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Center for Science in the Public Interest
Thu Apr 10 13:46:42 2014 GMT

  • Walmart to Expand Organic Offerings
  • Soda Sales Slump for 9th Year, Says Beverage Digest
  • Maryland Bills Would Improve Nutritional Quality of Kids' Meals, Protect Kids from Dangerous Ene...
  • Decisions, Decisions: Healthiest Choice at Restaurant Chains Isn't Always Obvious
  • FDA Announcement Signals Eventual End to Artificial Trans Fat
  • Soda Spending Helps Sink Tax Proposal in Telluride
  • Mexican Senate Passes Tax on Soda
  • Sesame Workshop to Promote Vegetables and Fruits
  • Campaign to Get Dyes Out of M&M's Gains Momentum
  • Health Watchdog Group Launches
  • Food Day Shines Spotlight on Local Solutions to Problems with Food System
  • 4,000 Events Expected Thursday for 3rd Annual Food Day
  • Health Groups to Katy Perry: "Please Stop" Marketing Pepsi
  • Young Chefs Get Cooking in Food Day Events Across the Country
  • Mars Should Stop Harming Kids by Coloring M&M's with Artificial Food Dyes, Says CSPI
  • McDonald's Clarifies Plan to Remove Soda from Happy Meals
  • Government Shutdown is Urgent Public Health Issue
  • Outbreak of Salmonella from Foster Farms Chicken Sickens Nearly 300 and Hospitalizes 42 Percent
  • Concerned Scientists: Scientific Integrity
    Tue Mar 25 20:48:40 2014 GMT
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  • Scientific Integrity: Let Science Do Its Job
  • Voices of Federal Food Safety Scientists and Inspectors
  • List of all Scientific Integrity pages
  • No title available
  • A Letter from Biologists to the United States Senate Concerning Science in the Endangered Species Ac...
  • Report Abuses of Science
  • 2013 Cartoon Contest Contestants: Cartoon All-Stars
  • 2013 UCS Editorial Cartoon Contest Winner
  • The 2013 UCS Editorial Cartoon Contest: Cartoon All-Stars
  • EPA Findings on Hydraulic Fracturing Deemed “Unsupportable”
  • Timeline: Legal Harassment of Climate Scientist Michael Mann
  • Federal Agency Scientific Integrity Policies
  • Thank You for Voting
  • Grading Government Transparency
  • Media Policies at Federal Agencies
  • Freedom to Speak?
  • Federal Media Policy Survey Confirmation
  • 2012 Cartoon Contest Contestants
  • Evolution News
    Tue Apr 22 16:45:01 2014 GMT
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  • What gave us the advantage over extinct types of humans?
  • Rock-paper-scissors model helps researchers demonstrate benefits of high mutation rates
  • Symbiosis between beewolves and their protective bacteria originated millions of years ago, study shows
  • Does germ plasm accelerate evolution?
  • Breakthrough DNA study could slow big cat extinction
  • La Brea Tar Pit fossil research shows climate change drove evolution of Ice Age predators
  • Extinctions reduces speciation
  • 'Homo' is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases
  • Scientists identify factors limiting hybridization of closely-related woodrat species
  • Genetic markers provide unprecedented primate link in human evolution
  • Bighead carp evolve from 5 to 150 centimeters in 37 million years
  • Biologists revisit Janzen's theory of microbe-macrobe competition with new variable
  • Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years
  • Biologists zero in on role of plasticity in evolution
  • Testis size matters for genome evolution
  • Anthropologist's new book explores how apes and humans evolved side by side
  • 'Oddball science' has proven worth, say biologists
  • Marine scientists identify lobsters' ancestors
  • Federation of American Scientists
    Tue Apr 16 01:45:44 2013 GMT
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  • By: Michael Hampton
  • By: Beau
  • Genetics News
    Tue Apr 22 19:44:51 2014 GMT
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  • Critical new protein complex involved in learning, memory
  • New patenting guidelines needed for biotechnology
  • How cells take out the trash
  • For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging
  • First size-based chromatography technique for the study of livi
  • Applying math to biology: Software identifies disease-causing mutations in undiagnosed illnesses
  • RNA shows potential as boiling-resistant anionic polymer material for nanoarchitectures
  • International team sequences rainbow trout genome
  • Two genes linked to inflammatory bowel disease
  • How are we different and what gave us the advantage over extinct types of humans like the Neanderthals?
