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Clusterfuck Nation
Wed Oct 2 01:43:53 2013 GMT

  • Out On a Limb
  • Let's All Go Medieval
  • The New Abnormal
  • No Mo' PoMo?
  • The Deep End of the Risk Pool
  • We Wish
  • Aftershocks
  • Smack Down Time
  • That Dreadful Day
  • Are You Going To Entropy Faire?
  • Money Worries
  • Things Went Awry
  • Fortress of Lies
  • Reply To Gary North
  • Not So Smart
  • FARK
    Sat Aug 30 01:45:07 2014 GMT
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  • Leader of the Christian homeschooling movement thinks that the Duggars and other adherents of the &q...
  • Robber jumps from hotel window while fleeing from police, winds up on USC injury report [Dumbass]
  • Mayor orders man removed after not standing for Pledge of Allegiance. So much for freedom of choice ...
  • Photoshop this Papal Blessing [Photoshop]
  • "I would like to thank you for solving a 10-year family mystery as to who stole the hot dog&quo...
  • Police force's longest serving dog set to retire. With pic of dog that, frankly, does not look v...
  • Nebraska Cornshucker coach calls marijuana use "out of control". OUT OF CONTROL [Amusing]
  • Letting your kids play with uzis is a wholesome activity, but letting them walk to the playground by...
  • Still don't believe that vaccines cause autism? What if I told you that Rob Schneider's secr...
  • Your gross-out for the day ... a box of giant millipedes found at airport [Weird]
  • Mailman calls cops on three meth cooks fending off imaginary home invaders with real firearms, a toi...
  • Hospitals in England advised to provide better meals, such as fish and tap water. Warning: contains ...
  • Chelsea Clinton leaving her job doing, um, something at NBC News [Interesting]
  • UK formally raises the terror alert level from "ere' wot's all this then?" to &quo...
  • You're kind of a dick if you do the ice bucket challenge on your unsuspecting 10-month-old grand...
  • It's always thoughtful to walk someone's dog when they're not able to do so, especially ...
  • Couple busted for stealing sex toys from Walmart. Sex toys. Walmart. Let those images marinate in yo...
  • Privileged white guys on Fox News agree that there's no such thing as white privilege [Obvious]
  • Find of the Day
    Fri Aug 29 13:49:01 2014 GMT
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  • The Saddest Homemade Book Mark
  • Sunshine Daydream
  • Dissed and Dismissed
  • Dearest Grace
  • Club Rules
  • Ruth, My Sister, My Friend
  • Daddy Issues
  • Last But Not Least
  • Kinky Lover or Vicious Bully?
  • A Polaroid Between Friends
  • Fortean Times: Breaking
    Tue Aug 19 10:45:28 2014 GMT
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  • Tue 19 Aug - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Thu 14th Aug - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 13th Aug - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Tues 12th Aug - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 8 Aug 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Thur 7 Aug 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 4 Aug 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Tue 29 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Thu 31 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 25 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 23 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 21 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 18 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Tue 15 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 11 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 9 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 7 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 2 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Good Plastic Surgery
    Mon May 13 19:46:50 2013 GMT
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  • Help..I’m out of money for food
  • Miami Plastic Surgeon Charged With Attempted Murder, Kidnapping
  • Benefits and Downfalls of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Jackson plastic surgery corporation pleads no contest to fraud charge; criminal charges dropped agai...
  • My toddler had plastic surgery
  • Jane Seymour on Plastic Surgery: ‘I’m Proud of My Wrinkles’
  • Get a glimpse of your plastic surgery future!
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Releases a Study: Twins’ Breasts Are Revealing
  • Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Milind K. Ambe, MD Explains the Rise in “Early Maintenance&rdquo...
