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Climate Change News
Mon Jul 28 22:43:02 2014 GMT

  • Cranking Up the Carbon: Researchers Expose a Forest to Our Future's Conditions
  • New study confirms water vapor as global warming amplifier
  • Rising Levels of Human-Caused Water Vapor in Troposphere will Intensify Climate Change Projections
  • NOAA study shows oceans hotter than ever as US tops global climate denier list
  • United Kingdom: Government pushes ahead with fracking plan despite wide opposition
  • Designing improved cookstoves for Tanzanians
  • U.S. coastal flooding on the rise, government study finds
  • Smaller Seals: A Consequence of Climate Change
  • Trees Reduce Air Pollution, Respiratory Problems
  • Red Tide Threatens Gulf of Mexico Fish
  • General Mills takes new steps to combat climate change
  • United Kingdom: Tories target seats will be opened for fracking says Greenpeace
  • Climate Change A Greater Threat To Global Food Production Than Previously Thought: MIT Researchers
  • Climate warming may not drive net losses soil carbon from tropical forests
  • The ‘Holy Grail’ of batteries might double your smartphone’s battery life
  • Invasion of the oil palm: western Africa's native son returns, threatening great apes
  • United Kingdom: Parks to be protected from fracking
  • Fracking push gets go-ahead across UK as ministers tighten safeguards
  • 5 facts about coal trade, global warming