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Climate Change News
Mon Sep 1 22:43:01 2014 GMT

  • How minor parties help address climate change
  • A doomed Earth of science fiction may well become a reality
  • Coalgate: India urges supreme court not to close coal mines
  • World will warm faster than predicted in next five years, study warns
  • How to Buy a Mine in Wisconsin
  • Obama Opened Floodgates Offshore Fracking
  • ‘Ban Fracking in North Carolina’
  • Climate change tops UN summit agenda in Samoa
  • Sea-level surge at Antarctica linked to icesheet loss
  • On climate change, much work is needed to save our globe
  • Scientists identify deforested idle land as source of Indonesia "haze" fires
  • Rich nations have moral duty to help island nations as climate change shifts weather patterns
  • Americans have a moral obligation to tackle climate change now
  • Fires and drought have transformed New Mexico forests
  • Protesters who blocked coal shipment set for trial
  • Bakken crude oil production relies on rail shipments
  • Crude rides Texas' rails with little oversight
  • Federal funds boost Native American climate resilience efforts
  • Changing global diets is vital to reducing climate change