon dam site for gold
  • Amazon Watch News
    Sat Aug 16 07:43:22 2014 GMT
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  • Ethics Tribunal: Ecuador Violated Rights
  • A Brave Call from the "Dalai Lama of the Amazon"
  • Amazon Tribe Fights Brazil Dam Project
  • Minister Tapia: Thank You for Investigating Petroamazonas – Now Stop Them from Destroying the ...
  • Brazil: Gunmen Threaten to Assassinate Leading Amazon Shaman
  • Open Letter to Petroamazonas from Yasunidos
  • Expelled from Ecuador: One Solar Visionary's Story
  • Supporting Community-Led Environmental Monitoring in the Wake of an Oil Spill
  • A Lifetime of Injustice: 30 Years in the History of the Belo Monte Dam
  • Human Rights Organizations File Amicus Brief Opposing Chevron RICO Decision
  • A Lifetime of Injustice: The History of the Belo Monte Dam
  • Brazil Loses World Cup, Will It Rise as Clean Energy Champion?
  • Brazil Spends Billions on "Green" World Cup, but Does Little to Protect Environmentalists
  • Organizations Submit Amicus Brief to Brazil Court, Demonstrating That the Belo Monte Dam Is Illegal
  • Ecuador Planned Power Plant in Yasuni National Park
  • Judge Revokes Mining License in Brazilian Amazon
  • Cartoon Highlights Gibson Dunn's "Legal Thuggery" On Chevron's Behalf
  • Brazil Suspends Belo Sun's Gold Mine Licence
  • Amazon Watch Video
    Sat Jul 12 19:20:01 2014 GMT
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  • Donny Rico Episode #3: Legal Tender (Chevron legal "thuggery against Ecuadorians)
  • Thank you from Aura Tegria
  • Donny Rico Episode #2: Who's Bribin' Who? (in Chevron's "case" against Ecuador...
  • Día Internacional Anti Chevron
  • Colombia's U'wa Indigenous People Call for International Solidarity
  • Thank you Metallica
  • A Message from the U'wa of Colombia
  • Klamazon
  • ¡Yasuní Depende de Ti!
  • Vozes do Xingu - Antônia Melo
  • Voices of Xingu - Antônia Melo da Silva
  • Donny Rico & Chevron make it a crime to defend the environment.
  • Press Conference on Yasuní National Park with Alberto Acosta and Vandana Shiva
  • Vozes do Xingu - Xikrin-Kayapó
  • Voices of Xingu - Xikrin-Kayapó
  • Jose Luis Santos interview
  • Pablo Fajardo's message to Richmond Residents
  • Maria Reascos, victim of Chevron contamination, on being sued by the oil giant
  • Botany Photo of the Day
    Thu Aug 21 22:43:25 2014 GMT
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  • Cunonia capensis
  • Mimetes cucullatus
  • Pachypodium namaquanum
  • Aloe broomii
  • Saxifraga flagellaris subsp. setigera
  • Castilleja lemmonii
  • Xerochrysum bracteatum
  • Rhododendron cinnabarinum subsp. xanthocodon Concatenans Group
  • Oxalis oregana
  • Gnetum gnemon
  • Peltigera gowardii
  • Lysimachia maritima
  • Geastrum triplex
  • Hoita strobilina
  • Salicornia bigelovii
  • Deep Sea News
    Thu Aug 21 19:44:08 2014 GMT
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  • Throwback Thursday: France’s Lab Buoy
  • Plaaaaaaaannnkktooooonnnnn In Spaaaaaccccce
  • Future Shark: Living in an Ocean on the Brink
  • A Narrative of Coral-Dwelling Barnacles With the Aid of Internet Memes
  • Floating Forests
  • The Superiority Complex
  • A New Inside Anus Found Very Deep
  • Penguin Problems
  • The Immigrant
  • No Honey, there are no sharks in Ontario Lakes
  • Earth Focus on Link TV
    Fri Aug 8 22:53:16 2014 GMT
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  • New Rhino Threat: Coal
  • Colorado: Jobs or Environment?
  • A Conservative on Climate Change
  • Tackling Ocean Challenges
  • Climate and National Security
  • Water or Gold?
  • Chesapeake: Can Oysters Save the Bay?
  • Turning Earth into Mars?
  • Hidden Bee Killers?
