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Wed Jul 30 04:43:12 2014 GMT

  • Leaked U.S. Terrorist Watchlist Rulebook Reveals "Global Stop and Frisk Program"
  • Hightower: Our Do-Nothing Congress Takes a Vacation
  • Armed Militias Massing at Border to 'Protect' America From Small Children
  • Robert Reich: US Companies Take Advantage of American Perks, Go Abroad
  • Conservative Says Something Sane, Fox Freaks Out
  • OKCupid Also Conducting Creepy Experiments on Users
  • WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Israeli Criticism of Kerry: 'What The F*ck?'
  • 15 Funniest Twitter Suggestions for Shows on New Sarah Palin TV Channel
  • Say What? Americans Are Just as Prudish About the Legal Drinking Age as 30 Years Ago
  • Satanists Demand Religious Exemption Under Hobby Lobby
  • House Democrats Raise a Mint by Fear-Mongering with Right-Wing Fantasies
  • Paul Krugman Lays Bare Latest Corporate Scheme to Rob American Taxpayers
  • World Hepatitis Day: 75 percent of Adults Infected With Hepatitis C Are Baby Boomers
  • VIDEO: John Oliver's Hilarious and Terrifying Rant About America's Inept Nuclear Arms Policy
  • Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza Debunked
    Wed Jul 30 04:43:21 2014 GMT
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  • In Turbulent Iraq, Children Bear the Brunt of War
  • Hundreds Butchered by ISIS, Over A Hundred More Killed By Iraq Gov’t
  • American Hypocrisy in Ukraine
  • A GOP Ultimatum to Vlad
  • 274 Killed Across Iraq As Mosul Residents Defy ISIS
  • Timelines and Historical Creationism
  • End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!
  • Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 374 Killed, 78 Wounded
  • Sunni Politican Mysteriously Detained; 312 Killed Across Iraq
  • MH17: Cold War Replay?
  • C-SPAN
    Wed Jan 29 02:44:45 2014 GMT
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  • President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Speech
  • Life Portraits: Bill Clinton
  • The Presidency: Edith Roosevelt’s Racial Views
  • American Artifacts: DAR Museum and Collections
  • African Americans in Civil War Washington
  • Lectures in History: Civil War Memory & "The Lost Cause"
  • Betty Ellerin Oral History: Women in the Law
  • Race, History & Teaching the Civil War
  • Origins of U.S. Military Academy at West Point
  • The State of the Union: A Look Back
  • Life Portraits: George H.W. Bush
  • The Presidency: Portraits of James Monroe
  • History of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Watergate Forty Years Later
  • America’s Involvement in Conflicts Since Vietnam
  • U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration
  • Lectures in History: Edward Bernays & Rise of Corporate Public Relations
  • World War II Tuskegee Airmen
  • Common Dreams
    Wed Jul 30 04:44:24 2014 GMT
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  • Fifa Official Demands Payment for Qatar Migrant Workers
  • 1 in 3 Americans Have a Debt in Collections: Study
  • Despite Groundswell of Support, EPA Plan 'Too Little Too Late'
  • Obama Approves Secret Nuclear Weapons Deal With UK
  • Former NSA Chief: Why I'm Worth $1 Million a Month to Wall Street
  • Intl Law Experts Condemn "Collective Punishment" of Gaza's Civilian Population
  • Privacy Groups Push Back Against Latest Facebook Tracking Scheme
  • Peddlers & Profiteers: Wall Street's Finest Pushing Tax-Dodging Mergers
  • Arrests Follow Oil Train Blockade Done in Name of Environment, Communities
  • Dirty Coal Exports Are a 'Global Shell Game'
  • In 'Ugly' Resolution, US Politicians Back Israel's Assault on Gaza
  • Lack of Oversight, Damaged Tanks Caused West Virginia Chemical Spill
  • Government Surveillance Threatens Journalism, Law and Thus Democracy: Report
  • 'Climate Criminality': Australia OKs Biggest Coal Mine
  • Millions of British Face Fracking 'On Their Doorstep'
  • Liberia Shuts Down Border Crossings as Ebola Death Toll Climbs
  • Israel Attacks Gaza's Leading Hospital
  • Songbirds Dying From DDT in Michigan Yards
    Tue Jul 29 19:22:01 2014 GMT
