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Center for Science in the Public Interest
Sat Dec 27 14:44:37 2014 GMT

  • Pizza Hut Pizzas Have More Salt in the U.S. than in Other Countries
  • Dietary Guidelines Poised to Recommend (again) that Americans Consume Less Added Sugar, Sugary Drinks
  • FDA Should Ban Retail Sale of Bulk Caffeine, Says CSPI
  • Tootsie Roll Urged to Stop Marketing Junk Food Directly to Children
  • Top 25 Restaurant Chains Make No Progress Reducing Salt
  • Calorie Counts at Last Coming to Chain Restaurants
  • CSPI Urges Dietary Guidelines Committee to Recommend Pregnant Women Avoid Caffeine, Coffee
  • General Mills to Drop "100% Natural" Claims on Nature Valley Granola Bars with Artificial ...
  • FDA Urged to Require Better Labeling of Sesame, an Allergen
  • Proposed Legislation Would Require Sugar Drink Warning Labels in New York
  • Report Evaluates Artificial Sweeteners
  • CSPI Seeks Release of Study into Illegal Drug Residues in Milk
  • Berkeley Votes to Tax Sugary Drinks
  • CSPI Files Objection to Proposed Vitaminwater Lawsuit Settlement
  • Food Day Sweeps Country, Highlighting Real Food, Just Food
  • 10 Foods to Avoid on Food Day (and Year-Round)
  • Data-Driven Inspections Reforms Urged for Meat and Poultry
  • 8,000 Events Next Week on Food Day
  • Concerned Scientists: Scientific Integrity
    Wed Sep 17 17:07:28 2014 GMT
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  • Science Undermined at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Wildlife Manager Pressured on Border Wall
  • Selenium Standards Misinterpret Key Research
  • Multiple Air Pollutants Information Suppressed
  • HHS Seeks Right of Approval Over Experts on WHO Health Panels
  • Endangered Species Contacts
  • Scientific Knowledge on HIV/AIDS Prevention Distorted
  • White House Alters EPA Scientific Document on Climate Change
  • Agencies Control Scientists’ Contacts with the Media
  • Abstinence Only Sex Education Curriculum
  • Hushing Up the Health Hazards of Climate Change
  • Bull Trout Habitat Analyses Manipulated
  • Misrepresenting Scientific Knowledge on Trumpeter Swans
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse Subjects Scientific Appointees to Litmus Test
  • The Endangered Species Act
  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Proposed Changes to "Peer Review"
  • CDC Experts Prevented from Presenting At International AIDS Conference
  • Agricultural Brochure Cancelled Due to Climate Implications
  • Evolution News
    Sat Dec 27 14:44:53 2014 GMT
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  • Modern genetics confirm ancient relationship between fins and hands
  • A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved
  • Brain structures devoted to learning, memory highly conserved in animal kingdom, suggesting common e...
  • Contrasting views of kin selection assessed
  • Herd mentality: Are we programmed to make bad decisions?
  • Microbiome may have shaped early human populations
  • DNA sheds light on why largest lemurs disappeared
  • Stay complex, my friends
  • Reshaping the horse through millennia
  • The utility of mathematical models in evolutionary biology
  • Team proposes new model for snake venom evolution
  • Research on adaptation, evolution should consider life-history trade-offs alongside organism perform...
  • Study shows pre-human ancestors adapted to metabolize ethanol long before humans learned about ferme...
  • Predators and isolation shape the evolution of 'island tameness,' providing conservation ins...
  • Different species share a 'genetic toolkit' for behavioral traits, study finds
  • Mass extinction led to many new species of bony fish
  • Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration, study says
  • Scientific methods shed new light on evolution of kinship patterns
  • Federation of American Scientists
    Sat May 31 13:44:48 2014 GMT
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    Genetics News
    Sat Dec 27 14:45:04 2014 GMT
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  • Bacteria could be rich source for making terpenes
  • In search of the origin of our brain
  • Modern genetics confirm ancient relationship between fins and hands
  • Devising a way to count proteins as they group
  • Cells 'feel' their surroundings using finger-like structures
  • Mysteries of 'molecular machines' revealed: Phenix software uses X-ray diffraction spots to ...
