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Center for Science in the Public Interest
Thu Aug 28 19:44:30 2014 GMT

  • Grocery Makers Trade Group to Share Additive Database with FDA
  • New York City Legislation Would Protect Children from Health-Damaging Junk-Food Marketing
  • Time for FDA to Protect Consumers from Dangerous "Quorn" Fungus-based Meat Substitute
  • Statement on New Studies of Salt and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Food Justice Focus of Fourth Annual Food Day
  • Listing Teaspoons of Added Sugars and Lowering Sodium Value Among CSPI's Recommendations for Nut...
  • New York Court of Appeals Fails to Reinstate Soda-Size Cap
  • Legislation Directs USDA to Protect Consumers from Pathogens on Meat and Poultry
  • Supreme Court Rules Against Coke in False Advertising Suit
  • FDA Approves New Sweetener, Advantame
  • Walmart to Expand Organic Offerings
  • Soda Sales Slump for 9th Year, Says Beverage Digest
  • Maryland Bills Would Improve Nutritional Quality of Kids' Meals, Protect Kids from Dangerous Ene...
  • Decisions, Decisions: Healthiest Choice at Restaurant Chains Isn't Always Obvious
  • FDA Announcement Signals Eventual End to Artificial Trans Fat
  • Soda Spending Helps Sink Tax Proposal in Telluride
  • Mexican Senate Passes Tax on Soda
  • Sesame Workshop to Promote Vegetables and Fruits
  • Concerned Scientists: Scientific Integrity
    Thu Jul 17 22:50:13 2014 GMT
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  • Surveys of Scientists at Federal Agencies
  • Scientific Integrity in Policy Making (2004)
  • Survey: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Scientists (2005)
  • Summary of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service Scientist Survey
  • Voices of Federal Climate Scientists
  • Survey: FDA Scientists (2006)
  • Voices of Federal Food Safety Scientists and Inspectors
  • Voices of EPA Scientists (2007)
  • Scientific Integrity in Policy Making (July 2004)
  • Science in an Age of Scrutiny (2012)
  • Poll: Ideology Should Not Drive Scientific Advice (2004)
  • How Corporations Corrupt Science at the Public's Expense (2012)
  • Freedom to Speak?
  • A Climate of Corporate Control (2012)
  • Report: Federal Science and the Public Good (2008)
  • Science and the Endangered Species Act (2008)
  • Grading Government Transparency (2013)
  • Timeline: Legal Harassment of Climate Scientist Michael Mann
  • Evolution News
    Wed Aug 27 19:45:10 2014 GMT
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  • Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land
  • The roots of human altruism
  • Researchers suggest rate of evolution change can explain discrepancy between molecular clocks and fo...
  • How hummingbirds evolved to detect sweetness
  • Evolution of marine crocodilians constrained by ocean temperatures
  • Are flexible parents adaptable parents?
  • UMSL scholar examines evolution of learning
  • Study disputes notion that facial symmetry an indicator of health in children
  • Is trophy hunting affecting bighorn sheep evolution? Research says no
  • Reconstructions show how some of the earliest animals lived—and died (w/ Video)
  • How the snake got its venom
  • Scientists create purple-winged butterflies in six generations
  • Study traces evolutionary origins of migration in New World birds
  • Evolutionary explanation for why some lessons more easily learned than others
  • Fruit colours evolved to please picky birds, study says
  • The weird world of nuptial gifts
  • Walking on all fours is not backward evolution, study shows
  • Organismal biologists needed to interpret new trees of life
  • Federation of American Scientists
    Sat May 31 13:44:48 2014 GMT
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    Genetics News
    Sun Aug 31 19:44:35 2014 GMT
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  • Factor in naked mole rat's cells enhances protein integrity
  • Surprising discovery: HIV hides in gut, evading eradication
  • How Ebola blocks immune system
  • Ready for mating at the right time: How pheromones signal mating cues in tilapia
  • Not all phytoplankton in the ocean need to take their vitamins
  • How the zebrafish gets its stripes: Uncovering how beautiful color patterns can develop in animals
  • New type of cell movement discovered
  • New research reveals how wild rabbits were genetically transformed into tame rabbits
  • From bite site to brain: How rabies virus hijacks and speeds up transport in nerve cells
  • Small molecule acts as on-off switch for nature's antibiotic factory: Tells Streptomyces to eith...