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  • Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence
  • Israel’s Losing Narrative
  • Blaming Russia as ‘Flat Fact’
  • Netanyahu’s Bloody Calculations
  • A Reminder about Comment Rules
  • In Case You Missed…
  • US Complicity in Israel’s Crimes
  • Hiding War Crimes Behind a Question
  • Israel and US Hit Self-Destruct
  • GOP Madness Surfaces in Texas
  • CorpWatch
    Mon Jul 21 16:43:52 2014 GMT
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  • Gilead Sciences Under Investigation for Over-Charging for Hepatitis C Pill
  • Coca-Cola Forced To Shut Bottling Plant in India
  • Hacking Team Malware Targeted Saudi Arabia Protestors
  • Soco International Says It Will Cancel Oil Exploration in Congo's Virunga Park
  • Argentina Loses Court Appeal Against
  • Papua New Guinea Landowners Win Lands Back From Malaysian Palm Oil Plantation
  • Chevron Cancels Bulgaria Fracking, Shell Postpones Ukraine Plans
  • G4S To End Israel Prison Contracts Following Protests
  • U.S. Congress Did Less for Corporate Accountability in 2013
  • El Salvador Construction Contractor Builds Houses for Wealthy with UK Aid
  • CounterSpin
    Fri Apr 12 13:44:36 2013 GMT
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  • FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - CounterSpin
  • Laura Flanders on Margaret Thatcher, Pardiss Kebriaei on Guantanamo
  • Tim Shorrock on North Korea, Lee Fang on 'The Right Leans In'
  • David Moon on Aaron's Law, Beth Schwartzapfel on Prison Access
  • Diana Duarte on Iraq War, Barbara Miner on 'Lessons from the Heartland'
  • Yousaf Butt on Iran, Mary Bottari on Fix the Debt
  • Mark Weisbrot on Hugo Chavez, Kevin Gosztola on Bradley Manning
  • Nima Shirazi on Argo, Mitra Ebadolahi on Warrantless Spying
  • Dan Beeton on Ecuador Election, Christine Hong on North Korea
  • Imara Jones on State of the Union, Dave Zirin on 'Game Over'
  • Norman Solomon on Iraq War Ten Years Ago, Richard Kim on Ed Koch
  • cryptogon
    Tue Jul 29 16:43:51 2014 GMT
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  • 35 Percent in U.S. Facing Debt Collectors
  • Russia Offers $111,000 to Crack Tor
  • Only U.S. Votes Against Resolution to Investigate Latest Round of Israeli Atrocities
  • U.S. Congress Banned from Editing Wikipedia After Staff Caught Trolling
  • The French City of Toulouse Saved 1 Million Euro by Migrating Desktops to LibreOffice
  • U.S. Can’t Account for 40% of Firearms Sent to Afghan Security Forces
  • U.S. Scientist Finds 300 More Vials After Smallpox Discovery
  • Britain: Government Accused of Dishonesty Over GM Babies
  • Fox Warner?
  • Government Surveillance and Internet Search Behavior
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars
    Tue Jul 29 19:44:24 2014 GMT
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  • Humanist Crisis Response Raising Funds for Child Refugees
  • Maryland GOP Running From Peroutka
  • Jeffress Offers Baseless Paranoia
  • WND Columnist Goes All Macho on Michael Sam
  • How Hobby Lobby Could Make Electoral Gender Gap Wider
  • Sex Work Should Be Legalized
  • FL Legislator Wants D’Souza Film Shown in Schools
  • Poor Gretchen Carlson is Being Persecuted
  • Klayman: Obama ‘Literally Destroying the World’
  • Reagan: Far More Undocumented Immigrants Than Obama
  • Free Press Newswire
    Thu Jul 24 16:49:47 2014 GMT
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  • It's Time to End the Unchecked Spying
  • Needed: Your Comments on the Future of the Internet
  • FCC Proposal for a Payola Internet Would End Net Neutrality
  • Free Press: Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Would Be a Disaster for Consumers
  • Members of Congress Stand Up for Net Neutrality Rules
  • FCC Puts Push for Media Consolidation on Ice
  • Senate Confirms New FCC Chairman
  • End the Culture of Surveillance
  • Hey FCC, Let's Talk About Net Neutrality!
  • Greg Palast
    Tue Jul 15 16:46:31 2014 GMT
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  • "Inside an Investigative Reporter" Greg Palast gives the full Monty
  • Happy birthday, World War One!
