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Science about: Archaeology
Wed Jul 23 16:43:22 2014 GMT

  • Digging up trouble: beware the curse of King Tutankhamun
  • Ancient Egypt fever: 'Tutmania' strikes the UK in pictures
  • King Richard III visitor centre in Leicester opens to the public
  • Toilets and bathrooms of past, present and future in pictures
  • Skeletons of war dead from 11,000 BC go on show at the British Museum
  • Northampton borough council sells Egyptian statue for almost £16m
  • 2,500-year-old erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island
  • Prehistoric circle dated to same summer as Seahenge neighbour
  • Berlin's House of One: a church, a mosque and a synagogue under one roof
  • Great North Museum needs to raise £7,000 to safeguard Lindisfarne Hoard
  • Archaeologists discover 4,000-year-old tomb from 11th dynasty in Luxor
  • Old chaps? 3,300-year-old trousers found in China may be world's oldest
  • Climate change threatens to sweep away historic Jamestown settlement
  • How do we know woolly mammoths were woolly?
  • Egypt turns to technology in effort to protect ancient treasures from looters
  • The Lod mosaics a carnival of animals
  • Richard III was no 'bunch-backed toad', research suggests
  • 2,300-year-old false tooth removed in northern France