  • Researchers find animal model for understudied type of muscular dystrophy
  • Cicada study discovers two genomes that function as one
  • Zombie bacteria are nothing to be afraid of
  • Nanoscale assembly line: Nanoscale production line for assembly of biological molecules created
  • Water 'thermostat' could help engineer drought-resistant crops
  • Dosage of HIV drug may be ineffective for half of African-Americans
  • Shared biology in human, fly and worm genomes: Powerful commonalities in biological activity, regula...
  • Evolution used similar molecular toolkits to shape flies, worms, and humans
  • LiveScience
    Tue Sep 2 16:45:16 2014 GMT
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  • 7 Awesome Discoveries Made by Kids
  • Iceland Volcano Spews Lava and Smoke | Raw Video
  • Too Much Screen Time May Worsen Kids' Ability to Read Emotions
  • Cave Carving May Be 1st Known Example of Neanderthal Rock Art
  • Man Having Heart Attack on Plane Saved by Passengers
  • Americans Are Eating Healthier, Study Finds
  • Can Octopuses be Cultivated for Food?
  • First Neanderthal Rock Art Revealed | Video
  • Google Must Make Android Safer (Op-Ed)
  • No, Your IQ is Not Fixed for Life (Op-Ed)
  • Gaming as Spectator Sport
  • Rapid Response Teams Halve Hospital Heart Attack Deaths
  • Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
  • Iceland Volcano Blasts Back to Life
  • Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
  • A Centenary for the Last Passenger Pigeon (Op-Ed)
  • Can a Severed Snake Head Still Kill? It's Possible
  • Has Science Fully Explained Sunshine?
  • NPR Health and Science
    Mon Sep 1 13:48:40 2014 GMT
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  • More Evidence That ADHD Drugs Don't Curb Ultimate Height
  • Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests
  • Study Finds Nothing Special About Breakfast
  • Citizen Scientists On A Mission To Find Frogs
  • The Salmon Cannon: Easier Than Shooting Fish Out Of A Barrel
  • Federal Judge Blocks Texas Restriction On Abortion Clinics
  • Volcanoes In Iceland, Papua New Guinea Keep Residents On Edge
  • As BP Pays For Oil Spill Impact, Some People Aren't Seeing The Cash
  • Rats! New York City Tries To Drain Rodent 'Reservoirs'
  • What We Really See When We Go See A Movie
  • Night Of The Cemetery Bats
  • Scientists Study How We Evolved To Stand On Our Own Two Fins
  • Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa
  • An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones
  • Life After Ice Buckets: ALS Group Faces $94 Million Challenge
  • Quantum Physics News
    Fri Aug 29 16:47:49 2014 GMT
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  • Step lightly: All-optical transistor triggered by single photon promises advances in quantum applica...
  • Early computer oscillator could become a core part of quantum computers
  • Breakthrough in light sources for new quantum technology
  • New technique uses fraction of measurements to efficiently find quantum wave functions
  • Physicists propose superabsorption of light beyond the limits of classical physics
  • Picturing Schrodinger's cat: Quantum physics enables revolutionary imaging method
  • Duality principle is 'safe and sound': Researchers clear up apparent violation of wave-parti...
  • Physics research removes outcome unpredictability of ultracold atomic reactions
  • Quantum meets classical: Qubit fabricated with integrated micromagnet increases speed of quantum man...
  • Superabsorbing ring could make light work of snaps
  • X-ray laser probes tiny quantum tornadoes in superfluid droplets
  • Rice physicist emerges as leader in quantum materials research
  • 'Cavity protection effect' helps to conserve quantum information
  • Molecular engineers record an electron's quantum behavior
  • Quantum information meets condensed matter: inside the mind of Xie Chen
  • Quantum engineering
  • Beyond six nines: Ultra-enriched silicon paves the road to quantum computing
  • Quantum simulators explained
  • Science Daily
    Tue Sep 2 07:53:01 2014 GMT
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  • Family dinners good for teens' mental health, could protect from cyberbullying
  • Quality of US diet improves, gap widens for quality between rich and poor
  • Viewers eat more while watching Hollywood action flick on TV
  • Nature's tiny engineers: Corals control their environment, stirring up water eddies to bring nut...
  • Mom's hormones could make female magpie chicks more adventurous
  • Childhood adoption experiences: Effect later in adulthood
  • Training your brain to prefer healthy foods
  • Scientists call for investigation of mysterious cloud-like collections in cells
  • How neurons in bats' brains ensure a safe flight
  • Greenhouse whitefly: Will the unwanted greenhouseguest make it in the wild?
