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Climate Change News
Tue Apr 22 16:43:02 2014 GMT

  • Climate linked drought adding to Syria’s misery
  • Nobel Prize Winner Robert Lefkowitz: Science Cannot Make Headway Because Faith 'Untestable'
  • G7 countries aim to cut energy ties to Russia
  • Apple Aims to Shrink Its Carbon Footprint With New Data Centers
  • Study Shows Ethanol Produces Worse 'Global Warming' Pollution Than Gasoline
  • Climate Change Is the Tragedy of the Global Commons
  • People of Color Are Already Getting Hit the Hardest by Climate Change
  • The six natural resources most drained by our 7 billion people
  • Fields And Farm Jobs Dry Up With California's Worsening Drought
  • Scientists Use Krypton Dating to Estimate Antarctic Ice's Age
  • Climate change will have profound impacts on humankind: Obama
  • Students stage silent demonstration against fracking
  • Corn waste biofuel higher in greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline, study finds
  • China's new environment law submitted to parliament
  • United Kingdom: ‘Freedom to frack’ on private land sparks outrage
  • Britons should ‘embrace’ onshore and offshore wind, says Ed Miliband
  • Britain’s nuclear waste site almost certain to leak
  • Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Investment in Coal
  • In Indonesia, new Riau burning season threatens