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Sun Aug 10 07:46:42 2014 GMT

  • ping a host until it responds, then play a sound, then exit
  • View all new log messages in real time with color
  • Find dead symbolic links
  • List Listen Port by numbers
  • Viewable terminal session over network.
  • View online pdf documents in cli
  • Simple multi-user encrypted chat server for 5 users
  • install all archive file type apps in ubuntu
  • Securely destroy data on given device hugely faster than /dev/urandom
  • Determine if photos have been rotated to portrait orientation instead of normal landscape orientation
  • Permanent mysql ssh tunnel to server
  • Displays the number of processes per state
  • Extract shortcuts and hostnames from .ssh/config
  • Simple colourized JSON formatting for BASH
  • Performance tip: compress /usr/