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Clusterfuck Nation
Wed Oct 2 01:43:53 2013 GMT

  • Out On a Limb
  • Let's All Go Medieval
  • The New Abnormal
  • No Mo' PoMo?
  • The Deep End of the Risk Pool
  • We Wish
  • Aftershocks
  • Smack Down Time
  • That Dreadful Day
  • Are You Going To Entropy Faire?
  • Money Worries
  • Things Went Awry
  • Fortress of Lies
  • Reply To Gary North
  • Not So Smart
  • FARK
    Mon Jul 28 01:44:13 2014 GMT
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  • With all the things kids have to learn today in order to be competitive in a global economy, why are...
  • Taliban poised to retake southern province of Kandahar, an event that pretty much nullifies everythi...
  • 9:30 a.m. - Redneck Baby Contest. 3 p.m. - Cornhole. 10:30 p.m. - Bikini Bullride Contest. 9:30 a.m....
  • Photoshop these superstars [Photoshop]
  • Cruise line: Do you want traveler's insurance? Family: No. Cruise line: Are you sure? It's $...
  • Mexican immigrant with drug-resistant strain of TB goes missing in California. Granted, he's bee...
  • Naked blue smurfs in Times Square with NOT SAFE FOR WORK pictures of said naked blue smurfs [Amusing]
  • Sure our fertilizer plant blew up but hey it's not our fault people died because you have poorly...
  • Pot appears to slow tumor growth in study. But Denver has more homeless since pot was legalized, so ...
  • Juggalos are breeding like magnets [Scary]
  • Repeal Prohibition, again [Obvious]
  • It's time once again for your updated Weekend Chicago Shooting Tracker, and things were relative...
  • Hurt yourself while breaking into someone's home: Feel free to sue as much as you want. Judge bo...
  • ♫ Spider Man, Spider Man, punched a cop and then he ran ♫ [Strange]
  • There's an "apocalyptic" collection of abandoned trains rusting away in a North Caroli...
  • Photoshop Invitational for classic Farkers (5 year members or longer). Submit one of your favorite P...
  • "No Irish Drunks" sign removed from bar after protest. To be replaced with "No Fat Am...
  • If you were planning a trip abroad, it might be wise to see where you, as an American, would be welc...
  • Find of the Day
    Fri Jul 25 13:48:00 2014 GMT
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  • Haiku Moment Is
  • Klepto’s Notebook
  • Respectfully, Ben
  • V Gang
  • Bobby Darin
  • Her And Her Horse
  • What Could Be
  • Throwing Rocks
  • It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (but I like it)
  • Lynn Knows Botox
  • Fortean Times: Breaking
    Fri Jul 25 13:48:00 2014 GMT
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  • Fri 25 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 23 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 21 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 18 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Tue 15 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 11 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 9 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 7 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 2 July 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 30 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 27 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 25 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Thur 3 Apr 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 23 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Fri 20 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Tue 18 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Mon 16 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Wed 11 June 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news
  • Good Plastic Surgery
    Mon May 13 19:46:50 2013 GMT
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  • Help..I’m out of money for food
  • Miami Plastic Surgeon Charged With Attempted Murder, Kidnapping
  • Benefits and Downfalls of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Jackson plastic surgery corporation pleads no contest to fraud charge; criminal charges dropped agai...
  • My toddler had plastic surgery
  • Jane Seymour on Plastic Surgery: ‘I’m Proud of My Wrinkles’
  • Get a glimpse of your plastic surgery future!
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Releases a Study: Twins’ Breasts Are Revealing
  • Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Milind K. Ambe, MD Explains the Rise in “Early Maintenance&rdquo...