  • Queuing theory helps physicist understand protein recycling
  • 'Dustman' protein helps kill cancer cells
  • Gene within a gene contributes to aggressiveness of acute myeloid leukemia
  • Anti-inflammatory factory: The role lipids play
  • Ginseng can treat, prevent influenza, RSV, researcher finds
  • A protein required for integrity of induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico
  • Why alcoholism saps muscle strength
  • LiveScience
    Wed Apr 23 07:44:48 2014 GMT
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  • Oranges: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
  • This is What Global Warming Looks Like — 2013 Edition (Op-Ed)
  • Preventing Injury From Spring Sports That Span Seasons
  • Dutch Student Sells His Data for €350 but at What Price Privacy? (Op-Ed)
  • With a Bullet: China's High-Speed Rail Dream Begins to take Flight (Op-Ed)
  • Mystery of Bizarre Duck-Like Ocean Sound Solved
  • Sailfish Stealthily Slash Prey with Bills
  • Hot Tchaikovsky: Fertile Women Prefer Complex Composers
  • The Costs of Fresh Water in a Changing World (Op-Ed)
  • Magnifying The Body May Reduce Pain
  • Slowest Start to Tornado Season in a Century
  • Mt. Everest: Why Do People Keep Climbing It?
  • Where Are Tornado Hot Spots Outside of the US?
  • 3D Print a New House in Just a Few Hours
  • Antarctic Lava Lake Huffs and Puffs Like a Sleeping Dragon
  • Not in the Mood: Study in Mice Sheds Light on Human Libido
  • Storm to Spoil Spring for Millions Next Week in Midwest, East
  • Mysterious Duck-Like Ocean Sound-Source Revealed | Video
  • NPR Health and Science
    Tue Apr 22 22:46:30 2014 GMT
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  • Green GOP Group Caught Between 'Rock And A Hard Place'
  • A Knuckleball No More: World Cup Soccer Ball Gets A Redesign
  • The Wonders Of The Year 2014, As Told By Isaac Asimov
  • Introducing A Divorce Rate For Birds, And Guess Which Bird Never, Ever Divorces?
  • Powerful Narcotic Painkiller Up For FDA Approval
  • Who's Protecting Whom From Deadly Toxin?
  • UPDATE: Feds Say Powdered Liquor Not Actually Legal
  • Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Get Vets Back On Their Feet
  • Forced To Put Its Nets Away, One Fla. Town Clams Up — Literally
  • No Longer Marching Out To Work, More Mothers Stay Home
  • VIDEO: Leopard Attacks Residents In Central India
  • A Scientific Experiment: Field Trips Just For Teachers
  • Far From 'Infinitesimal': A Mathematical Paradox's Role In History
  • Ancient Landscape Is Found Under 2 Miles Of Ice In Greenland
  • So This Is How They Do It! Zebras Getting Stripes
  • Quantum Physics News
    Mon Apr 21 16:45:35 2014 GMT
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  • A new key to unlocking the mysteries of physics? Quantum turbulence
  • Physicists design quantum switches which can be activated by single photons
  • Interview with Gerhard Rempe about the fascination of and prospects for quantum information technology
  • Progress in the fight against quantum dissipation
  • Micro-macro entangled 'cat states' could one day test quantum gravity
  • A quantum logic gate between light and matter
  • Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers
  • New 'switch' could power quantum computing
  • Quantum melting
  • Physicists create lightning in the race to develop quantum technology microchip
  • Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle—the plasmon
  • Quantum cryptography for mobile phones
  • A cure for clashing qubits: Researchers successfully entangle different-color photons
  • Physics researchers provide new insights into quantum dynamics and quantum chaos
  • Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions
  • Quantum cryptography: Keeping your secrets secret
  • Einstein's 'spooky' theory may lead to ultra-secure internet
  • Researchers see Kelvin wave on quantum 'tornado' for first time
  • Science Daily
    Tue Apr 22 19:47:13 2014 GMT
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  • A new 'APEX' in plant studies aboard the International Space Station
  • For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging
  • First size-based chromatography technique for the study of livi
  • Neurotics don't just avoid action: They dislike it, study finds
  • Applying math to biology: Software identifies disease-causing mutations in undiagnosed illnesses
  • Fat metabolism in animals altered to prevent most common type of heart disease
  • Online retailers have clear advantage by not collecting sales tax
  • Traditional Malaysian musical instrument modernized: 'Rebana Ubi' computer speaker
  • Taxonomic study of green algae (chlorophyta) in Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Surface modification of titanium dioxide for photocatalytic degradation of hazardous pollutants unde...
