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Michael Moore's Open Mike
Thu May 15 16:45:27 2014 GMT

  • If you F@#king LOVE SCIENCE and F@#king LOVE Laughing... Absurdity Today w Julianna Forlano Ep. 51
  • Everybody's Got Afghanistan Wrong
  • Demand for Care Shows Access Problems that Single-Payer Could Solve
  • Connections Made and Connections Lost -- Time and Work Marches On
  • Olympic Capitalism: Bread and Circuses Without the Bread
  • Starving for Higher Wages: UPMC Workers Fast for a Week
  • The Road From Abu Ghraib: A Torture Story Without a Hero or an Ending
  • An Apartheid of Dollars: Life in the New American Minimum-Wage Economy
  • War Is Good for Us, Dumb New Book Claims
  • Who are the Koch Brothers and What do They Want?
  • Happy April 15th! What If Our Taxes Paid for Our Health Care?
  • Rumsfeld Personifies Our Society
  • Putting Resources Into the Single-Payer Movement -- Now More than Ever
  • The War Against Poets and Adjuncts: Is Obamacare Enough?
  • So Many Ways Corporations Kill People -- GM Robbed Us and Risked Our Lives