"The enormous power of WikiWords is that they function as words. That allows you to frame very complex statements in a very concise language, and to say things whose subtext can be supplied and altered communally, and non-locally in time. This makes explicit a key attribute of UniversalMind."WikiWord

A WikiWord is any word containing at least two upper case letters separated by at least one lower case letter. These words are automatically treated as links by the wiki, and link to the named page if it exists, or if it doesn't exist a link to create the page will follow the word as a literal question mark.

Smashing words together, also known as CamelCase, is a controversial technique. It's the original wiki way of catalyzing creative expression through language creation.


AvoidClutterLinksBe careful when making LinkPatterns. Use them sparingly: hyperlinks distract readers from what you are trying to say...In particular, avoid RedundantLinks, ShallowPages, unnecessary WantedPages, and WikiBadges.

These pagenames are the essence of our thoughts forming a local language.PagenamesAreAbbreviations