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Science about: Astronomy
Sat Aug 23 04:43:20 2014 GMT

  • Chris Hadfield: People talk retirement. Why would you want to do nothing?
  • An anniversary on Mars, the death throes of a galaxy and space lettuce in pictures
  • Jupiter and Venus will align almost completely on Monday night
  • Dust from beyond our solar system fell to Earth from space probe
  • Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw obituary
  • In praise of ... supermoons | Editorial
  • Perseids meteor shower and supermoon offer divine heavenly show
  • What is the best way to see the Perseid meteor shower?
  • Supermoon 2014: share your pictures
  • Starwatch: Perseid meteors and Cepheid variable stars
  • Supermoon lights up skies around the world in pictures
  • The search for life beyond Earth is on, but are we ready for what well find? | Philip Ball
  • The Theory of Everything: watch the trailer for the Stephen Hawking biopic - video
  • Rosetta comet rendezvous is a triumph for the European Space Agency | Stuart Clark
  • Rosetta spacecraft makes historic rendezvous with rubber-duck comet 67P/CG
  • Rosetta spacecraft set to rendezvous with rubber-duck comet
  • Rosetta spacecraft set to rendezvous with speeding comet - live stream
  • Life beyond Earth seems 'inevitable', US planetary scientist says