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Sat Dec 27 14:45:04 2014 GMT

  • Rename file to same name plus datestamp of last modification.
  • Scan Subnet for IP and MAC addresses
  • Get HTTP status code with curl
  • Find size in kilobyte of files that are deleted but still in use and therefore consumes diskspace
  • Show most common words in filenames
  • Print the IPv4 address of a given interface
  • Split a large file, without wasting disk space
  • Are there any words in the English language that use at least half of the alphabet without repeating...
  • Mount a VMware virtual disk (.vmdk) file on a Linux box
  • separate (emphasize) digital strings from other text
  • ping a host until it responds, then play a sound, then exit
  • View all new log messages in real time with color
  • Find dead symbolic links
  • List Listen Port by numbers