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Sun Apr 20 01:45:51 2014 GMT

  • Silently ensures that a FS is mounted on the given mount point (checks if it's OK, otherwise unm...
  • sniff network traffic on a given interface and displays the IP addresses of the machines communicati...
  • Given a file path, unplug the USB device on which the file is located (the file must be on an USB de...
  • Print ASCII Character Chart
  • define a function "hg" combining history and grep to save typing
  • Show all symlinks
  • Arguments too long
  • Print one . instead of each line
  • Bitcoin Brainwallet Private Key Calculator
  • Bitcoin Brainwallet Base58 Encoder
  • Bitcoin Brainwallet Checksum Calculator
  • Bitcoin Brainwallet Exponent Calculator
  • Check if your ISP is intercepting DNS queries
  • Find files modified since a specific date
  • Ping all hosts on