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Amnesty International
Fri Aug 22 16:43:12 2014 GMT

  • Saudi Arabia: Scheduled beheading reflects authorities’ callous disregard to human rights
  • China: Death row inmate freed after six years of trials and appeals
  • Q&A - South Sudan: A nation awash with arms
  • Saudi Arabia: Four relatives executed for hashish possession amid 'disturbing' surge in exec...
  • Egypt: As judges recuse themselves in Morsi protest trial, fears of mass death sentences persist
  • Stop US shipment of fuel to Israel's armed forces as evidence of Gaza war crimes mounts
  • USA: Stop arms transfers to Israel amid growing evidence of war crimes in Gaza
  • EU must close all loopholes in the torture trade
  • USA: Another ‘botched’ execution, abolition the only solution
  • Ireland must amend abortion laws after sharp UN criticism
  • Massive leap backwards as Singapore resumes executions
  • UN: South Sudan arms embargo crucial after massive Chinese weapons transfer
  • Finland: European Court ruling a blow to transgender rights
  • Israel/Gaza: UN must impose arms embargo and mandate an international investigation as civilian deat...
  • Italy: Many children among dozens left homeless by forced eviction in Rome
  • South Sudan: Independence Day marred by ongoing war crimes and looming famine
  • DR Congo: Returned ICC witnesses must not face death penalty or torture
  • AU Summit decision a backward step for international justice
  • Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
    Thu Aug 21 16:43:50 2014 GMT
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  • Hackaday Blog Receives DMCA Notice From Tektronix Re: Code
  • DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google
  • Takedown Request via Other Legal Complaint to YouTube
  • Google Image Search - IT - Privacy -
  • Takedown Request via Other Legal Complaint to YouTube
  • ROSKOMNADZOR Takedown Request Re: Drug-related Links
  • Court Order RE: RipOff Report Claim
  • Boulder, CO Court Injunction re: RipOff Report
  • Texas Court Injunction Re: Content Removal in BatWorld Lawsuit
  • DMCA Request Re: Link to Sound Recordings
  • Civil Liberties
    Thu May 1 04:43:55 2014 GMT
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  • Justice Department Announces Racial Profiling Data Clearinghouse
  • Oklahoma Justices Threatened with Impeachment Following Botched Execution
  • Brooklyn Museum Exhibit Celebrates the Art of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Christian Group Objects to Baptism-by-Waterboarding Threat
  • Under "Nuisance" Statutes, Domestic Violence Survivors Face Eviction
  • Wisconsin Ruling Proves Voting Rights Act May Still Have Teeth
  • BART Officers Arrest Teenager, But Back Off When Video Surfaces
  • The U.N. Human Rights Committee: Summary of Findings
  • Saving the World Isn't Enough
  • Tea Speech
  • Copyfight
    Fri Aug 22 16:44:55 2014 GMT
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  • IP Analogy to Physical Property (in Architecture)
  • That Sound You Hear is the Anti-Neutrality Dam Breaking
  • Having (Mostly) Failed with Authors, Amazon Makes a Pitch for the Readers
  • And No Kill Switches, Either
  • Uncle Amazon Knows What's Best for You (and Itself)
  • Duplitecture
  • Muddying the Natural (Patent) Waters
  • Congress Restores Bulk Unlock Rights
  • When is a Game a Clone?
  • Subscription Services for Books
  • Lest You Had Any Doubts, the ALA is on the Right Side Again
  • Deadly Effects of Unaffordable Medicines (TPP)
  • Planet Money on the Case Against Patents
  • FMC + Musicians vs FCC on Net Neutrality
  • Be the Potato Salad
  • Digital Rights/Digital Wrongs
    Fri Aug 22 07:46:23 2014 GMT
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  • Facebook needs to defend Austrian privacy violation case
  • Don't even THINK about copyright violation, says Indian state
  • Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?
