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Wed Jun 4 22:45:38 2014 GMT

  • Promise 516: After ignoring provision about notifying Congress of Guantanamo detainee transfers, thi...
  • Promise 1104: New EPA proposal puts this promise back in play
  • Promise 304: Obama administration goes beyond its original promise
  • Promise 1096: Obama announces plan to end combat operations this year
  • Promise 114: Rated broken in 2012, wait times now back in the headlines
  • Promise 112: Long wait times overshadow other accomplishments
  • Promise 510: FCC proposal moves forward, not set in stone
  • Promise 510: After a court ruling and a new FCC proposal, a Promise Kept unravels, at least for now
  • Promise 203: Progress on a framework, but trust shattered by Snowden revelations
  • Promise 1107: Since he made this promise in 2012, exports aren't on a pace to double
  • Promise 1115: The unit has been created, but we're waiting on its results
  • Promise 1110: 'Privatizers' aren't exactly on the warpath, but Obama reiterates pledge
  • Promise 1114: Budget proposal shows Obama is still fighting for it, despite lack of interest in Cong...
  • Promise 1116: Initiative hasn't gone far in Congress, but Obama is still pushing for it
  • Promise 177: Small but tangible progress moves the meter off of Promise Broken
  • Promise 22: Obama's 'myRA' plan means progress on IRA enrollment
  • Promise 426: Better protection for most, but not the intelligence community
  • Promise 291: Senate moves ahead on measure to stop job discrimination against gays and lesbians