  • Don't Leave Without Saying Good-ByeA personal note from Greg Palast
  • Lap Dancers, the CIA, Pay-offs, and BP’s Deepwater Horizon
  • Give me 95 seconds
  • Chavez, Maduro and Venezuela the story they don’t want you to read
  • ‘We’re All Some Kind of Native Now’
  • BP, not Exxon, caused the Exxon Valdez disaster
  • Fukushima: They Knew
  • Judge calls Chevron vs Ecuador Case "Egregious Fraud"
  • In the Public Interest
    Thu Jul 24 16:50:37 2014 GMT
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  • Governor Jerry Brown – “Standing” for the Presidency
  • Pounding Gaza – World’s Largest Open-Air Prison
  • Statement of Ralph Nader On Creating an Ombudsman for General Motor
  • The Myths of Big Corporate Capitalism
  • Two November Chances for Progressive
  • The Other Buffett Takes on Hunger
  • Hillary’s Haughty Hyperbole!
  • Can Progressives Learn from Eric Cantor’s Defeat?
  • Corporate Contractors’ Heavy Burdens on Taxpayer
  • Ralph Nader Book Signing in Canton, CT
  • In These Times
    Wed Jul 30 10:47:40 2014 GMT
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  • A RAD-ical Housing Experiment
  • Why John Judis’ ‘Genesis’ Matters
  • What To Read on Your Summer Vacation
  • We Read It So You Don’t Have To
  • Four Degrees of Literary Separation
  • What Some of Our Favorite Authors Are Reading This Summer
  • Orange Is the New Black, Season 2, Episodes 8 and 9: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  • Retirees Get Cross-Checked by Stadium Subsidies
  • Spoiler Alert, Connecticut: Jon Pelto Says He Isn’t One
  • Don’t Let Nina Be Misunderstood
  • Netanyahu’s Gaza Game Plan
  • Nationalize the Ivy League
  • In ‘Snowpiercer,’ Revolution is Brutal—And Necessary
  • All Aboard for Net Neutrality
  • The Bad Boss Tax
  • Orange is the New Black, Season 2, Episodes 6 and 7: A Prison Underground in Crisis
  • Is Cheap, Public Internet Possible?
  • The Yes Men Secure the Homeland
  • Indymedia
    Thu Jan 3 05:45:21 2013 GMT
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    Michael Moore's Open Mike
    Thu May 15 16:45:27 2014 GMT
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  • If you F@#king LOVE SCIENCE and F@#king LOVE Laughing... Absurdity Today w Julianna Forlano Ep. 51
  • Everybody's Got Afghanistan Wrong
  • Demand for Care Shows Access Problems that Single-Payer Could Solve
  • Connections Made and Connections Lost -- Time and Work Marches On
  • Olympic Capitalism: Bread and Circuses Without the Bread
  • Starving for Higher Wages: UPMC Workers Fast for a Week
  • The Road From Abu Ghraib: A Torture Story Without a Hero or an Ending
  • An Apartheid of Dollars: Life in the New American Minimum-Wage Economy
  • War Is Good for Us, Dumb New Book Claims
  • Who are the Koch Brothers and What do They Want?
  • Happy April 15th! What If Our Taxes Paid for Our Health Care?
  • Rumsfeld Personifies Our Society
  • Putting Resources Into the Single-Payer Movement -- Now More than Ever
  • The War Against Poets and Adjuncts: Is Obamacare Enough?
  • So Many Ways Corporations Kill People -- GM Robbed Us and Risked Our Lives
  • Mother Jones
    Wed Jul 30 10:48:00 2014 GMT
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  • Yet Another Man With a Gun Just Murdered His Wife and Children
  • Conservatives Say Obama Is Fighting A “War On Coal.” They’re Wrong.
  • Leaked Docs: How a Secret FreedomWorks Donor Sought a Return on Its "Investments"
  • Why You Should Appreciate the Humble Beaver
  • White House: Ignoring Climate Change Will Cost America Billions
  • This Man Fears America Will Have Him Tortured—Again
  • Documents for "The NRA's Murder Mystery"
  • The NRA's Murder Mystery
  • Big Oil's New Pitch: Fracking Means Never Having to Fear Putin
  • America's 10 Most Hated Banks
  • Obameter
    Wed Jun 4 22:45:38 2014 GMT
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  • Promise 516: After ignoring provision about notifying Congress of Guantanamo detainee transfers, thi...
  • Promise 1104: New EPA proposal puts this promise back in play
  • Promise 304: Obama administration goes beyond its original promise
  • Promise 1096: Obama announces plan to end combat operations this year
  • Promise 114: Rated broken in 2012, wait times now back in the headlines
  • Promise 112: Long wait times overshadow other accomplishments
  • Promise 510: FCC proposal moves forward, not set in stone
  • Promise 510: After a court ruling and a new FCC proposal, a Promise Kept unravels, at least for now
  • Promise 203: Progress on a framework, but trust shattered by Snowden revelations
  • Promise 1107: Since he made this promise in 2012, exports aren't on a pace to double
  • Promise 1115: The unit has been created, but we're waiting on its results
  • Promise 1110: 'Privatizers' aren't exactly on the warpath, but Obama reiterates pledge
  • Promise 1114: Budget proposal shows Obama is still fighting for it, despite lack of interest in Cong...