  • Felony charges? Harsh! Alleged Anon hackers plead guilty to misdemeanours
  • EU justice chief blasts Google on 'right to be forgotten'
  • UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones
  • Ad regulator pulls down Branson-backed magic undies
  • Rimini Street promises 'business as usual' after Oracle IP judgment
  • Oracle claims knockout blow in IP lawsuit
  • Merger-hungry Comcast and Time Warner withdraw from FCC commissioner's dinner event
  • Seven Apple Store staff cuffed in alleged $500k stolen iPhone scam bust
  • Marvell: NO WAY should we have to pay jumbo $1.54bn patent judgment
  • Anonymous threatens to name cop who shot dead unarmed Michael Brown
  • Naughty NSA was so drunk on data it forgot collection rules
  • £100m DMI omnifail: BBC managers' emails trawled by employment tribunal
  • No, minister Turnbull, IP addresses aren't part of routine billing data collection
  • Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner: Capital is top target for computer thieves, say police
  • TracBeam sues Apple over location
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Thu Aug 21 22:44:40 2014 GMT
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  • Coding with EFF
  • MLDI and EFF Petition the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in the Case of Alaa Abd El Fattah
  • Cost of Defending Against A Troll Is More Than Just A Bridge Toll
  • EFF, ACLU Demolish “It’s Just Metadata” Claim in NSA Spying Appeal
  • We Need Sen. Wyden's Help to Fix the Broken, Anti-User Trade Negotiation Process
  • U.N. Free Expression Champion, Congressional Internet Defender, and Groundbreaking Counter-surveilla...
  • Colombia y México se Unirán para Editar Artículos sobre Derechos Digitales en W...
  • Digital Rights Advocates in Mexico and Colombia Unite for Wikipedia Hackathon
  • EFF to Ethiopia: Illegal Wiretapping Is Illegal, Even for Governments
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll
  • Feminist Daily News
    Fri Aug 22 22:05:03 2014 GMT
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  • Ohio TRAP Law Forces Cincinnati Clinic to Shut Down
  • Supreme Court Blocks Marriage Equality in Virginia
  • Flexible Work Requests Produce Fatherhood Bonus and Motherhood Penalty
  • Reproductive Justice Activists Testify Before UN About Health Care Discrimination
  • Ugandan President Signs Law Making HIV Transmission Illegal
  • In Liberia, The Ebola Outbreak is Also a Maternal Health Issue
  • United Nations and US Attorney General Defend Rights of Demonstrators in Ferguson
  • Statement of Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor Smeal on Ferguson, Missouri
  • Statement of Feminist Majority Foundation President Eleanor Smeal on Ferguson, Missouri
  • Afghanistan Celebrates 95th Anniversary of Independence
  • Trayvon Martin's Mom Sends Words of Encouragement and Strength to Michael Brown Family
  • ACLU Sues After St. Louis County Police Deny Open Records Request in Ferguson
  • Low Income Transgender Residents in Oregon to Gain Access to Government Funded Care
  • Suicidal Rape Victim Denied Abortion in Ireland
  • Peru Finally Complies with Sexual Assault Settlement
  • National Moment Of Silence Draws Massive Crowd in Nation's Capital
  • Undercover Video Exposes Anti-Abortion Extremist Tactics in Texas
  • Mississippi Attorney General Pushes Circuit Court to Close the State's Last Clinic
  • EEOC Files Sexual Harassment Suit On Female Farmworkers' Behalf
  • Free Range Kids
    Fri Aug 22 22:45:19 2014 GMT
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  • Could Your Town Get Kids Walking to School Like This One Does?
  • TV Expert: No Kid Should Go Outside Alone Till Age 11, And Then Only in “Short Spurts.” ...
  • “Batman” Shooting Could Have Been Predicted, Judge Rules
  • Watch Police Interrogate the Mom Jailed for Letting her Daughter Play at Park
  • 12-Year-Olds Need a Babysitter?
  • Kids More Likely to Die OUTSIDE of Cars than Waiting IN Them: New York Post
  • Mom Invents App to Disable Kids’ Phones if They Don’t Answer When She Calls
  • Free-Range “Annedroids”
  • How to Respond to a Well-Meaning, Misguided “Never Leave Your Kids in the Car” Campaign?
