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Climate Change News
Thu Jul 24 16:43:02 2014 GMT

  • States against EPA rule on carbon pollution would gain, study finds
  • United States: Climate mitigation plan needed
  • UK renewable energy subsidies capped at £200m a year
  • A generation of emissions takes a toll on Arctic ice
  • For Californians, higher costs dampen support for clean energy
  • Coal India's plans for 20 mines hit by land, environment delays
  • UK outlines latest nuclear waste storage plans
  • Solar and wind power to compete for £50m under new subsidy regime
  • Europe stuck with coal unless UK takes action, campaigners warn
  • Brazil could meet food demand 2040 without cutting down another tree
  • Loss and damage: UN receives new climate compensation plans
  • Philippine province proves mass storm deaths can be avoided
  • Nuclear Plant May Be In Hot Water Over Its Cooling System
  • Rising Temperatures Could Help Brain Eating Amoeba
  • Forest Rights Offer Major Opportunity to Counter Climate Change
  • Court Ruling May Reverberate on ‘Social Cost’ Carbon
  • Scientists converge to tackle climate change health problems
  • Human activity causing sea level rise beyond natural changes
  • Fire season in West expected to get more intense