  • New, fundamental mechanism for how resveratrol provides health benefits uncovered
  • Gene critical for proper brain development discovered
  • A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved
  • Cell-associated HIV mucosal transmission: The neglected pathway
  • Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows
  • 'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained
  • Solving old mystery of silent cell death
  • How cell keeps misdelivered proteins from causing damage in the cell nucleus
  • Discovery in fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Researchers ferret out a flu clue
  • Researchers discover protein protecting against chlorine
  • Multiple allergic reactions traced to single protein
  • LiveScience
    Mon Dec 29 08:46:03 2014 GMT
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  • Five Reasons Smoking Rules are Lax
  • Ten Years After Indonesian Tsunami, Are Coasts Any Safer?
  • Byzantine Shipwrecks Shed Light on Shipbuilding History
  • Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
  • Wine (and Grape) Health Claim Gets New Boost
  • Is Ebola Diverting Resources from Other Neglected Diseases?
  • Cyber Wars and the Legal Lessons from the Sony Hack (Op-Ed)
  • Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
  • Atom Smasher Will Renew Hunt for Strange Particles in 2015
  • Nix That: 5 Top Retracted Science Papers of 2014
  • Aging Marathoner: Still Running, but at a Much Slower Pace
  • Biggest Cloud-Seeding Experiment Yet Only Sparks More Debate
  • Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy
  • 'Captain America' to 'Interstellar': The Science of 2014's Sci-Fi
  • Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
  • Wolf Spiders: Bites, Babies & Other Facts
  • Daddy Longlegs: Spiders & Other Critters
  • Mono: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options
  • NPR Health and Science
    Mon Dec 29 08:46:53 2014 GMT
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  • Teaching Friends And Family How To Reverse A Drug Overdose
  • Scientists Discover That Drunk Birds Sing Like Drunks
  • From One Man's Damaged Brain, A Treasure Trove Of Research On Memory
  • An Aspiring Martian Continues To Pursue The Red Planet
  • Dwarf Galaxy, Long Overlooked, Discovered In Our 'Hood
  • Military Policy Impedes Research On Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Recordings That Made Waves: The Songs That Saved The Whales
  • One More Reason To Reach For A Paper Book Before Bed
  • Want To Solve The World's Most Heated Disagreements? Bring Your Wallet
  • Solving The Mystery Of Why Rock Ants Avoid Right Turns
  • Do Fish Have Fingers?
  • Unexpected Life Found In The Ocean's Deepest Trench
  • Research Suggests Generosity Is Hardwired Into Our Brains
  • Obama Administration Downplays Court Challenge To Health Law
  • Costly Hepatitis C Drugs Threaten To Bust Prison Budgets
  • Quantum Physics News
    Sat Dec 27 14:46:16 2014 GMT
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  • The importance of three-way atom interactions in maintaining coherence
  • Quantum physics just got less complicated
  • Attack on classical cryptography system raises security questions
  • Controlling light on a chip at the single-photon level
  • Researchers generate tunable photon-pair spectrum using a room-temperature quantum optics silicon chip
  • 'Fibonacci quasiparticle' could form basis of future quantum computers
  • Fraud-proof credit cards possible with quantum physics
  • An Interview with Thomas Vidick on quantum code cracking
  • Control on shape of light particles opens the way to 'quantum internet'
  • Nanoscale resistors for quantum devices
  • 45-year physics mystery shows a path to quantum transistors
  • A read head for quantum computers? Graphene layer reads optical information from nanodiamonds
  • Hackers begone: Measurement-device-independent QKD increases clock rate and transmission distance wh...
  • Study narrows the scope of research on quantum computing
  • New largest number factored on a quantum device is 56,153
  • High-fidelity photon-to-atom quantum state transfer could form backbone of quantum networks
  • Researchers find qubits based on trapped ions offer a promising scalable platform for quantum computing
  • Simon's algorithm run on quantum computer for the first time—faster than on standard computer
  • Science Daily
    Sat Dec 27 23:45:53 2014 GMT
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  • Worse lower, higher, frequency hearing in HIV positive adults
  • Scientists zero in on how lung cancer spreads
  • Twelve new genetic causes of developmental disorders
  • Egg and sperm race: Scientists create precursors to human egg and sperm
  • Putting bedbugs to bed forever
  • High-fat diet, obesity during pregnancy harms stem cells in developing fetus
  • Christmas colors disguise gliding lizards in the rainforest
  • Ants show left bias when exploring new spaces
  • European fire ant impacts forest ecosystems by helping alien plants spread
  • The ants that conquered the world
  • First scientific report shows police body-cameras can prevent unacceptable use-of-force
  • Scrapie could breach the species barrier
  • To remove the gallbladder or not: That is the question
  • Children's high risk clinic reduces serious illness by 55 percent
  • Identifying brain variations to predict patient response to surgery for OCD
  • Trends in indoor tanning among U.S. high school students
  • The heat is on: Causes of hospitalization due to heat waves identified
  • Popular diabetes drug may be safe for patients with kidney disease
  • Science Fiction in the News
    Sat Dec 27 14:46:40 2014 GMT
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  • BMW's Remote Valet Parking Assistant
  • HAVOC Over Venus ala Bespin
  • Neuroscientist Works Toward Virtual Immortality ala Clarke
  • A Basic Income TED Talk
  • Smart Window Tints, Powers Itself
  • What Can Magic Leap Expect From New 'Chief Futurist' Neal Stephenson?