  • Battlefields to Farmfields
  • America's Dirty Secret: Coal Ash
  • India: Coughing up Coal
  • Exposed: Killing Dolphins - Dying for Lobsters
  • Peru: Dolphins Slaughtered for Shark Bait
  • Inside the Climate Wars: A Conversation with Michael Mann
  • Earth Focus
  • Earth Observatory
    Fri Aug 22 07:45:18 2014 GMT
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  • Taking Landsat 8 to the Beach
  • Smoke and Fire in Canada
  • New posts in the Earth Matters blog - Fish Stories from the ISS
  • New posts in the Notes from the Field blog - Video "Games" for Science
  • Earth Science Picture of the Day
    Fri Aug 22 07:45:25 2014 GMT
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  • Mount Ngauruhoe
  • The Inyo Crater Lakes
  • Erosion on Cyprus
  • Storm Clouds Descend Upon Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Noctilucent Clouds Above Hungary and Estonia
  • Lenticular Cloud Over the French Alps
  • Airglow Above the Tibetan Plateau
  • Crepuscular Rays and Silver Linings
  • Andromeda Galaxy from the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, Portugal
  • Oddly Shaped Suns at Sunset as Viewed From San Francisco
  • Earthquakes M>2.5
    Wed May 8 15:00:04 2013 GMT
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  • May 08, 2013 13:34:02 GMT M 4.6, near the south coast of Papua, Indonesia
  • May 08, 2013 13:30:03 GMT M 2.8, Northern California
  • May 08, 2013 11:18:13 GMT M 4.5, near the east coast of Honshu, Japan
  • May 08, 2013 09:12:36 GMT M 2.6, Hawaii region, Hawaii
  • May 08, 2013 08:08:13 GMT M 4.5, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
  • May 08, 2013 07:58:11 GMT M 2.5, western Texas
  • May 08, 2013 07:28:35 GMT M 4.2, Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands
  • May 08, 2013 05:53:40 GMT M 4.2, northern Qinghai, China
  • May 08, 2013 05:32:39 GMT M 3.2, Puerto Rico region
  • May 08, 2013 04:24:24 GMT M 2.8, Nevada
  • May 08, 2013 04:22:57 GMT M 2.9, offshore Washington
  • May 08, 2013 02:17:25 GMT M 2.9, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
  • May 08, 2013 02:12:46 GMT M 2.5, Central California
  • May 08, 2013 00:27:53 GMT M 4.9, Vanuatu region
  • May 08, 2013 00:10:41 GMT M 4.4, south of the Fiji Islands
  • May 07, 2013 23:52:56 GMT M 2.5, British Columbia, Canada
  • May 07, 2013 22:40:47 GMT M 2.9, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
  • May 07, 2013 22:35:39 GMT M 4.4, northern Sumatra, Indonesia
  • May 07, 2013 22:21:49 GMT M 2.9, Virgin Islands region
  • Ecology News
    Thu Aug 21 19:44:10 2014 GMT
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  • From dandruff to deep sea vents, an ecologically hyper-diverse fungus
  • Of bees, mites, and viruses
  • Parks Service bans drones over Appalachian Trail
  • Salmon forced to 'sprint' less likely to survive migration
  • Genetically tracking farmed fish escaping into the wild
  • France fights back Asian hornet invader
  • Tide turns for shark fin in China
  • Manatees could lose their endangered species status
  • Pangolins under threat in Gabon as demand surges in Asia
  • Local fish bred in captivity for first time in vitro
  • The world's first bat net for migrating bats is launched in Latvia
  • Bats versus wind turbines
  • Floridians passionate about, but puzzled by, endangered and invasive species, survey finds
  • Bio-logging collar reveals unprecedented detail about California mountain lions
  • Disquieting times for Malaysia's 'fish listener'
  • Endangered Nicaragua turtles lay eggs under army guard
  • Arches, Canyonlands national parks ban drones
  • 100,000 elephants killed in Africa, study finds
  • Ecoshock Radio
    Thu Aug 7 22:46:28 2014 GMT
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  • I Have A Confession to Make (Replay)
  • Desperately Seeking Solutions
  • THE BIG PICTURE - Like It Or Not
  • Climate Change - We Don't Want It
  • 96F/36C Degrees in the Shade!
  • Planet Code Red
  • El Nino Storms the World?
  • What to Do While Waiting (for the Crash)
  • A Climate Beyond Imagination
  • Religion Versus Climate Science
  • Climate Change Has Arrived
  • ENN Headlines
    Thu Aug 21 19:44:16 2014 GMT
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  • Study shows sunlight, not microbes dominate CO2 production in Arctic
  • NASA reports unknown source of banned ozone-destroying compound
  • University of Illinois studying bee venom as cancer treatment
  • Turning Jellyfish into Sustainable Medical Products
  • Arctic insects and spiders can survive colder temperatures than thought
  • Africa Faces Unsustainable Levels of Ivory Poaching
  • When Forests Aren't Really Forests: The High Cost of Chile's Tree Plantaions
  • New Satellite To Help Farmers Facing Drought
  • Truth in seafood labeling
  • Toxic Algae Scare Prompts Backlash Against Farms
  • New way to diagnose ADHD
  • Update: Ebola virus in Africa, Middle East
  • Origami in Space
  • Water quality alerts do not seem to deter some surfers
  • Herbicide Use To Increase Dramatically
  • Plant Language
  • Habitat protection for the Yellow-billed Cuckoo
  • The power of distributed power!