  • World-Renowned Aesthetician Julie Lindh Launches SkinFitness for Men
  • Oddee
    Fri Aug 29 10:44:57 2014 GMT
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  • 9 Weirdest Reasons For an Emergency Landing
  • 10 Most Bizarre Road Trips
  • 9 Unexpected Reactions to Ebola
  • 9 Bizarre Games
  • 10 Riots That Changed History
  • 10 Amazing Inventions by Teens
  • 10 Weirdest Ice Bucket Challenges
  • 10 Bizarre Ways Artists Create Their Art
  • 9 Unusual Biting Incidents
  • 12 Most Awesome Works of Lip Art
  • 10 Unusual Things That Have Happened At Concerts
  • 10 Notorious Cases of Familicide
  • 10 Coolest Pop-Up Shops
  • 10 Weirdest Teeth
  • 9 Amazing Stories Of Real Life Castaways
  • Offbeat News
    Sat Aug 30 01:46:00 2014 GMT
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  • Austrian SWAT team raids wrong apartment
  • Man Finds Giant Wasps' Nest in Bed
  • Pair Took Selfie With Dead Friend, Dumped Body: Cops
  • Swarm took over spare bedroom in British home
  • Giant Rubber Duck Forced to Deflate
  • Offbeat Craigslist Roomie Ads Are Weirdly Appealing
  • Hello Kitty float
  • Shaun the shaggy Aussie sheep finally shorn smooth
  • BMW Tests Its Armored SUV By Shooting It With A Bunch Of Guns
  • Panda Faked Pregnancy for Extra Bamboo
  • State court: Workers' comp OK for kickball injury
  • Tuxedoed Man Fired Shot When Tryst Interrupted
  • Sacramento: Debate over plastic bag ban takes a weird but familiar turn
  • Woman Accused of Setting Fire With Burned Bacon
  • Man Declared Dead in 1986 Found Alive
  • Newsroom to bring back typewriters ... sort of
  • Manslaughter verdict in bizarre San Francisco slaying
  • New York Meat Truck Driver Charged in Stinky Spill
  • Onion
    Fri Aug 29 22:45:15 2014 GMT
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  • American Voices: Abercrombie & Fitch Dropping Logos From Clothes
  • Poll: 89% Of Illegal Immigrants Would Prefer Path To Corporate Status
  • Doctors Optimistic Sam Bradford 2 Months Away From Beginning Work On Broadcasting Career
  • Man Kicking Self For Wasting Valuable Plate Space At Beginning Of Buffet Line
  • American Voices: Researchers: Panda Faked Pregnancy To Get More Bamboo
  • Magazine: The Genius Behind TinyURL Explains How He Gets The Links So Small
  • Vikings Intrigued By Matt Cassel’s Ability To Get The Fuck Out Of Adrian Peterson’s Way
  • American Voices: ‘Hello Kitty’ Actually A British Schoolgirl
  • Infographic: A Look At The Class Of 2018
  • Statshot: How Are We Raising Awareness For Our Charity?
  • Secretary Of Interior Says Knocking Down Rocky Mountains Could Really Open Nation Up
  • Koch Brothers Encouraging Youth To Make Voices Heard By Registering Super PAC
  • New Rec Room Has Everything A Teen Could Want, Reports Church Youth Pastor
  • [video] Horrified Subway Execs Assumed People Were Buying Footlongs To Share With A Friend
  • Study Finds All-Consuming Self-Pity Best Way To Win Back Ex-Partner
  • Report: Female Interns Earn Only Three-Fourths Of College Credit That Male Counterparts Do
  • American Voices: New ‘Smart Polo’ Detects Wearer’s Stress Levels
  • American Voices: Arby’s Offering Secret ‘Meat Mountain’ Sandwich For Those Who Ask
  • RedOrbit Oddities
    Fri Aug 29 13:50:01 2014 GMT
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  • Scientists Solve The Mystery Of Death Valley's "Sailing Stones"
  • Are We Living Inside A 2-D Hologram? - Fermilab Experiment To Test The Nature Of The Universe
  • Brain-In-A-Jar Science: Zombie Ant Fungus Know The Brains Of Their Hosts
  • Discovery Of Genetic Secret "Recipe" For How Lizards Regrow Their Tails Could Help Human R...