  • Promise 1116: Initiative hasn't gone far in Congress, but Obama is still pushing for it
  • Promise 177: Small but tangible progress moves the meter off of Promise Broken
  • Promise 22: Obama's 'myRA' plan means progress on IRA enrollment
  • Promise 426: Better protection for most, but not the intelligence community
  • Promise 291: Senate moves ahead on measure to stop job discrimination against gays and lesbians
  • Ralph Nader Opinion
    Thu Jul 24 16:50:15 2014 GMT
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  • Governor Jerry Brown – “Standing” for the Presidency
  • Pounding Gaza – World’s Largest Open-Air Prison
  • Statement of Ralph Nader On Creating an Ombudsman for General Motors
  • The Myths of Big Corporate Capitalism
  • Two November Chances for Progressives
  • The Other Buffett Takes on Hunger
  • Hillary’s Haughty Hyperbole!
  • Can Progressives Learn from Eric Cantor’s Defeat?
  • Corporate Contractors’ Heavy Burdens on Taxpayers
  • Ralph Nader Book Signing in Canton, CT
  • SourceWatch (Disinfopedia)
    Wed Jul 30 04:44:35 2014 GMT
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  • Category:Proposed coal plants in Cambodia
  • Hongsa power station
  • Kyauktan power station
  • Guodian Bachu power station
  • Guodian Bachu Thermal Power Plant
  • Fukang Yongxiang power station
  • Fukang Yongxiang Power Plant Unit 1–5
  • Datang Hutubi power station
  • SGCC Dananhu power station
  • State Grid Energy Dananhu Power Plant
  • Atuabo Valco power station
  • CPI Xinjiang Shanshan power station
  • Safaga Power Station
  • CPI Xinjiang Shanshan Power Plant
  • CPI Dananhu power station
  • Luena Katanga power station
  • CPI and Lu’an Dananhu Power Plant
  • Bole Cogen power station
  • The Nation
    Wed Jul 30 07:49:07 2014 GMT
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  • How One Unlikely Rodent Is Saving the American West—and Perhaps the Planet
  • Missile Strike at Al-Shati Refugee Camp Kills 10, Including 8 Children
  • The Centerpiece of Obama’s Energy Policy Will Actually Make Climate Change Worse
  • Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked
  • ‘The Tank Shells Fell Like Rain’: Survivors of the Attack on UNRWA School Report Scenes ...
  • How One Piece of Paper Destroyed Your Right to a Trial
  • Newborn Infants Die Without Necessary Medical Care in Gaza’s Overwhelmed Shifa Hospital
  • No, Millennials Are Not All Libertarians
  • Open Letter to the Born Again
  • On Israel-Palestine and BDS: Chomsky Replies
  • How America Changed the Meaning of War
  • Ukraine: Anvil of the New Cold War
  • The Future Is Not Ours, and Neither Is the Past
  • Massacre in Shejaiya
  • Eight Members of One Family Killed in Their Home as Israel’s Attack on Gaza Continues
  • Could the Tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Have Been Avoided?
  • Why a Win for Anti-Choice Protesters Might Also Strengthen Workers’ Rights to Strike
  • Death and Destruction in Gaza as Israel Launches Ground Invasion
  • This Modern World
    Wed Mar 27 23:48:17 2013 GMT
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  • Officer Friendly
  • Poverty eliminated!
  • Invisible Hand of the Free Market Man!
  • What do they want?
  • A sound of blunder
  • Our story so far!
  • Tea party nihilists
  • The observer
  • The mystery of liberal behavior!
  • A warning from the future!
  • Verified Voting
    Tue Oct 23 22:47:32 2012 GMT
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  • Post-Election Audits Necessary for Electronic Voting Systems
  • Why can't you vote online?
  • E-Mail Votes Seen Raising Election Security Risk: BGOV Barometer
  • Barbara Simons interviewed on Charlie Rose
  • How Close Are We to Internet Voting?
  • MI: Minority Dems propose easier military voting rules
  • Cyber Intel: On Cyber Guard At The Voting Booth
  • Will the Next Election Be Hacked?
