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Science about: Archaeology
Thu Aug 21 01:43:26 2014 GMT

  • Neanderthals walked among us  study
  • Volunteers help British Museum in crowdsourcing archeology project
  • Homo floresiensis: scientists clash over claims 'hobbit man' was modern human with Down'...
  • Dinosaur 13 review a jawbone-dropping true tale
  • Colin Pendleton obituary
  • Archaeologists uncover vast ancient tomb in Greece
  • Silchester Roman town closes: 'nothing left except gravel and natural geology'
  • Richard III to be reburied at Leicester cathedral in March
  • National Trust buys Hambledon Hill in Dorset
  • Museum rediscovers 6,500-year-old human skeleton in storage
  • World's largest solar boat on odyssey to find ancient inhabited site in Greece
  • Archaeologist happens upon Roman bone fragments at the end of his road
  • Shipwreck excavation may explain how 17th-century warship blew itself up
  • Digging up trouble: beware the curse of King Tutankhamun
  • Ancient Egypt fever: 'Tutmania' strikes the UK in pictures
  • King Richard III visitor centre in Leicester opens to the public
  • Toilets and bathrooms of past, present and future in pictures
  • Skeletons of war dead from 11,000 BC go on show at the British Museum