  • Environment Video
    Fri Aug 22 04:45:35 2014 GMT
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  • Koala's life saved by mouth-tomouth video
  • Fatal landslide tears through Hiroshima in Japan video
  • Six brumby academics outline the threats to alpine flora and fauna video
  • We don't want to see them shot, brumby supporter says video
  • 'The fact is brumbies are here to stay' video
  • Fukushima sailors' radiation lawsuit: 'I don't blame the navy at all, this is 100% Tepco...
  • Meet the goat men of Broughgammon farm - video
  • Africa's last polar bear died of broken heart, says zookeepers - video
  • Heavy rain causes flash flooding in northern US - video
  • Whale carcass washes up on Rio de Janeiro beach - video
  • London air pollution: which mode of transport has the highest exposure? - video
  • California drought: recycling waste water to replenish ground reserves video
  • After the deluge: why Basingstoke is still vulnerable to floods video
  • Apple goes green with solar-powered data centres video
  • Rare Amur leopard cubs born in Twycross zoo - video
  • Carbon tax repeal means budget emergency claims ludicrous, Christine Milne says video
  • Canoe to work? An alternative way to commute in London - video
  • Supermoon: views from around the world - video
  • Environmental Journalists Tipsheet
    Fri Feb 28 14:46:39 2014 GMT
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  • "Bakken Crude, Rolling Through Albany"
  • "FEMA Flood Insurance Law Faces Partial Repeal Over Premiums"
  • "Heat Extremes Increase Despite Global Warming Hiatus: Scientists"
  • "Legislation To Control Climate Change Begins To Circle the Globe"
  • "Rules Set for Oil Testing in Atlantic Ocean"
  • "Sorry, California. A Little Rain Isn't Going to Save You."
  • "Tesla Lays Out Details for Massive Proposed Battery Factory"
  • More Changes, And Maybe a Special Session, For WV Tank Bill
  • Mystery Surrounds Massive Die-Off of Oysters, Scallops Off B.C. Coast
  • WV DEP Finds More Chemical Tanks Near Water
  • "Acidic Water Blamed for West Coast Scallop Die-Off"
  • "Gulp: Climate Change May Be Causing a Global Coffee Shortage"
  • "Judge Rules for Luminant in Sierra Club Suit"
  • "NY State Expects All Utilities to Prep for Climate Change"
  • "Rail Cars Used To Ship Oil Called 'Unacceptable'"
  • "Regulator Declines To Set Date for New Rail Tank Car Safety Rules"
  • "Senators: Keystone Pipeline Needs Review for Health Impacts"
  • "Smell of Forest Pine Can Limit Climate Change --Researchers"
  • Environmental Visualization Lab
    Fri May 16 22:29:02 2014 GMT
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  • Classic ENSO temperature patterns
  • Rapid Scan Shows Severe Weather in the Central U.S.
  • The High Variability of Global Albedo
  • Super Typhoon Haiyan Impacts the Philippines
  • New Research and Forecast Model Simulates Sandy-type Storms
  • Hurricane Sandy One Year Later
  • NOAA Model Shows Wildfire Smoke Spread Across the U.S.
  • 10 Years of Weather History in 3 Minutes
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005) Colorized IR
  • Saharan Dust Cloud Travels Across Atlantic
  • Green: Vegetation on Our Planet (Tour of Earth)
  • Green: Vegetation on Our Planet (Spinning Earth)
  • Measuring Vegetation from Space
  • Green: Vegetation on Our Planet (Flat Earth)
  • June 13, 2013 Storms on the East Coast
  • Shirley Murillo - On Using Radars Mounted to Hurricane Hunter Aircraft
  • High Speed Imagery of the Oklahoma Tornadoes
  • Bob Kuligowski - On Using Satellite Data to Monitor Flash Floods
  • Arctic Ice Breaks Up in Beaufort Sea
  • Forest Issues WWF
    Wed Aug 6 13:44:44 2014 GMT
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  • EU countries failing to halt illegal timber trade
  • Paper path to sustainability and social responsibility unveiled
  • New fund a major boost for Amazon protection
  • WWF responds to ambitious APP plan for restoration and conservation of one million hectares
  • WWF and Mondi to sustain ecosystems through responsible business practices
  • Can Indonesia's notorious deforesters turn over a new leaf?
  • WWF welcomes APRIL Sustainable Forest Management Policy
  • Hidden soy on supermarket shelves masks assault on nature
  • A WWF restoration project in Hungary brings life back to a Danube island
  • Deforestation rates in Brazil surge, after years of progress to slow forest loss
  • Palm oil sustainability body boosts complaints handling, mapping requirements
  • Companies disclose ecological footprint of 82 million tonnes of pulp and paper
  • WWF launches Green Heart of Europe to protect nature across 12 countries
  • NGOs give Asian pulp and paper giant performance test on promises
  • Paraguay extends Zero Deforestation Law to 2018
  • Certification scheme PEFC urged to follow Forest Stewardship Council lead on APRIL deforestation
  • Pulp and paper giant dodges deforestation probe
  • WWF recommends against paper purchases from APP as doubts mount on deforestation pledge
  • Friends of the Earth
    Sat Aug 16 22:47:32 2014 GMT
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  • Friends of the Earth heaps on the Peer pressure
  • Blog: Why 'Cheap Greens' are neither green nor cheap
  • Blog: Government action on energy efficiency is failing - can Labour do better?
