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Center for Science in the Public Interest
Thu Jun 26 16:47:17 2014 GMT

  • New York Court of Appeals Fails to Reinstate Soda-Size Cap
  • Legislation Directs USDA to Protect Consumers from Pathogens on Meat and Poultry
  • Supreme Court Rules Against Coke in False Advertising Suit
  • FDA Approves New Sweetener, Advantame
  • Walmart to Expand Organic Offerings
  • Soda Sales Slump for 9th Year, Says Beverage Digest
  • Maryland Bills Would Improve Nutritional Quality of Kids' Meals, Protect Kids from Dangerous Ene...
  • Decisions, Decisions: Healthiest Choice at Restaurant Chains Isn't Always Obvious
  • FDA Announcement Signals Eventual End to Artificial Trans Fat
  • Soda Spending Helps Sink Tax Proposal in Telluride
  • Mexican Senate Passes Tax on Soda
  • Sesame Workshop to Promote Vegetables and Fruits
  • Campaign to Get Dyes Out of M&M's Gains Momentum
  • Health Watchdog Group Launches
  • Food Day Shines Spotlight on Local Solutions to Problems with Food System
  • 4,000 Events Expected Thursday for 3rd Annual Food Day
  • Health Groups to Katy Perry: "Please Stop" Marketing Pepsi
  • Young Chefs Get Cooking in Food Day Events Across the Country
  • Concerned Scientists: Scientific Integrity
    Thu Jul 17 22:50:13 2014 GMT
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  • Surveys of Scientists at Federal Agencies
  • Scientific Integrity in Policy Making (2004)
  • Survey: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Scientists (2005)
  • Summary of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service Scientist Survey
  • Voices of Federal Climate Scientists
  • Survey: FDA Scientists (2006)
  • Voices of Federal Food Safety Scientists and Inspectors
  • Voices of EPA Scientists (2007)
  • Scientific Integrity in Policy Making (July 2004)
  • Science in an Age of Scrutiny (2012)
  • Poll: Ideology Should Not Drive Scientific Advice (2004)
  • How Corporations Corrupt Science at the Public's Expense (2012)
  • Freedom to Speak?
  • A Climate of Corporate Control (2012)
  • Report: Federal Science and the Public Good (2008)
  • Science and the Endangered Species Act (2008)
  • Grading Government Transparency (2013)
  • Timeline: Legal Harassment of Climate Scientist Michael Mann
  • Evolution News
    Thu Jul 17 19:44:57 2014 GMT
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  • Fruit colours evolved to please picky birds, study says
  • The weird world of nuptial gifts
  • Walking on all fours is not backward evolution, study shows
  • Organismal biologists needed to interpret new trees of life
  • Historian re-constructs Charles Darwin's Beagle library online
  • Dodos and spotted green pigeons are descendants of an island hopping bird
  • How speed restricts evolutionary change of the vertebral column in mammals
  • Genome-wide analysis reveals genetic similarities among friends
  • Biologists link sexual selection and placenta formation
  • In human evolution, changes in skin's barrier set Northern Europeans apart
  • Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains, study suggests
  • DNA analysis reveals butterfly and moth evolutionary relationship
  • Evolution depends on rare chance events, 'molecular time travel' experiments show
  • Evolutionary biology: Why cattle only have two toes
  • Birds evolve 'signature' patterns to distinguish cuckoo eggs from their own
  • When genes play games: Algorithm helps explain sex in evolution
  • High-altitude weight loss may have an evolutionary advantage
  • The energetic origins of life
  • Federation of American Scientists
    Sat May 31 13:44:48 2014 GMT
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    Genetics News
    Sun Jul 27 13:44:50 2014 GMT
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  • GSAD and Plant rDNA database: Two open platforms with plant cytogenetic information
  • New hope for powdery mildew resistant barley
  • Atomic structure of key muscle component revealed
  • Key molecule in flies identified that adjusts energy use under starvation conditions
  • Natural products from plants protect skin during cancer radiotherapy
  • Four-billion-year-old chemistry in cells today
  • Genome analysis helps in breeding more robust cows
  • One route to malaria drug resistance found
  • Why don't genetically identical cells behave identically? Cellular noise
  • Protein evolution follows modular principle
  • 3D images of cardiac dynamics in zebrafish captured
  • Researchers work to save endangered New England cottontail
  • Distinctive developmental origin for a drainage tube in the eye
  • African elephant genome suggests they are superior smellers
  • Asian genes in European pigs result in more piglets
  • Researchers eliminate HIV from cultured human cells for first time
  • Potential new flu drugs target immune response, not virus
  • More than glitter: How gold nanoparticles easily penetrate cells, making them useful for delivering ...