  • How The Cops CREATE Sex Offenders
  • Global Issues
    Sun Jan 19 20:44:40 2014 GMT
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  • 75% of the world’s large carnivores are now in decline while rhino poaching continues to soar
  • Tobacco kills. Higher taxes and advertising controls work
  • COP19 - Warsaw Climate Conference
  • Global warming has not paused, unfortunately
  • Surveillance State: NSA Spying and more
  • World military spending in 2012 was just over $1.7 trillion. This was the first fall, albeit a small...
  • Austerity and Structural Adjustment for Europe
  • 19% of reptiles under threat of extinction and 100 million sharks being killed each year
  • Even a small increase in global temperature will have a severe impact on coral reefs
  • Rhino hunting on increase
  • The world is awash with money; trillions hidden offshore
  • Global arms sales sharply increased in 2011 compared to 2010
  • COP18 - Doha Climate Conference
  • Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development
  • Syrian unrest
  • World military spending exceeds $1.6 trillion, continuing high trend despite economic conditions
  • Foreign aid: first decline in years, though still close to highest levels ever, but still way below ...
  • Foreign aid: shortfall since 1970 over $4 trillion; greater than aid given
  • Human Rights Watch
    Fri Aug 22 19:47:46 2014 GMT
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  • Mexico: Investigate All Evidence in Killings of 22 by Soldiers
  • Thailand: Junta Leader Named Prime Minister
  • Darfur: UN Should End Silence on Rights Abuses
  • Egypt: Clarification Regarding Witness Account
  • Syria: One Year On, No Justice for Chemical Attacks Victims
  • Bahrain: Citizenship Rights Stripped Away
  • Saudi Arabia: Surge in Executions
  • Kuwait: Telecom Law Violates Free Speech
  • Vietnam: Police Reforms Fall Short
  • Syria: Journalist’s Execution a War Crime
  • Indianz.Com
    Tue Oct 16 22:44:47 2012 GMT
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  • Prairie Island Indian Community signs MOU for nuclear facility
  • Chumash Tribe looking to avoid land-into-trust process at site
  • Crow Tribe reports results of primary vote for executive seats
  • Racked: Gap removes 'Manifest Destiny' t-shirt after criticism
  • APRN: Sen. Coburn calls Alaska Native ferry a waste of money
  • State pays $10M to relocate reservation trailer park residents
  • FT: Oglala Sioux leaders accused of misuing settlement funds
  • Rep. Mary Bono Mack blasts opponent for 1997 Native protest
  • Column: Native children pay the price in education stalemate
  • Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head to debate
  • Larry Spotted Crow Mann: Native people still face stereotypes
  • Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe starts veterans cemetery
  • Native Sun News: Native medicine wheel model sees followers
  • Supreme Court to review Arizona voter law that tribes oppose
  • Vandals infiltrate Mapuche protest in Chile, leading to arrests
  • Review: Flawed but powerful 'Round House' is worth a reading
  • Letter: Alcohol prohibition isn't working for Oglala Sioux Tribe
  • Tribal colleges start campaign to end violence against women
  • Men's Activism News
    Thu Aug 21 04:45:35 2014 GMT
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  • India: Committee to study bogus cases filed by women against men
  • Ectogenesis: Will Artificial Wombs Help Men Fight the Child Custody War?
  • "Why Great Husbands Are Being Abandoned"
  • Are Child Custody Laws That Treat Parental Gatekeeping Like Child Abuse Long Overdue?
  • Robin Williams’ $30M alimony to ex-wives contributed to his death
  • Divorced from Reality on Child Support
  • Race, class, and gender as factors in the Ferguson killing
  • SAVE: NY Times Flops in Attempt to Rig the Campus Sexual Assault Debate
  • UK: Sheilas’ Wheels unveils PinkZones concept – roads for women only
  • UK: 500,000 troubled families cost taxpayers £30bn/yr
  • National Youth Rights Association
    Wed Jul 30 04:45:28 2014 GMT
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  • Good news for teen voting: they show up!
