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Climate Change News
Tue Aug 26 16:43:02 2014 GMT

  • Here's how Brazil's new presidential candidate help save the planet
  • India: Greenpeace alleges threats, intimidation over coal project
  • Architects prepare for climate change
  • A climate for change: America should not wait while world warms
  • U.S. inspector wanted reactor shut on quake fears report
  • Bills to regulate California groundwater use opposed by farmers
  • Keystone XL Pipeline: EnbridgeTo Pump More Canadian Oil To US
  • Scott Brown Denies That Man-Made Climate Change Is Scientifically Proven
  • Study shows sunlight, not microbes dominate CO2 production in Arctic
  • Climate change policies pay for themselves, study says
  • UK air pollution fuels official concern
  • Scott Brown says climate change is not proven
  • Scientists Don’t Think Rick Scott is ‘Climate Literate’
  • Mosquitoes, Ticks & Poison Ivy Thriving with Climate Change
  • Heat wave offers glimpse into climate change
  • The 1,300 Bird Species Facing Extinction Signal Threats to Human Health
  • Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what?
  • Thyroid Cancer in Young People Surge Fukushima Since Nuclear Meltdown
  • ‘Most Endangered’ River in the Nation