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Science about: Astronomy
Sat Apr 19 19:43:23 2014 GMT

  • The telescope big enough to spot signs of alien life on other planets
  • Nasa Kepler telescope discovers planet believed to be most Earth-like yet found
  • 'Blood moon': your images of the total lunar eclipse
  • 'Blood Moon': share your images of the total lunar eclipse
  • 'Blood moon' lunar eclipse in pictures
  • Starwatch: Mars at its closest
  • Get stargazing with our UK star map
  • Try stargazing wherever you are
  • Cosmos: how the creator of Family Guy remade Carl Sagan's pivotal TV series
  • Kidnapped stars, Martian frost and the Rotten Egg Nebula in pictures | A month in space
  • Starwatch: The April night sky
  • Ask a grown-up: what would happen to the Earth if everyone in the world jumped at the same time?
  • Cosmology: Back to the beginning | Editorial
  • Super Earth, 2012 VP113 what would you call it? | Open thread
  • Distant new world may point to undiscovered planets in solar system | Stuart Clark
  • Dwarf planet discovery hints at a hidden Super Earth in solar system
  • Daily Mail accused of insulting top female scientists
  • From the stars to the gutter: Mail's 'diversity' jibe sullies big bang news | Jon Butter...