  • NYRA Elects new Board of Directors
  • Takoma Park Victory!!
  • Why We’re Winning in Takoma Park
  • Votes for Youth in Takoma Park
  • Outcry Grows Over Suspension of Student Who Disarmed Suspect
  • Lawsuit threatened over Cypress Lake HS ‘hero’ suspension
  • Lesbian Kid Suspended For Standing Up to Anti-Gay Bullying Sues
  • How Effective Are Tactics Used on TV Shows to Treat Troubled Teens?
  • Contest: Make Youth Rights Go Viral
  • Public Knowledge
    Wed Aug 20 16:45:49 2014 GMT
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  • Stop Comcast from Taking Control
  • PK In The Know Podcast: Wireless Carriers, Interconnection, and Licensing for Software Codes
  • Do you know if your code is open source?
  • Knight Foundation Releases Visualization of Themes from Net Neutrality Comments
  • Hey T-Mobile: 2007 Called and it Wants its Net Neutrality Complaint Back
  • Vote for Public Knowledge’s SXSW Panels
  • Public Knowledge Urges DOJ to Protect Competition in Music Licensing
  • Stratasys Drops One Patent from Its Lawsuit Against Afinia
  • “Nobody” Can’t Hold a Copyright, Which Means Sometimes, Nobody Holds a Copyright
  • Reporters Without Borders
    Fri Aug 22 22:47:04 2014 GMT
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  • Syria - RWB is creating a special page for tributes to the late James Foley
  • United States - Call for punishment of Missouri police behind crackdown on journalists
  • Ethiopia - Nine journalists and bloggers still held arbitrarily
  • Bahrain - Bahrain urged to release 12 detained news providers
  • Iran - Press freedom violations recounted in real time January 2014
  • Syria - Islamic State takes brutality towards hostages to extreme
  • China - EU urged to sanction CCTV for broadcasting journalist's forced confession
  • Somalia - Three journalists tortured while in detention
  • Honduras - TV presenter becomes 7th journalist to be killed in Honduras in 2014
  • Iran - Two photographers sentenced to 25 and 50 lashes
  • Maldives - Reporter missing for past 10 days in Maldives
  • Azerbaijan - Repression unleashed against information freedom defenders
  • Oman - Two Omani bloggers freed after being held arbitrarily for a month
  • Yemen - Journalists under attack amid Houthi rebellion in Amran province
  • Egypt - Still no investigation into deaths of journalists a year after massacre
  • Ukraine - Summary of attacks on media
  • Colombia - Colombian radio journalist gunned down two weeks after protection withdrawn
  • Mexico - Crime reporter gunned down outside his home in Oaxaca state
  • Sexual Intelligence
    Mon Aug 4 07:45:22 2014 GMT
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  • Creating a Generation of Young Porn Criminals
  • Beware Popular Lies About Sex
  • Open Letter To College-Bound Kids About Sex
  • Hobby Lobby Decision Puts Government in the Religion Business
  • Gay Pride—A Reminder
  • Reasons People Have Affairs—Besides Sex
  • Sex Offender Board Tries to Protect California; California Refuses
  • African-American Pastors Call for Discrimination
  • Training Women to Have No Eyes
  • National Day of Prayer: Unconstitutional & Anti-Sex
  • Sexual Intelligence Newsletter
    Thu Jul 19 16:32:23 2012 GMT
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  • Issue #145 -- March 2012
  • Issue #144 -- February 2012
  • Issue #143 -- January 2012
  • Issue #142 -- December 2011
  • Issue #141 -- November 2011
  • Issue #140 -- October 2011
  • Issue #139 -- September 2011
  • Issue #138 -- August 2011
  • Issue #137 -- July 2011
  • Issue #136 -- June 2011
  • Issue #135 -- May 2011
  • Issue #134 -- April 2011
  • Issue #133 -- March 2011
  • Issue #132 -- February 2011
  • Issue #131 -- January 2011
  • Issue #130 -- December 2010
  • Issue #129 -- November 2010
  • Issue #128 -- October 2010
  • Survival International
    Thu Aug 14 10:52:02 2014 GMT
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  • More uncontacted Indians emerge in Brazil – fleeing attacks in Peru
  • Survival reveals 'five faces of genocide' for UN Indigenous Day
  • India: Vedanta's public hearing declared a 'success' despite tribes' outcry
  • Bushmen 'poachers' cleared after two-year court battle
  • "Massacre" reported by uncontacted Indians as rare video emerges
  • Brazil: Gunmen threaten to assassinate leading Amazon shaman
  • 'Violent attacks' caused uncontacted Indians to emerge
  • Major investment in 'human safaris' road sparks fears for tribe
  • Berlin: Peru President urged to protect uncontacted tribes' land
  • Brazil: where Indian lives are not worth a traffic sign
  • Bushmen face 10 years of abuse despite landmark legal victory
  • Amazon Indians join forces to reject 'devastating' mining
  • Survival International Video
    Thu Jun 26 22:10:02 2014 GMT
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  • Earth's most threatened tribe: the campaign triumphs!
