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National Geographic News
Tue Sep 2 13:44:43 2014 GMT

  • Taxi-Sharing Boosts Energy Efficiency, But Will Riders Get on Board?
  • Gap in Diet Quality Between Wealthiest and Poorest Americans Doubles,
  • Newly Discovered Engraving May Revise Picture of Neanderthal Intelligence
  • As California Warms, Greener Mountains Will Mean Less Water for People
  • Century After Extinction, Passenger Pigeons Remain Iconic—And Scientists Hope to Bring Them Back
  • Pictures: On Labor Day, Honoring Workers Around the World
  • Pictures: Volcanoes Erupting Around the World This Week
  • Half of Syrians Displaced: 5 Takeaways From New UN Report
  • Week's Best Space Pictures: A Martian "Footprint," a Fledgling Star, and an Erupting I...
  • Q&A: Were Modern Ideas—and the American Revolution—Born on Ships at Sea?
  • Can Elephants Survive a Legal Ivory Trade? Debate Is Shifting Against It
  • Many Bald Eagles Are Victims of Lead Poisoning, But This One Got Intensive Careb
  • Ancient DNA Sheds New Light on Arctic's Earliest People
  • Wild Birds' Songs, Feather Colors Changed by Mercury Contamination
  • 20 New Coral Species Listed as Threatened Under the Endangered Species
  • Maritza Morales Casanova: Saving Mexico's Environment Through Children
  • "Spooky" Quantum Entanglement Reveals Invisible Objects
  • Iraqi Christians Weigh Taking Up Arms Against the Islamic State