  • Why plants in the office make us more productive
  • New tuberculosis blood test in children: reliable, highly specific
  • Invisible blood in urine may indicate bladder cancer
  • Sniffing-out smell of disease in feces: 'Electronic nose' for rapid detection of clostridum ...
  • Radar and alarm system for construction vehicles
  • Carcinogenic role of protein in liver decoded
  • Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations
  • Plant life forms in the fossil record: When did the first canopy flowers appear?
  • Science Fiction in the News
    Wed May 7 16:45:41 2014 GMT
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  • GPS Bullets Legal For Cops In Hot Pursuit?
  • MorpHex MKII The Unreconstructed Hexapod
  • Spaser-Based Circuits Could Be Printed On Clothing
  • Amazing Video Shows Chameleon-Like Crystal Display
  • Will Autonomous Systems' Self-Preservation Lead To Dangerous Behavior?
  • Ooho Water Bulb (Or Blob) Replaces Horrific Plastic Bottles
  • SRI International's Speedy, Ant-Sized Microrobot Swarm
  • SF Authors Have Wearable Computing Ideas
  • Bookies Let You Place Your Bets On the Future!
  • How Do Americans See The Future Of Technology?
  • Updated: Flying Graffiti Drone Will Alter The Urban Landscape
  • Should Autonomous Cars Have Feelings About Crashes?
  • M-Block Modular Robots Assemble Themselves
  • Augmented Reality Ship's Bridge From Rolls Royce
  • Artificial Blood From Factories
  • Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum
  • Arcology Now Universal Constructor
  • MisTable Fog Display Like SeaQuest DSV
  • Scientific American
    Tue Sep 2 16:46:41 2014 GMT
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  • Mexico Is Poised for Energy Boom
  • Sunscreen Floods Oceans as Warmer Waters Boost Tourism
  • Supercooled Organ Donations Could Last for Days
  • Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox”
  • Tiny Genetic Differences between Humans and Other Primates Pervade the Genome
  • Chimps Outplay Humans in Brain Games
  • "Immortal" Cells from Henrietta Lacks Lead to Updated Rules on Genomic Data Sharing
  • Neandertals Made Some of Europe's Oldest Art [Video]
  • Taste Receptors in the Nose Help Fight Infections
  • Dinosaur Eggs Found in Gobi Desert
  • Narcissists Self-Involved Enough to Recognize Their Narcissism
  • What's Your First Memory?
  • The Human Evolution Issue—2014
  • Trillions of Tiny Plastic Pieces Reside in Arctic Ice
  • What Makes Humans Special?
  • New Twist Added to the Role of Culture in Human Evolution
  • Quick, Inexpensive Milk Quality Test Could Help Developing Countries
  • Magnetic Detection of Malaria Shows Promise
  • SciScoop
    Sat Aug 16 10:49:21 2014 GMT
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  • SciScoop Sabbatical
  • Sciscoop Newsfeed
  • Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year
  • An Animated Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
  • An online data journalism webinar
  • Coal dust and sea spray
  • Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm
  • bigMouth at Christmas
  • Unphotoshop – Barbie Model Photoshopped into Santa Claus
  • Metallic recipe for disaster
  • Seed Magazine
    Wed Apr 4 15:10:03 2012 GMT
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  • Full Steam Ahead on CS-STEM
  • Rethinking Growth
  • Starting Over
  • The Art of Science Learning
  • World Wide Mind
  • On Discovering Life
  • Buddhism and the Brain
  • On the Freedom of Knowledge
  • On Biotechnology Without Borders
  • On Curing Everything
  • Humans, Version 3.0
  • On Adapting to Sandpiles
  • On Governing by Design
  • On Rethinking IP
  • On Science Publishing
  • On Science Transfer
  • Wild Animal Sex
  • Mapping Science
  • On Peace
  • The Nature of Reality
    Tue Aug 19 19:47:34 2014 GMT
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  • Are White Holes Real?
  • When the End is Just the Beginning: Exploring Cosmic Cycles
  • Is Quantum Intuition Possible?
  • The Astronomical Particle Colliders That Put Our Own to Shame
  • Sterile Neutrinos: The Ghost Particle’s Ghost
  • There Is No Now
  • The Mistaken Assumptions That Changed Physics History
  • The Big Bang’s Identity Crisis
  • Will the BICEP2 Results Hold Up?
  • What Are Gravitons?

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