  • The top news stories of the week
  • The latest climate science
  • Support community renewables
  • Reclaim power: month of action on energy
  • Blog: Conservative conference: pick up the pace, or pick up the pieces?
  • The top news stories of the week
  • Blog: Politicians are asleep on the job - scientists issue climate wake-up call
  • Thoughts on the "Truth about Fracking"
  • Blog: Scientists to report on climate change - our top four predictions
  • Blog: What's the strategy for industrial strategy?
  • Blog: Biofuels - decision time for Europe
  • Blog: Fracking fallacies, love from Dave
  • GAIA Tribe
    Sat Jul 19 22:49:01 2014 GMT
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  • Healing Practice Open To All Everywhere : Medicine Buddha
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama : introduction, current international schedule, resources
  • Bee Colony Collapse : A Clear And Present Danger to Agriculture - Background, Nongovernmental Organi...
  • Online resource : “Black Seed, A Green Anarchist Journal” Issue #1 Spring 2014 A review ...
  • Hindu Astrology/ Jyotish, Ayurveda & guardian angel purification and protection practices for Jy...
  • Save the children - Kidnapping and enslavement of girls in Nigeria by Islamic militants
  • The Seven Line Prayer - A Wizard Chant ( Plus Extended Article & Many Event Dates )
  • Best dating sites for older men and younger women
  • His Holiness the 17th Karmapa - Itinerary, Background, and Major Teaching References
  • Book References for Plant Spirit Shamanism / Healing
  • West Coast Tantric Initiations San Francisco + Maitripa College Portland Oregon + Seattle Wa. / many...
  • Omnia - Pagan Folk Lore ( concert ) "Can you feel alive today?"
  • Tantric Initiations 2014 : North America & Europe by HH Sakya Trizin the Principal Sakya Lineage...
  • younger women looking for older men
  • new Shaman Strings CD "Sum of the One"
  • Shamanism : Statements and Criticism
  • Native American Songs and Teaching
  • The Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster
  • GMO News
    Fri Aug 22 04:45:47 2014 GMT
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  • 8/22/2014: HTNATION: Field trial of GM crops to begin soon: Javadekar
  • Zimbabwe: Govt Tightens Controls On GMO Imports
  • Rackspace DevOps GM: "Very Organic For Our Customers"
  • EFSA rejects French attempt to ban GMO corn crops in EU
  • More pesticides coming to our food
  • Colorado voters to weigh in on GMO food labeling
  • Daily Wrap: Monsanto has cheap-corn blues; Other stocks rise
  • China pulls plug on genetically modified rice and corn
  • Good Crop, Bad Crop
  • A principled case against mandatory GMO labels
  • End of the line: GMO production in China halted
  • Death Threats from Anti-GMO Nuts
  • Monsanto Profit Growth to Slow Next Year on Corn Prices
  • India links: Independence Day, Pakistan talks, Central Asia, GM crops, Hindutva
  • China pulls plug on GM rice and corn
  • HLA-B27 and Human �2-Microglobulin Affect the Gut Microbiota of Transgenic Rats
  • After GM trial ban, MPs heading for Monsanto-funded study tour
  • GMO Labeling Initiative Makes The Colorado Ballot
  • Google Earth Files
    Wed May 21 01:45:18 2014 GMT
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  • Eyes on the Forest Sumatra: Google Maps Engine maps
  • EcoFire - Managing fire in the Kimberley
  • Eyes on the Forest: Sumatra
  • Explore a Minefield with The HALO Trust
  • The Transformation of Crissy Field
  • Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers
  • Bukit Tigapuluh: Saving Thirty Hills
  • Redwood Watch: Finding the Redwood Forests of Tomorrow
  • Mangroves of Mexico
  • Defending the Rivers of the Amazon
  • Black Tides: The Worst Oil Spills in History
  • The CO2 Bubble...
  • All the Water in the World...
  • Sumatran Forest: Mapping Deforestation
  • Flooding Borneo's rainforest: Sarawak's confidential dam plans 2008-2020
  • Disappearing Forests of the World..
  • Black Tides: The Worst Oil Spills in History
  • Greenpeace News
    Wed Aug 20 16:33:02 2014 GMT
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  • Join the human chain to fight an environmental crime
  • Norway in sneak attack on the Arctic
  • A glimmer of hope?
  • Apple takes first steps to Detox its manufacturing supply chain
  • Why do oil companies in Russia waste oil rather than repair rusty pipelines?