  • Should SETI Talk To Molecular Cloud Barnard 68?
  • EXACTO Bullets Change Course In Mid-Air
  • LikeAGlove Smart Garment Knows Your Size
  • Button-Pushing Robots Have Taken Our Jobs, Thankfully
  • Puls 'Smart Watch' Replaces Your Cell Phone
  • Small Molecule Walker Takes First Steps
  • US Navy Laser Ready For Use
  • Fast Lightweight Autonomy Indoor Drones For DARPA
  • Ninebot One Self-Balancing Wheel
  • FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator And Psychohistory
  • Stellar Navigation Based On Network Analysis
  • New 'Smart-Skin' Senses Pressure, Humidity, Heat
  • Scientific American
    Mon Dec 29 08:47:14 2014 GMT
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  • Banish Procrastination by Thinking Differently About Deadlines
  • Challenging the Immigrant
  • January Book Reviews Roundup
  • Pacemaker Powered by Heartbeats Has Watch Parts
  • A World of Tiny Movements [Video]
  • Rational and Irrational Thought: The Thinking that IQ Tests Miss
  • Keep Your 2015 Resolutions
  • Readers Respond to "The Power of Reflection"
  • Book Review: Cosmigraphics
  • Online Survey: Do You Believe That Free Will Exists?
  • Can Winter De-Icers Go Completely Green?
  • 28 Santa-Approved Dog Science Articles
  • NASA’s Asteroid Retrieval Mission Faces Criticism
  • How Would a Psychologist Get in Shape?
  • Succulent Science: The Role of Fats in Making a Perfect Pastry
  • Chemical Cocktail Lures Bedbugs and Coaxes Them to Stay Put
  • What We Talk about When We Talk about Holes
  • Large Loon Fossil, with Lots of Teeth, 1915
  • SciScoop
    Sat Aug 16 10:49:21 2014 GMT
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  • SciScoop Sabbatical
  • Sciscoop Newsfeed
  • Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year
  • An Animated Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
  • An online data journalism webinar
  • Coal dust and sea spray
  • Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm
  • bigMouth at Christmas
  • Unphotoshop – Barbie Model Photoshopped into Santa Claus
  • Metallic recipe for disaster
  • Seed Magazine
    Wed Apr 4 15:10:03 2012 GMT
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  • Full Steam Ahead on CS-STEM
  • Rethinking Growth
  • Starting Over
  • The Art of Science Learning
  • World Wide Mind
  • On Discovering Life
  • Buddhism and the Brain
  • On the Freedom of Knowledge
  • On Biotechnology Without Borders
  • On Curing Everything
  • Humans, Version 3.0
  • On Adapting to Sandpiles
  • On Governing by Design
  • On Rethinking IP
  • On Science Publishing
  • On Science Transfer
  • Wild Animal Sex
  • Mapping Science
  • On Peace
  • The Nature of Reality
    Sat Dec 27 14:46:06 2014 GMT
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  • Living Bits: Information and the Origin of Life
  • Why Physics Needs Humor
  • Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?
  • There’s More Than One Way To Hunt For Gravitational Waves, Part 2
  • There’s More Than One Way To Hunt For Gravitational Waves
  • What is the Shape of a Proton?
  • Smaller than Small: Looking for Something New With the LHC
  • Inflation, Elation, Deflation: Reflecting on BICEP2
  • How Blue LEDs Work, and Why They Deserve the Physics Nobel
  • Let There Be (White) Light: Physics Nobel for LED Developers

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