  • Major advances in dye sensitized solar cells
  • Unlocking secrets of new solar material
  • Wildlife response to climate change is likely underestimated, experts warn
  • Management of elderly patients with lung cancer
  • Male health linked to testosterone exposure in womb, study finds
  • Brain size matters when it comes to animal self-control
  • Life stressors trigger neurological disorders, researchers find
  • Speed-reading apps may impair reading comprehension by limiting ability to backtrack
  • Science Fiction in the News
    Sat Apr 19 22:45:37 2014 GMT
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  • Bookies Let You Place Your Bets On the Future!
  • How Do Americans See The Future Of Technology?
  • Flying Graffiti Drone Will Alter The Urban Landscape
  • Should Autonomous Cars Have Feelings About Crashes?
  • M-Block Modular Robots Assemble Themselves
  • Augmented Reality Ship's Bridge From Rolls Royce
  • Artificial Blood From Factories
  • Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum
  • Arcology Now Universal Constructor
  • MisTable Fog Display Like SeaQuest DSV
  • Full-Size Invisibility Cloak Now Possible
  • Bioengineered Muscle Grows In Mice
  • Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Move Like Tiny Gears
  • PredPol Predicting Crime As It Happens
  • UK Internet Filters Default To 'Family-Friendly'
  • NASA Gives Away Rocket Code - For Dads
  • Automated Planet Finder Telescope Starts The Hunt
  • Crabster CR200 Robot Prowls The Deep
  • Scientific American
    Wed Apr 23 07:46:16 2014 GMT
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  • Washington State Euthanizes 300 birds after Cockfighting Farm Raided
  • Parched California Moves to Boost Water-Saving Toilets and Faucets
  • MRSA Spreads in Households
  • The Life Cycle of Your Reusable Trash
  • How Can Galaxies Move Faster Than the Speed of Light? [Video]
  • Pine Beetle Outbreaks Increase Groundwater Supply in Rockies
  • Long time coming: African-American Civil Rights Organizations embrace Environmentalism
  • Oldest Footprints Outside Africa
  • Millions of China's Farmers Now Buy Climate-Change Insurance
  • Happy, Hot Earth Day! [Interactive]
  • Zooniverse Condor Watch
  • Nepal Government Meets Sherpas' Demands after Deadly Avalanche
  • Does the Octopus Really “Fart” Ink? [Video]
  • Giant Tusked Insect Saved from Extinction
  • Help ID Moon Craters from Your Couch
  • Why Wall Street Needs Remedial Biology
  • The Splendid and Remarkable Anatomy of Hornbills
  • Food Security and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
  • SciScoop
    Thu Jan 9 14:47:37 2014 GMT
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  • Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year
  • An Animated Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
  • An online data journalism webinar
  • Coal dust and sea spray
  • Most Important Torrent Site in Years to Take the Internet By Storm
  • bigMouth at Christmas
  • Unphotoshop – Barbie Model Photoshopped into Santa Claus
  • Metallic recipe for disaster
  • Coughs and sneezes spread diseases
  • Are the websites you’re using tracking what you type?
  • Seed Magazine
    Wed Apr 4 15:10:03 2012 GMT
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  • Full Steam Ahead on CS-STEM
  • Rethinking Growth
  • Starting Over
  • The Art of Science Learning
  • World Wide Mind
  • On Discovering Life
  • Buddhism and the Brain
  • On the Freedom of Knowledge
  • On Biotechnology Without Borders
  • On Curing Everything
  • Humans, Version 3.0
  • On Adapting to Sandpiles
  • On Governing by Design
  • On Rethinking IP
  • On Science Publishing
  • On Science Transfer
  • Wild Animal Sex
  • Mapping Science
  • On Peace
  • The Nature of Reality
    Thu Apr 10 22:47:36 2014 GMT
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  • Is There Anything Beyond Quantum Computing?
  • How Many Dimensions Does the Universe Really Have?
  • Do Time Travelers Tweet?
  • The Universe Made Me Do It? Testing “Free Will” With Distant Quasars
  • First Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation
  • Quantum Biology: Better Living Through Quantum Mechanics
  • Video: 2.5 Ways to Die in a Black Hole
  • Stephen Hawking Serves Up Scrambled Black Holes
  • Will We Ever Know the True Nature of Dark Energy?
  • Journey Into the Dark Realm

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