  • Clean Chai Now! Let's demand our tea to be chemicals free
  • For the oceans - every week is Shark Week!
  • How the peaceful protest at Prirazlomnaya made positive change in Russia
  • Let's stop feeling so guilty about global warming
  • Exposed: Coal mining at the source of China's Yellow River
  • Greenpeace Video
    Wed Jul 11 07:21:21 2012 GMT
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  • A Homeless Polar Bear in London - Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead
  • Vicious Circle - narrated by John Hurt
  • Something Will Happen - a poem by Gustaf SkarsgÃ¥rd
  • The Amazon: Earth's Largest Rainforest
  • Cleaning the Cloud Around the World
  • Amazon forest activists stop cargo ship linked to deforestation
  • Message from Gillian Anderson: Save the Amazon
  • Greenpeace-activists protest against Shells Arctic Icebreaker Nordica
  • Apple - Introducing iCoal
  • Brazilian Friend Finder
  • Stick to that story: Amazon's Dirty Cloud
  • Mustache Surprise? There's an app for that - Apple's Dirty Cloud
  • Talk Business to Me - Microsoft's Dirty Cloud
  • West Africa's Marine Bushmeat
  • Message from Kristin Bauer: Save the Amazon
  • Dirty little secret
  • A Fisherman's Flight to Europe
  • Detox: A song about PeoplePower and Winning!
  • Great Bear Rainforest PSA - 40 years of Greenpeace victories
  • Grist
    Fri Aug 22 01:45:01 2014 GMT
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  • Grow your own California mountain. Just add drought
  • Are you there, God? It’s me, climate scientist
  • How a Koch brother is combating climate change at a coal mine
  • Vegas tops the list of the country’s worst heat islands
  • Dear Blue Apron, you’re just making it worse
  • EPA, community activists put toxic oil refineries in a headlock
  • This is what a more sustainable American food system looks like
  • Governors love this pipeline in the Northeast, residents not so much
  • What’s the best way to dispose of an old car battery?
  • Walk to work — you’ll be happier
  • You might think bikeshares cut down on CO2, but the truth is complicated
  • See-through solar cells could turn your windows into power stations
  • Have you noticed our handsome new website?
  • This meat substitute is all-natural and GMO-free — and might be making people sick
  • GOP candidate asks residents to mail him their pee
  • Leaving Las Vegas, a city feeling the slow burn of climate change
  • Why Vandana Shiva is so right and yet so wrong
  • Meet the climate deniers who want to be president
  • Hurricane Center (Atlantic)
    Wed Sep 17 15:46:56 2008 GMT
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  • There are no tropical cyclones at this time.
  • Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook
  • Hurricane Center (Pacific)
    Wed Sep 17 15:46:56 2008 GMT
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  • There are no tropical cyclones at this time.
  • East Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook
  • If You Love This Planet
    Wed May 14 22:46:42 2014 GMT
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  • Dr. Helen Caldicott interviewed by Bob Herbert about her latest book, “Loving This Planet”
  • Best of 2011: Dr. Caldicott’s speech in New Hampshire three weeks after Fukushima
  • Subhankar Banerjee on how corporate resource wars and global warming are decimating native peoples a...
  • Marion Pack on the many safety risks at the San Onofre nuclear power plant and how a Fukushima-type ...
  • Tom Engelhardt on Washington’s increasing war focus to the exclusion of everything else and it...
  • Holly Barker on the devastating ongoing effects of mid-century U.S. nuclear weapons testing on the M...
  • Brian D. Victoria on Buddhism’s role in Japan and on freeing societies from tribalistic thinking
  • Jay Harman on the enormous promise of biomimicry to create more efficient technologies
  • Prof. Wayne Getz on facing global warming tipping points including hurricanes and other weather cata...
  • Donna Mulhearn on her work to protect innocent Iraqi and Palestinian civilians from the ravages of war
  • Kathy Kelly on America’s resource domination agenda in Afghanistan and Iraq, and its increasin...
  • David Freeman on the urgency of fighting the nuclear, gas and coal industries to save the Earth
  • Helena Norberg-Hodge on building sustainable local economies
  • Best of 2011: Col. Ann Wright on opposing war and U.S. military corruption
  • Chris Maser on the changes in thinking needed to save the environment
  • Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki on birth defects caused by Chernobyl and how nuclear power devastates human ...
  • Phil Caldicott on the the science and environmental impact of wine production
  • Arnold Gundersen with another update on the unfolding effects of the Fukushima disaster
  • Illegal Logging
    Wed Jul 3 19:01:03 2013 GMT
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  • The lengths illegal wood will travel
  • 3 Signs of Progress in Curbing the Illegal Wood Trade
  • Greenpeace Finds Illegal DRC Wood at Danzer Group Czech Facility
  • Côte d'Ivoire cracks down on illegal wood bound for EU
  • NGO calls for action as report reveals EU’s deforestation footprint is twice as big as China a...