  • Interview with Kayapó leader Megaron
  • Interview with Kayapó leader Raoni Metuktire
  • Gunmen terrorize Guarani
  • Deputados Racistas
  • Racist Deputies Heinze and Moreira
  • Ayoreos Totobiegosode Reclaman
  • There You Go!
  • E nós?
  • What about us?
  • Ambrósio Vilhalva 1960 - 2013
  • The Falling Sky
  • "We will fight to return". Guarani leader reclaiming ancestral land.
  • Uncontacted tribe: new footage of Peru's Mashco Piro tribe
  • Proud Not Primitive
  • Karawara - Visiting the Spirit World
  • Tribal Pets
  • Earth's Most Threatened Tribe - Colin Firth launches campaign to save them
  • The land is...
  • TaserWatch
    Thu Jul 31 10:47:27 2014 GMT
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  • Michigan Hospital Security Guards Taser Handcuffed Man, Snatch Camera from Witness [Video]
  • NY cops break into Marine vet's home and Taser him before shooting him to death
  • RT's apology to Taser International - the killer of 500 Americans, according to Amnesty Internat...
  • California police use taser on deaf man trying to communicate with sign language
  • Officers avoid jail over Taser assault of detainee Kevin Spratt in Perth
  • NC Teen Shot, Killed by Police in Front of Parents
  • SLO County pays settlement in brutalization case
  • Police taser suicidal man as he hangs from edge of a freeway overpass
  • Police officer kills himself after ordering Taser shooting of naked man who fell to his death
  • Police Taser 16 yr Old Boy With Broken Back 19 times
  • Miami cop placed on paid leave after teen victim dies following Taser blast — RT USA
  • [Dashcam] Cop Tasers Handcuffed Girl, Now Brain Dead + Op Editorial
  • Police taser 11-year-old autistic girl found wandering naked along highway
  • SAPD: Man Tasered while attempting to save infant son from a house fire
  • Anthony Howard dies after being shocked by stun gun |
  • AP: Judge Lets Ohio Stun-Gun Death Suit Go Forward - ABC News
  • Man hit by Taser in custody of Millvale police speaks out - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Springdale police officer pleads guilty to using stun gun on handcuffed suspect | Allegheny Co. News...
  • Truth not Tasers
    Fri Jun 6 22:46:58 2014 GMT
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  • British Columbia man dies after being tasered by Burnaby (BC) RCMP
  • Follow @truthnottasers on Twitter
  • Why Taser is paying millions in secret 'suspect injury or death' settlements - when does ...
