How do you get anarchism?

Just refusing to accepting things is a start. Our existing system is based on a con with a minority of people bullying, bribing and cajoling us. We don't have to buy into their system. When offered the immortal 'conservative' or 'progressive' choice, laugh at both of them. People who don't vote are making a positive choice and our number is increasing. In Britain and the USA, there are more people who refused to vote than those who voted for any leader. More and more, people are realising that the problem is not that the 'wrong' leader got in. The problem is this idea of the political leader in the first place.

When told that 'this is the way things have always been done' acknowledge your doubts. When you're repeatedly told that we are incapable of running our own lives, look at the type of people making those claims and what's in it for them. People who can't run their own lives gravitate to running other peoples. The only thing they deserve is our contempt.

From that we go to taking control of our own lives. Pushing the managers and the politicians and the priests and the experts to one side. Anyone who tells us that 'this is the way things have to be' is history. There's a power and a force and a creativity in every individual that just needs to be released. From a world where a minority 'knows best' (and does very well out of it), to a world where everyone creates and shapes their own experience is not a big step away.

I'm not setting out a blueprint. I know what I want for the community where I live: needs of bored teenagers addressed, traffic constrained, rubbish sorted and estate agents executed. But this is one agenda amongst millions. To be free you have to know what to do. I want to work with people who have their own agendas. It's the individual agenda that should count, not some imposed model masquerading as the collective agenda.

What would this mean for you? Your imagination is the tool that counts. We can build new worlds.[1]




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