  • APP reports accidental breach of deforestation moratorium
  • Exporting legal timber products from the Asia Pacific region – it can be done
  • G8 Leaders Recognize the Urgency of Addressing Illegal Trade in Wildlife
  • Straightening Out Accounts on Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Australia: millions lost as thieves target timber
  • Migratory Bird Center
    Sat Jul 20 04:46:07 2013 GMT
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    Mountaintop Removal
    Fri Aug 22 07:46:01 2014 GMT
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  • USGS halts research on mountaintop removal's public-health effects - Charleston Gazette
  • Elise Keaton Liegel on West Virginia and the Shame of Mountaintop Removal ... - Corporate Crime Repo...
  • Opponents of state forest mountaintop removal mine to rally at Capitol - Charleston Daily Mail
  • Environmental group to protest mountaintop removal - Washington Times
  • Environmentalists talk about Mountain Top Removal as Coal Miners Protest in ... - WVNS-TV
  • Mining method listed as concern at health forum - News & Observer
  • Independent Ed Rabel Rips Casey and Mooney for Supporting Mountaintop ... - Morgan County USA
  • Judge rules corps can ignore mining health studies - Charleston Gazette
  • UBS pulls financing of companies engaged in controversial coal-mining practice - The Advocate
  • NASA Earth News
    Wed Aug 20 19:45:59 2014 GMT
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  • NASA to Investigate Climate Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice Loss
  • NASA Glenn and Partners Studying Lake Erie Algal Bloom
  • Reporters Invited to NASA Hurricane Airborne Mission Media Day at Wallops
  • Satellite Study Reveals Parched U.S. West Using Up Underground Water
  • NASA Kicks Off Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle
  • Major Air Pollution Studies to Converge Over Denver
  • NASA Launches New Carbon-Sensing Mission to Monitor Earth’s Breathing
  • NASA Launches Earth Science Challenges with OpenNEX Cloud Data
  • College Students Study Earth From NASA's DC-8 Flying Lab
  • NatGeo Photo of the Day
    Fri Aug 22 04:46:16 2014 GMT
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  • Worth His Salt
  • Winter Wilderness
  • Achilles Tang
  • The Sea Life
  • Those Lion Eyes
  • Sun Salutation
  • Birds' Egg
  • Hats Off
  • Falling River
  • Croc Tail
  • Moody Hues
  • The Weather at the Sea
  • It's Tokay
  • Morning Tea
  • Spiritual Roots
  • Close Encounter
  • Pyrgos Skies
  • Free Fall
  • National Geographic News
    Thu Aug 21 22:45:18 2014 GMT
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  • Q&A: Photographer in Liberia's Ebola Zone Encounters the Dead—But Also Moments of Joy
  • Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?
  • Scientists Find Remnants of One of Universe's Oldest Stars—And It's Huge
  • GPS is Tracking West’s Vanishing Water, Scientists Surprised to Learn
  • Icelandic Volcano Rumbles Raises Eruption Fears
  • As Ebola Crisis Spreads in West Africa, Liberia's Deterioration Stands Out
  • Successful Marburg Virus Treatment Offers Hope for Ebola Patients
  • Neanderthals Died Out 10,000 Years Earlier Than Thought, With Help From Modern Humans
  • Microbes Discovered in Subglacial Antarctic Lake May Hint at Life in Space
  • Why the Current Mass Extinction Matters
  • Jerusalem Zoo Struggles to Remain Common Ground for Israelis, Palestinians
  • If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
  • Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clo
  • Monarch Butterfly's Reign Threatened by Milkweed Decline
  • 1950s Family Retraces Lewis and Clark Journey
  • New Energy Projects Boost the Use of Undersea Power Cables
  • Strongest Evidence Yet That Pygmies' Short Stature Is Genetic
  • 100,000 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Just Three Years, Landmark Analysis Finds
  • Plants & Animals
    Thu Aug 21 16:45:50 2014 GMT
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  • Alternate mechanism of species formation picks up support, thanks to a South American ant
  • Bat in your house? Don't touch it or kill it
  • Watch for pet poisons around your home, and form a plan for emergency response
  • Orb-weaving spiders living in urban areas may be larger
  • Songbird student pilots delay departure and make frequent stopovers during first migration
  • Sufficient food vital for functioning ram sperm
  • Research paves way for development of cyborg moth 'biobots'
  • Study shows snakes use more force than necessary when climbing trees
  • Worker bees 'know' when to invest in their reproductive future
  • Professor suspects that hive collapses are caused by pesticides, which also could hurt human health
  • Lizards help us find out which came first: the baby or the egg?