  • Counting Votes 2012: A State by State Look at Election Preparedness
  • Voting Technology: Current and Future Choices
  • Internet voting still faces hurdles in US
  • NIST Activities on UOCAVA Voting
  • E-voting system awards election to wrong candidates in Florida village
  • Online Voting 'Premature,' Warns Government Cybersecurity Expert
  • WikiLeaks
    Wed Oct 10 17:59:01 2012 GMT
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  • STATUS: RT @m_cetera: Tweets from @theCCR detailing today's hearing regarding public access to B...
  • STATUS: RT @theCCR: Next few tweets are about today’s hearing on @theCCR lawsuit challenging s...
  • RT @wlpress: Cables detail US-Norway discussions on Sri Lanka human rights abuses during civil war. ...
  • RT @wlpress: Zimbabwe's The Insider sorts US State Department cables by names of officials. #Wik...
  • A really rather good Julian Assange mural appears in Sydney
  • RT @wlpress: Cable details Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim's comments on the LTTE. #WikiLeaks...
  • PRESS RELEASE: WikiLeaks prepares to release over 200,000 emails on Obama, Romney, Democrats and GOP...
  • WikiLeaks + other media seek access to Manning case | Washington Post
  • ”Haveriet med rättegången i Södertälje är inte unikt” | DN #sv...
  • RT @SomersetBean: Just ordered #Assange & @ioerror & co's new book Cypherpunks:Freedom &...
  • LONDON tomorrow night: Assange feature film screening at London Film Festival #LFF #BFF
  • This Day in #WikiLeaks (9 Oct): Hearing tomorrow over #Manning court records …
  • TODAY: WikiLeaks + Center for Constitutional Rights sues US military over abusive secrecy in Bradley...
  • Austria: Assassinate Assange comes to Vienna
  • RT @m_cetera: 2012 Nobel Peace Prize announcement this Friday. #WikiLeaks/#Assange and Bradley #Mann...
  • Tomorrow: Military appeals court to hear argument over access to Bradley #Manning court martial reco...
  • #Olimpiadas2016: #Cablegate mostram que os EUA monitoravam até ativistas durante as Olimp&iac...
  • Video: 'Underground': The Julian Assange Story (full movie)
  • Order Julian #Assange's new book "Cypherpunks" and get 15% off
  • ZNet
    Tue Dec 10 17:51:40 2013 GMT
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  • An Obsessive’s Documenting Of Israeli War Crimes In Lebanon Can Show Us How The West Lost Resp...
  • Peace - or Palestinian Surrender? An Interview with Norman Finkelstein by Norman Finkelstein
  • Geneva-Iran, Geneva-Syria: Why not a Geneva Conference for Palestine? by Muhammad Shtayyeh
  • Municipal Election Results: Venezuela Winning the War Waged against It by Tamara Pearson
  • Three Arrested Dec 9 Trying To Deliver An Order Of Protection To The 174th Reaper Drone Attack Wing ...
  • Whose Sarin? by Seymour Hersh
  • Escape from an L.A. Sweatshop: How Modern-Day Slaves Become Lobbyists by Christa Hillstrom
  • Solar would be Cheaper: US Pentagon has spent $8 Trillion to Guard Gulf Oil by Juan Cole
  • ‘Not Freedom But Treason’: Erdogan Slams Turkish Media Over Whistleblowing by
  • Daring to Win and Govern by Ted Glick
  • Why the Helsinki Conference is crucial for the Middle East by Johannes Hautaviita
  • Panic On The Streets Of London by lenin
  • Occupations and Suspensions: A Tense Week at Sussex by Craig McVegas
  • Chomsky: It Is All Working Quite Well for the Rich, Powerful by Noam Chomsky
  • The Over-Policing of America by Chase Madar
  • Scenes from Ukraine you aren’t seeing on American TV by Tony Ortega
  • The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa by Sasha Polak...
  • Mandela’s Dilemmas Are Ours, But We Have His Example by Suren Moodliar
  • alt.society.anarchy
    Wed Jun 19 16:43:15 2013 GMT
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  • Bradley Manning sez;
  • Can the Spammer Mix with the World? (Was: Can the Spiritual Mix with the World?)
  • Can the Spiritual Mix with the World?
  • Gitmo's cost
  • Rethinking the Idea of Ownership of Prisons – Cooperative Ownership
  • A Christ's Letter to His Son.
  • The Christ and the Satanists: a Dialogue.
  • Curse of the Satanic World
  • Men behind the curtain?
  • JAM the Prism, today!
  • A Christ Shows The Way to Freedom in America
  • A Living Christ Decrees
  • A Christ is Rejected by Wikipedia.
  • To Be or To Become, That is the Question!

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