  • Fluorine Used In Toothpaste Formed In Dying Stars
  • US Officials Rule That Monkey Selfies Cannot Be Copyrighted
  • Urban Spiders Tend To Be Larger, More Fertile Than Their Rural Counterparts
  • Analysis Of Moth Flight-Mechanics Could Result In Development Of Biobot Drones
  • Misunderstood Worm-Like Fossil Finds Its Place In The Tree Of Life
  • Falsely Accused: The "Thieving" Magpie Shown To Have Little Interest In Shiny Objects
  • Talking River Turtles Produce Vocalizations To Coordinate Activities, Care For Young
  • Secrets Behind Gecko's Amazing Adhesive Skills Revealed In New Study
  • Tortoises Trained To Use Touchscreen As Part Of Spatial Navigation Study
  • MIT Geniuses Extract Audio From Potato Chip Bag And More
  • Hummingbird Wings Generate Lift More Efficiently Than The Best Micro-Helicopter Blades
  • Using Brainwaves To Predict Audience Reaction Is A Marketer's Dream
  • More Mysterious Holes Appear At The 'End Of The World'
  • Reuters Oddly Enough
    Sat Aug 30 01:46:14 2014 GMT
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  • Porn film moratorium lifted after HIV result proves false positive
  • Arizona man arrested for burning, urinating on Bible
  • Florida man caught killing, and eating, threatened tortoises
  • Texas parents sue day care center for duct taping child to nap mat
  • Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs
  • USC football player admits making up rescue story
  • Texas parents sue day care center for duct taping child to nap mat
  • Shaun the sheep, when shorn, may turn out to be world's woolliest
  • From Texas, where everything is bigger, the 99-pack of beer
  • Young fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his idol
  • Australian plane makes emergency landing after elderly passenger seizes controls
  • A Florida first: Crocodile attacks couple during late-night dip
  • Young fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his idol
  • Tears of joy as Australian Doll Hospital restores childhood memories
  • It's 'bone-appétit' for California pooches under new law
  • Eight lives left; Utah cat revived after rescue from inside wall
  • Pimco NYC office tackles bed bug infestation, fumigates
  • Dutch spend 461,000 euros to fence off king's Greek holiday home
  • SFGate Weird News
    Wed Aug 7 16:49:11 2013 GMT
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  • Police: Pa. woman changed market's price stickers
  • Police charge W. Pa. couple with DUI in same car
  • Doll found stuffed with crack cocaine and other odd crimes
  • Witnesses tackle man who runs from bank with cash
  • Gold coins of Nevada recluse sold at auction $3.1M
  • Policía de cartón reduce delito estación de metro
  • Escape artist pulls off locked coffin skydive
  • SC man describes being hurt, trapped after crash
  • Utah man accused of running speakeasy from garage
  • NJ cop makes unexpected bust in store bathroom
  • Washington 'bikini barista' owner sues city
  • Mind the fat: huge blob of it found in UK sewer
  • Police: Man breaks into western Pa. church, sleeps
  • Denmark bomb scare was inventor's experiment
  • Spoof News
    Fri Aug 29 19:47:30 2014 GMT
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  • Ferguson Mayor Discusses Pending Swimsuit
  • Joan Rivers and the Nodule of Hate
  • Chelsea Clinton's waters likely to burst on Labor Day
  • Al Qaeda Roiled By ISIS Envy
  • Latest fad in body modification: customized nipples
  • Ladies Formula One Grand Prix To Be Held in Gibraltar
  • Hello Kitty abductor jailed
  • Obummer "bummed" on ISIS, but gung-ho on golf
  • Gov. Perry Targeting ICEE Terrorists; Also Eyeing Slurpee Militants, Slushie Extremists
  • Church of Scamatology to Sue Internet for Libel
  • First Lady Organises Martha's Vineyard Christmas Savings Club After Vacation In Trailer Park
  • Fifty Year Old White Guy With Dreadlocks "Probably A Cunt" Thinks Florida Man
  • Ayers Rock Bought By U.S. Businessman
  • The One World Religion Begins
  • Florida Man Unable To Tell Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Apart
  • Topless Protest
  • Rosie and Ellen "Delighted" that Miss Spain is gay
  • The Holy Trinity to Go Their Separate Ways
  • Strange Maps
    Wed Aug 27 19:48:58 2014 GMT
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  • Pinpointing the Ponderosa
  • Countries that Look Like Other Countries
  • Scrotum and Totem: Phallic Cartography 101
  • 673 – Current Affairs: European Electricity Exports and Imports
  • 672 - Licence to Map: the Other James Bond
  • 671 – Forking Amazing: Cornwall-shaped Lightning Hits Cornwall
  • 670 – How to Hide an Elephant: the 1923 Gold Coast Survey
  • 669 - Digital Monkeys and Virtual Ducks: What to Call the @
  • 668 – Europe, Equipopulous
  • 667 - Pop! Goes the World: 7.2 Billion and Counting
  • Weird Spot
    Thu Aug 30 13:48:49 2012 GMT
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  • Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Dress Made from 9,999 Red Roses
  • Dancing with the Dead in Madagascar
  • Weird Chinese Massage Therapy with Meat Cleavers
  • Water Discus Underwater Hotel in Dubai
  • Rats The Traditional Delicacy in China
  • World’s Highest Water Slide
  • Flexible Woman Posing
  • Female Bodybuilder with Big Muscle
  • Hulk Forever

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