  • Dust-covered flies reveal hidden logic of grooming behavior
  • New research reveals clock ticking for fruit flies
  • The ABC's of animal speech: Not so random after all
  • Philippine tarsier gets boost from Kansas research, and genetic proof of a new variety
  • Secrets of how worms wriggle uncovered
  • Interpretative dance coaxes bees into quick decisions on nest sites
  • Fish study links brain size to parental duties
  • PLoS Biology
    Fri Aug 22 07:46:16 2014 GMT
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  • Pyramidal Cells Make Specific Connections onto Smooth (GABAergic) Neurons in Mouse Visual Cortex
  • Bugs Split to Attack and Gamble to Survive
  • Bistable Expression of Virulence Genes in Salmonella Leads to the Formation of an Antibiotic-Toleran...
  • The Cytoplasmic Capping Complex Assembles on Adapter Protein Nck1 Bound to the Proline-Rich C-Termin...
  • Adaptive Evolution and Environmental Durability Jointly Structure Phylodynamic Patterns in Avian Inf...
  • Crossover Localisation Is Regulated by the Neddylation Posttranslational Regulatory Pathway
  • A Leaky Membrane and a Sodium Transporter at Life’s Great Divergence
  • A Bioenergetic Basis for Membrane Divergence in Archaea and Bacteria
  • Carbonic Anhydrase Generates CO2 and H+ That Drive Spider Silk Formation Via Opposite Effects on the...
  • How Spiders Spin Silk
  • Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea: Sequencing a Myriad of Type Strains
  • A Novel Phosphatase Inhibitor May Be a STEP Toward Ameliorating Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Change Partners, Regrow an Axon
  • Heterodimerization of p45–p75 Modulates p75 Signaling: Structural Basis and Mechanism of Action
  • Inhibitor of the Tyrosine Phosphatase STEP Reverses Cognitive Deficits in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer...
  • Mitosis Gives a Brief Window of Opportunity for a Change in Gene Transcription
  • Natural Selection on Individual Variation in Tolerance of Gastrointestinal Nematode Infection
  • Rogue Sperm Indicate Sexually Antagonistic Coevolution in Nematodes
  • Rainforest Action Network
    Mon Jun 2 19:50:16 2014 GMT
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  • Contested KLK Palm Oil Leases Declared Illegal by Papua New Guinea Court
  • Global Day of Action Targets Conflict Palm Oil; Activists Say PepsiCo’s New Commitment ‘...
  • Report Finds Sector-Wide Shift as Publishing Industry Embraces Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Shareholders Press Bank of America for Coal and Climate Finance
  • RAN Welcomes APP’s Commitment to Restore One Million Hectares of Rainforest
  • PepsiCo Focus of Major New Palm Oil Campaign by Rainforest Action Network, Union of Concerned Scient...
  • Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Coal: Citigroup and Barclays seen as laggard
  • Cargill Announces Intent to Strengthen its Palm Oil Policy
  • Report: Child Labor, Land Grabbing and Deforestation Rampant Across Palm Oil Giant KLK’s Opera...
  • Scripps Institute
    Wed May 29 19:47:39 2013 GMT
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  • Public Lecture at Scripps Explores Darwin's Deep Connection to the Ocean
  • New Center Targets Ocean Contaminants and Human Health
  • James Cameron to be Publicly Honored with Scripps Nierenberg Prize
  • Carbon Dioxide at Mauna Loa Observatory reaches new milestone: Tops 400 ppm
  • Birch Aquarium at Scripps Announces Summer Perspectives Lecture Speakers
  • Experience a Full-Moon Walk on Scripps Pier with Birch Aquarium at Scripps
  • New Book Outlines the Unique Challenges Climate Instability Poses to Southwest
  • Nancy Knowlton Elected to Prestigious Science Organizations
  • Bizarre Bone Worms Emit Acid to Feast on Whale Skeletons
  • Celebrate 'SEA Days' this Summer at Birch Aquarium at Scripps
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation
    Tue Aug 19 22:45:24 2014 GMT
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  • The Faroe Islands Support Commercial Whaling
  • Sea Shepherd Smashes the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • An Open Letter to SeaWorld: More than Bigger Tanks, Orcas Need the Ocean
  • Victory! California Coastal Commission Votes Unanimously to Protect La Jolla Seals
  • Close Call for Pilot Whale Pod in the Suderoy
  • Sea Shepherd Crews Brave Nasty Conditions to Save an Entire Pod of Whales in the Faroes
  • Pamela Anderson Arrives in the Faroe Islands to Show Support for Operation GrindStop 2014
  • Actress Pamela Anderson to Visit Sea Shepherd’s Pilot Whale Defense Campaign, “Operation...
  • Victory! Southwest Airlines to End Long-Time Partnership with SeaWorld
  • Brigitte Bardot and the Cape Verde Shearwaters
  • Sea Shepherd to Table on Select Dates of Aerosmith’s “Let Rock Rule” U.S. Tour
  • Opposing the Horrific Depravity of Senseless Slaughter in the Faroe Islands
  • Are you Listening, Rex Tillerson?