  • LiveScience
    Mon Jul 28 04:44:41 2014 GMT
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  • Could Dinosaurs Have Survived the Impact that Killed Them?
  • Chinese Demand is Dooming Rosewood
  • Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
  • Educated Women No Longer at Increased Risk of Divorce
  • Getting Ahead of HIV (Op-Ed)
  • My Love Affair with the Moon (Op-Ed)
  • Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
  • Why Are Whales Not Recovering? (Op-Ed)
  • Why Cold-Blooded Critters Don't Need Fur
  • Banned in 160 Nations, Why is Ractopamine in U.S. Pork? (Op-Ed)
  • Feed the Birds? Not Popcorn and Crumbled Bread (Op-Ed)
  • Concussions are Brain Injuries — Sit Your Kid Down (Op-Ed)
  • Bonobos Invade 'Planet of the Apes' (Op-Ed)
  • How Google Street View is Tackling Methane Leaks
  • Sexy Thoughts: The Mind Is Key in Female Orgasm
  • 'Flying Flashbulb' Drones Could Light Up Photo Shoots
  • Should You Trust Health Apps on Your Phone?
  • Next 'Big Earthquake' in SoCal Might Be Mid-Sized
  • NPR Health and Science
    Mon Jul 28 01:44:53 2014 GMT
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  • How Do You Lose Half A Million Birds?
  • Sorry, Lucy: The Myth Of The Misused Brain Is 100 Percent False
  • How Our Story About A Child's Science Experiment Sparked Controversy
  • Learning To Read May Take Longer Than We Thought
  • Close Encounters Of The Radio Kind? Mystery Bursts Baffle Astronomers
  • Forget The Fishing Boat: Alaskans Scoop Up Salmon With Dipnets
  • If Dogs Feel Jealousy, It May Run Deeper In Us Than We'd Thought
  • The Weird, Underappreciated World Of Plastic Packaging
  • Zoo In Argentina Says 'Sad Bear' Too Old To Go To Canada
  • Globe-Trotting Virus Hides Inside People's Gut Bacteria
  • As Millions Of People Fast For Ramadan, Does The Economy Suffer?
  • Nuclear Plant May Be In Hot Water Over Its Cooling System
  • Does Your Dog Feel Jealous, Or Is That A Purely Human Flaw?
  • This Aspiring Astronaut Might Be The World's Most Amazing Teen
  • An Animal Makes A $10,000 Deposit, But Not At The Bank
  • Quantum Physics News
    Sat Jul 26 10:49:13 2014 GMT
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  • Physicists discuss quantum pigeonhole principle
  • Unleashing the power of quantum dot triplets
  • Scientists find way to maintain quantum entanglement in amplified signals
  • Exotic state of matter propels quantum computing theory
  • Quantum leap in lasers brightens future for quantum computing
  • Boosting the force of empty space
  • An optomechanical crystal to study interactions among colocalized photons and phonons
  • Physicists succeed in revealing the scaling behaviour of exotic giant molecules
  • There's a kind of Hush surrounding quantum systems
  • Physicists Use Computer Models to Reveal Quantum Effects in Biological Oxygen Transport
  • Quantum tech disappoints, but only because we don't get it
  • Particle, meet wave: Optical qubit technique squeezes photons to bridge discrete and continuous quan...
  • Entanglement between particle and wave-like states of light resembles Schrodinger's cat experime...
  • The world's first photonic router
  • Scientists track quantum errors in real time
  • When does a physical system compute?
  • Highway for ultracold atoms in light crystals
  • New paths into the world of quasiparticles
  • Science Daily
    Sun Jul 27 13:46:06 2014 GMT
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  • Fire ecology manipulation by California native cultures
  • Epigenetic changes can drive cancer, study shows
  • Trees save lives, reduce respiratory problems
  • Changes in agriculture increase high river flow rates
  • New brain pathways for understanding type 2 diabetes and obesity uncovered
  • Scalping can raise ticket prices
  • New EMS system dramatically improves survival from cardiac arrest
  • Designer potatoes on the menu to boost consumption
  • Climate Change Increases Risk of Crop Slowdown in Next 20 Years
  • Primary texting bans associated with lower traffic fatalities, study finds
  • Slow walking speed, memory complaints can predict dementia
  • Anti-inflammatory drug can prevent neuron loss in Parkinson's model
  • Manipulating key protein in brain holds potential against obesity, diabetes
  • Clearing cells to prevent cervical cancer
  • Experiences at every stage of life contribute to cognitive abilities in old age
  • Collecting just the right data: Algorithm helps identify which data to target
  • Intensity of hurricanes: New study helps improve predictions of storm intensity
  • Test increases odds of correct surgery for thyroid cancer patients
  • Science Fiction in the News
    Wed May 7 16:45:41 2014 GMT
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  • GPS Bullets Legal For Cops In Hot Pursuit?