  • Canadian #35 Dies
  • Canadian #34 Dies
  • Man dies a day after RCMP use Taser on him in Leduc, Alberta
  • Parents tell Taser inquest they hope son's death will bring change
  • A comment received today from "Gilbert"
  • Taser 'key factor' in Ontario man's death, says Ontario's top pathologist
  • Alien Boy - The Life and Death of James Chasse
  • TASER: The Whole Story
  • Ontario Ombudsman - Ontario Ombudsman honoured for police oversight work
  • Justice Pour les Victimes de Bavures Policières /// Justice for the Victims of Police Killings
  • Vermont Taser Death Investigation Stalls
  • Taser lawsuit dismissal is upheld on appeal
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) should explain use of force, Tasers
  • A Trial Lawyer’s Guide To Taser Lawsuits
  • UN Human Rights News
    Sat Aug 23 01:53:04 2014 GMT
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  • More than 191,000 people killed in Syria with ‘no end in sight’ – UN
  • Afghanistan: UN mission concerned over acts of intimidation against journalist
  • Thai law on defaming monarchy has ‘chilling effect’ on free expression – UN rights...
  • Amid Missouri protests, Ban urges restraint, respect for right to peaceful assembly
  • UN expert calls for immediate release of political detainees in Sudan
  • UN rights experts urge halt to Sri Lanka's deportations of Pakistani asylum seekers
  • UN rights experts concerned by last-minute derailment of visit to The Gambia
  • UN Rights Council notes one member unavailable to serve on Gaza Commission
  • Following Argentina ‘Grandmother’ reunion, UN experts urge support for families of disap...
  • UN rights office praises identification of 114th Argentinian 'Grandson of Plaza de Mayo'
    Mon Nov 14 14:43:09 2011 GMT
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  • References on explanations of repetitive war crimes sought
  • Yemen protests: Evidence snipers shot to kill
  • Woman accused of Bosnian war crimes appears in Kentucky court
  • UN Reported Only a Fraction of Civilian Deaths from US Raids
  • Gaddafi Warns Of 'No Mercy' In Rebel City
  • Released detainees recount military torture, thousands remain in custody
  • Gadhafi threatens to increase bloodshed ahead of no-fly vote
  • "Black History Month...", con't:
  • UK 'gave torture tacit approval'
  • Bradley Manning being 'mistreated', says Hillary Clinton spokesman
  • Senators want new policy for detainees
  • Senate GOP'ers Unveil Comprehensive Detainee Legislation
  • Most of those killed in drone attacks were terrorists: military
  • Third way needed to try Guantanamo detainees
  • On the Humiliating Treatment of PFC Bradley Manning
  • alt.society.civil-liberty
    Wed Jun 12 07:43:12 2013 GMT
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  • P2P Share files by email on Thu 04/25/2013
  • The 4.29 million earning over $200,000 earn enough to eliminate unemployment
  • illegal mind control blog
  • Petition The Obama Administration To Raise The Federal Minimum Wage A Quarter Every Quarter, For The...
  • FUCKED Products & FUCKED Companies of Bruce R. Robinson (Sandia Park, NM, USA)
  • Noahide Books
  • mind control blog
  • Orlando's Rep. Adams fears Obama power grab
  • If Michelle Obama will blow me...
  • Re: Immigration but...........Who wants to buy a book "Illegal Love" by Zdravko Joseph Lad...
  • Re: #Obama Tries Not Paying Ransom to the Republicans
  • Invasion of privacy by the MHSD(Welfare)
  • Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets
  • It's a good sign
  • Zimbabwe: 5 Men Arrested for Being Gay
  • soc.rights.human
    Thu Jun 20 16:46:43 2013 GMT
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  • 06 19 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • More than seven million refugees displaced in 2012 - UN
  • Myanmar's Democracy Transition Marred by Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and Violence [TV]
  • E-meter "protection" diodes Preventing Perception Spikes of l. ron hubbard's Energies ...
  • 06 18 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • Satan-follower Ralph Hilton's E-meter: Inserting Diodes to Prevent your Perception of l. ron hub...
  • 06 17 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • 06 16 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • Clashes in Shan State despite Govt-KIO 7-Point Peace Plan
  • Fresh Clashes Reported in East Burma’s Shan State
  • why all-lower-case l. ron hubbard, and evi L. as 'backbreviation'
  • ျမန္မာႏုိင္င...
  • 06 14 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • 06 13 13 Superpower Death Watch
  • 06 12 13 Superpower Death Watch

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