  • The Asahi Shimbun on Taiji with a Point-by-Point Rebuttal by Captain Paul Watson
  • Divers for the Oceans: Champion Freedivers Join Sea Shepherd to End Cetacean Slaughter in the Coves
  • NOAA Grants SeaWorld Permit to Import Captive Dolphin Kirara from Japan
  • Note to All the Pro-Whale Murdering Sea Shepherd Haters in the Faroe Islands
  • Sea Shepherd Summit 2014
  • Threatened Species Redlist
    Thu Aug 21 19:21:04 2014 GMT
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  • Village Vigilance Committees and the Chimpanzees of Boé, Guinea Bissau
  • The ibises of Tmatbauy village: a model for bird conservation in northern Cambodia?
  • International Day of the Vaquita
  • Gaming for good: RuneScape raises awareness of rhino conservation challenge
  • SOS Marine: WildAid Launches Campaign to Reduce Consumption of Manta Ray Gills in China
  • From despair to repair: Dramatic decline of Caribbean corals can be reversed
  • Enforcement paying off for the Atlantic humpback dolphin of Western Africa
  • Javan Rhinos: Rangers protect the unseen
  • Systemic pesticides pose global threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Iconic Okavango Delta becomes 1,000th World Heritage site
  • Protection of key Timneh parrot breeding area underway
  • Remembering Dra Ángela Leiva Sánchez
  • Saola Field Notes: Reconnaissance patrol into the Kalo region of the Xe Sap National Protected Area,...
  • IUCN Red List raises more red flags for threatened species
  • Nature's A-list to debate a sustainable future for the planet
  • Poachers Lose Motorbikes at Chu Mom Ray National Park, Viet Nam
  • Success! Unique Sierra Caral, Guatemala is declared a National Protected Area
  • Hawaii to host the next IUCN World Conservation Congress
  • River terrapins making a comeback in Asia
  • Treehugger
    Thu Aug 21 16:46:36 2014 GMT
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  • On the move: Stunning Supashak is designed to be modular and transportable
  • How to make your own flavor-infused sea salt
  • Off-grid cruciform container micro-home serves as spiritual retreat
  • Flooding basements to prevent flooding
  • A rant about a bike towable, affordable, green eco-friendly tiny house
  • Of the 135 tablets on the EPEAT green tablet registry, 134 are Apple's
  • Photo: Glowing sunset over Tallahassee
  • 11 vegetarian snacks to help you avoid the vending machine
  • What if we could turn wastewater and algae into carbon-negative fuels and clean water?
  • Portable tiny house built from recycled water tanks can be towed by a bicycle
  • Maybe connecting a smart Nest Thermostat to a smart Big Ass fan isn't so dumb
  • Hit and Run: Google may have killed a dog
  • Lose weight fast with the transit diet
  • Wine tasters have fruit flies to thank for their jobs
  • Reggie Watts and Greenpeace team up for a greener cloud
  • Americans are fighting a battle for their local seafood
  • Transforming, space-saving modular furniture grows along with the kids (Video)
  • Charming jewelry marries recycled broken wood with bio-resin
  • Volcanic Activity Report
    Wed Aug 20 18:30:02 2014 GMT
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  • Bardarbunga (Iceland) - Report for 13 August-19 August 2014 - NEW
  • Weather Underground
    Thu Aug 21 19:49:16 2014 GMT
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  • Which Hurricane Model Should You Trust?
  • Disorganized 96L Bringing Heavy Rains to Lesser Antilles
  • 96L Slowly Organizing on its Way to the Lesser Antilles
  • 96L Approaching Lesser Antilles a Threat to Develop
  • Tropical Atlantic Remains Quiet; Eastern Pacific Heating Up
  • Yale Environment 360
    Thu Aug 21 16:48:17 2014 GMT
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  • Antarctica and Greenland Losing Ice at Fastest Rate Ever Recorded
  • Exporting Coal to Korea Could Slash Emissions by 21 Percent, Analysis Finds
  • Interview: Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool
  • How Drones Are Emerging As Valuable Conservation Tool
  • Wind Energy Prices at All-Time Low, According to U.S. Report
  • Recent Glacier Losses Are Mostly Driven by Human Activity, Study Says
  • A New Frontier for Fracking: Drilling Near the Arctic Circle
  • New Citizen Science Software Aims to Document and Curb Illegal Fishing
  • Some Chemicals in Fracking Fluids Raise Red Flags, Researchers Say
  • New Maps Show Flooding Risks for Critical U.S. Energy Facilities
  • Media Still Disproportionately Including Views of Climate Skeptics, Study Says
  • Climate Effects of Keystone XL Pipeline Significantly Underestimated, Study Finds
  • Africa’s Vultures Threatened By An Assault on All Fronts
  • China Added Large Amount of Solar Power in First Half of 2014
  • Mercury Pollution in Oceans Has Tripled Since Industrial Revolution, Study Says
  • Western U.S. In Its Quietest Fire Season In A Decade, Officials Report
  • Green Innovations Are Bringing Energy-Saving Technology Home
  • Forests Already Seeing Effects of Climate Change, European Researchers Say

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