  • MorpHex MKII The Unreconstructed Hexapod
  • Spaser-Based Circuits Could Be Printed On Clothing
  • Amazing Video Shows Chameleon-Like Crystal Display
  • Will Autonomous Systems' Self-Preservation Lead To Dangerous Behavior?
  • Ooho Water Bulb (Or Blob) Replaces Horrific Plastic Bottles
  • SRI International's Speedy, Ant-Sized Microrobot Swarm
  • SF Authors Have Wearable Computing Ideas
  • Bookies Let You Place Your Bets On the Future!
  • How Do Americans See The Future Of Technology?
  • Updated: Flying Graffiti Drone Will Alter The Urban Landscape
  • Should Autonomous Cars Have Feelings About Crashes?
  • M-Block Modular Robots Assemble Themselves
  • Augmented Reality Ship's Bridge From Rolls Royce
  • Artificial Blood From Factories
  • Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum
  • Arcology Now Universal Constructor
  • MisTable Fog Display Like SeaQuest DSV
  • Scientific American
    Mon Jul 28 07:46:17 2014 GMT
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  • Some Coral Should Produce Shells In Acid Ocean
  • Multiple Methods Enable Doctors to Treat Dizziness
  • California Wildfire Forces Hundreds to Flee
  • Book Review: Curious
  • The Panama Canal [Slide Show]
  • Alaska Quake Knocks Out Some Communication
  • Lead-Lined Glove Tied to Radiation Leak
  • Martian Soil Salts May Make Water Ice All Wet
  • Moth Eyes Inspire Different Solar Cell
  • Cause Found For Large Chemical Spill In West Virginia
  • Arctic Oil Well Blowout Could Spread More than 1,000 Km
  • Fact or Fiction?: The Sixth Mass Extinction Can Be Stopped
  • Abrupt Climate Shifts in the Past Offer Warning for Future
  • Plastics Change Color—and Back—in Less Than 1 Second
  • 250-Year-Old Eyewitness Accounts of Icier Arctic
  • 250-Year-Old Eyewitness Accounts of Icier Arctic Attest to Loss of Sea Ice
  • What Processes in the Brain Allow You to Remember Dreams?
  • Scrawny Wonderpus Puts Stranglehold on Mightier Mimic Octopus
  • SciScoop
    Wed Jun 18 13:45:58 2014 GMT
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  • Sciscoop Newsfeed
  • SciScoop Sabbatical
  • Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year
  • An Animated Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
  • An online data journalism webinar
  • Coal dust and sea spray
  • Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm
  • bigMouth at Christmas
  • Unphotoshop – Barbie Model Photoshopped into Santa Claus
  • Metallic recipe for disaster
  • Seed Magazine
    Wed Apr 4 15:10:03 2012 GMT
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  • Full Steam Ahead on CS-STEM
  • Rethinking Growth
  • Starting Over
  • The Art of Science Learning
  • World Wide Mind
  • On Discovering Life
  • Buddhism and the Brain
  • On the Freedom of Knowledge
  • On Biotechnology Without Borders
  • On Curing Everything
  • Humans, Version 3.0
  • On Adapting to Sandpiles
  • On Governing by Design
  • On Rethinking IP
  • On Science Publishing
  • On Science Transfer
  • Wild Animal Sex
  • Mapping Science
  • On Peace
  • The Nature of Reality
    Mon Jul 21 16:47:47 2014 GMT
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  • The Astronomical Particle Colliders That Put Our Own to Shame
  • Sterile Neutrinos: The Ghost Particle’s Ghost
  • There Is No Now
  • The Mistaken Assumptions That Changed Physics History
  • The Big Bang’s Identity Crisis
  • Will the BICEP2 Results Hold Up?
  • What Are Gravitons?
  • Can Fossils of Inflation Provide Quantum Gravity Clues?
  • Video: What is Gravity Made Of?
  • Is Information Fundamental?

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