  • World-Renowned Aesthetician Julie Lindh Launches SkinFitness for Men
  • Oddee
    Sun Jul 27 07:45:18 2014 GMT
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  • 9 of the Internet's Strangest Lists
  • 12 Most Inappropriate Selfies
  • 15 Unique Doors and Entrances
  • 8 Unbelievable Career Changes
  • 10 Pop Culture Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True
  • 10 Bizarre Stories of Transportation
  • 10 Fascinating Old Things that Still Work
  • 11 Of The Craziest Hacked Roadside Signs
  • 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
  • 10 Shocking Comic Book Deaths
  • 11 Weirdest Jobs
  • 9 Weirdest Fights
  • 9 People Who Faked Their Own Kidnapping
  • 10 Weird Suicide Locations
  • 10 Memorable Moments of Brazil's 2014 World Cup
  • Offbeat News
    Mon Jul 28 01:44:55 2014 GMT
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  • Charly Boy Drops New Gothic and Weird Photos
  • Landlord finds lost watch Inside Dog when alarm sounds as reminder to call last orders
  • Dog faints after reuniting with owner
  • Weird Al' rules again, tops the charts
  • Weird NJ: The lost - Jersey Jungle' is foundWeird NJ: The lost -...
  • Worst burglary ever? Watch blundering criminal's epic fail when fleeing scene of botched crime
  • Man accused of bar hopping on lawnmower, charged with DUI
  • No ticket for Shrek over loud musical, chief says
  • 'Creepy' dolls left on doorsteps'Creepy' dolls left on doorstepsThey...
  • Amazon worker piloted drone around Space Needle
  • Toddler crashes Jeep - then watches cartoons
  • This Play Is Being Called The Worst Defensive Play In Baseball History
  • Joaquin Phoenix to play Doctor Strange?
  • Guy Sues Pizzeria He Tried to Rob
  • New Fitness Wristband Gives Slackers Shocks
  • Naked Burglars Steal 60 Burgers From Beach Eatery
  • 'Weird Al' Yankovic still trying to wrap head arou...
  • Man run over by own truck during road rage
  • Onion
    Fri Jul 25 22:47:46 2014 GMT
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  • American Voices: Tylenol No Better Than Sugar Pills For Helping Back Pain
  • Scientists: Rich People, Poor People May Have Shared Common Ancestor
  • [video] Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations
  • Executioner Enters Lethal Injection Room With Bag From Home Depot
  • Report: Most Americans Have Enough Saved For Retirement To Live Comfortably On Streets
  • Infographic: Tips For Choosing A Good Babysitter
  • Magazine: Undeveloped Pictures Of The Kennedys
  • Report: Countless Invasive Species Detained In EPA Black Sites
  • Roger Goodell To NFL Players: 'Murdering Your Wife Will Result In Automatic 4-Game Suspension'
  • American Voices: Study Finds Dogs Can Experience Jealousy
  • American Voices: Comic-Con Holding First Ever Transgender Panel
  • Nation’s Gratuitously Sexual Couples Announce Plans To Wait In Line At Six Flags
  • Comic-Con Opens With Traditional Superhero Flyover
  • Obama To Cut Costs By Packing Lunch Every Day For U.S. Populace
  • Statshot: Least Motivational Self-Help Books
  • Rape Investigation Finds Star College Quarterback Has Got The Goods
  • Doctors Say Average Heart Attack Victim Doesn’t Clutch At Chest Nearly Dramatically Enough
  • [video] Comic-Con Exclusive: Michael Bay Gives Fans Sneak Peek At Ninja Turtles’ Hyper-Realist...
