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National Geographic News
Tue Jul 29 01:47:28 2014 GMT

  • Fatal Strike a Rarity in "Lightning Proof" Southern California
  • Social Octopus Species Shatters Beliefs About Ocean Dwellers
  • Q&A: Ebola Spreads in Africa—and Likely Will Spread Beyond
  • Asteroid Timing Erased the Dinosaurs?
  • Animals From Space: Polar Bears, Penguins Tracked Via Satellite
  • On the Hundredth Anniversary of the Start of World War I, Remembering the Part Animals Played
  • Amelia Earhart’s 1935 Story on Becoming First to Fly From Hawaii to California
  • How World War I Helps Explain Today's Middle East Bloodshed
  • Q&A: Was Teen Pilot's Tragic Round-the-World Flight Attempt Too Risky?
  • Pictures: Nice Day for a Picnic—a Century of Outdoor Eating Around the World
  • Week's Best Space Pictures: A Cosmic Cluster, a Heavenly Halo, and a Supernova's Ashes
  • Tropical Fish Cause Trouble as Climate Change Drives Them Toward the Poles
  • Q&A: Scientist Studied His Poop for a Year to Learn About Gut Bugs
  • Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered
  • Opinion: It's Time to Stop Thinking That All Non-Native Species Are Evil
  • Video: How (and Why) to Sail a 19th-Century Whaling Ship
  • Dramatic Pictures of Recent Sinkholes Reveal Hazards Lurking Below
  • As Fiery Accidents Pile Up, U.S. Proposes New Rules for Oil Trains