  • RedOrbit Oddities
    Thu Jul 24 16:50:40 2014 GMT
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  • Jealousy Is Not Just A Human Emotion, Dogs Feel It Too
  • A Mysterious Hole At The 'End Of The World'
  • Who Really Talks More? Men Or Women
  • Massive School Of Anchovies Spotted Off The Coast Of La Jolla
  • Researchers Work To Understand How Psychedelics Affect The Brain
  • Early Humans May Have Evolved Bigger Brains By Eating Insects
  • DNA Analyses Of Hair Samples Reveal No Evidence Of Bigfoot, Yeti
  • Reuters Oddly Enough
    Sun Jul 27 07:45:33 2014 GMT
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  • Rockies give out shirts honoring Tulowitzki - but spell his name wrong
  • Pennsylvania parents locked son in car trunk to cure fear of dark
  • Bare burger burglars caught on security camera in Florida
  • California woman 'embarrassed' by fallout from doll giving
  • Chubby Checker, HP settle lawsuit over penis-measuring app
  • Alabama man claims penis was amputated by mistake
  • Milwaukee barber sentenced for role in Stradivarius violin theft
  • NJ Turnpike Authority wants Florida pizzeria logo off the menu
  • Milwaukee barber sentenced for role in Stradivarius violin theft
  • Alabama man claims penis was amputated by mistake
  • Minnesota man asked to leave Southwest flight after critical tweet
  • Massachusetts monks tap brewing tradition to support aging members
  • Chinese police arrest man after nursing home patients castrated
  • Giant ketchup bottle up for sale in southern Illinois
  • NBA great LeBron James sends 800 cupcake apologies to hometown
  • Mysterious white flags replace U.S. stars and stripes on Brooklyn Bridge
  • Donut capers stymie police in Oregon
  • Thieves steal air conditioners from rural Tennessee churches
  • SFGate Weird News
    Wed Aug 7 16:49:11 2013 GMT
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  • Police: Pa. woman changed market's price stickers
  • Police charge W. Pa. couple with DUI in same car
  • Doll found stuffed with crack cocaine and other odd crimes
  • Witnesses tackle man who runs from bank with cash
  • Gold coins of Nevada recluse sold at auction $3.1M
  • Policía de cartón reduce delito estación de metro
  • Escape artist pulls off locked coffin skydive
  • SC man describes being hurt, trapped after crash
  • Utah man accused of running speakeasy from garage
  • NJ cop makes unexpected bust in store bathroom
  • Washington 'bikini barista' owner sues city
  • Mind the fat: huge blob of it found in UK sewer
  • Police: Man breaks into western Pa. church, sleeps
  • Denmark bomb scare was inventor's experiment
  • Spoof News
    Sun Jul 27 16:46:42 2014 GMT
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  • Putin Tired of Disengaged Obama, Threatens to Bomb US Golf Courses
  • Ancient biblical ambergris litters site of Jonah's Tomb destruction
  • Extend Your Shitty, Meaningless Existence With the Nutrirocket Food Extractor!
  • Hillary Clinton Caught Panhandling
  • End Of World Cult Family Get On Wrong Spaceship
  • Kerry Travels to Timbuktoo to Continue Peace Talks
  • Sporting Goods Chain Refuses to Pay for Employees' Boner Pills
  • Illegal Immigrants Admit They Came to U.S. for Glenn Beck's Free Soccer Balls
  • Blame Russia and Putin (BRAP) Day to become annual rite and special holiday like July 4
  • Perry: Make Illegal Minors Work For Kids TV
  • Smack my bitch up as Queen's corgi tests positive for skag
  • De Blasio meets the Godfather; outsources NYPD to the Mob
  • 'Water Cops' to Catch Wasters in California on New Reality Show
  • Long-Lost Child About to Knock on Your Door
  • Area Man Can't Wait to Get This Goddamn Day Over With
  • Obama Allowing White House to Deteriorate; Gets Ticket for Blight
  • Obscure Zoroastrian cult has infiltrated the Pentagon
  • Hubble Telescope Spots Lois Lerner's Emails Leaving Solar System in Secret Rocket
  • Strange Maps
    Fri Jul 25 10:49:30 2014 GMT
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  • 669 - Digital Monkeys and Virtual Ducks: What to Call the @
  • 668 – Europe, Equipopulous
  • 667 - Pop! Goes the World: 7.2 Billion and Counting
  • 666 – Six Maps of Hell
  • 665 - Argentina v. Netherlands: Does Size Matter?
  • 664 – Damn les Yankees! Why French TV Can't Get Enough of US News
  • 663 - Death of Little Germany: How a Ship Sank an Enclave
  • 662 – Crimea River: Painting Putin Pouting
  • 661 - 8 Million City: a Scandinavian Megalopolis
  • 660 - Where the Big Boxes Roam: a Geography of American Grocery Shopping
  • Weird Spot
    Thu Aug 30 13:48:49 2012 GMT
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  • Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Dress Made from 9,999 Red Roses
  • Dancing with the Dead in Madagascar
  • Weird Chinese Massage Therapy with Meat Cleavers
  • Water Discus Underwater Hotel in Dubai
  • Rats The Traditional Delicacy in China
  • World’s Highest Water Slide
  • Flexible Woman Posing
  • Female Bodybuilder with Big Muscle
  • Hulk Forever

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