In the midst of historical aftershocks in the social and public sphere there are many possibilites to engage in the overarching memetic pool of the collective consciouss/unconscioussness.

The corporate agenda and the perpetual marketing machine seem to have taken to much controll over the archetypeal energy and drives the perpetual models that we all know to loath, the hiearchy driven plottedness of circuit 3- overdose. Is there not space out there that could be used for much more interesting things than getting 'news' on the latest and greatest fads of the historical stock and adverts for toothpaste?

Thea idea is that public space belongs to us all and is not to the behest of the markeeters to do as they wish with. The public space that surrounds us admist our cities, media, and wherever we might look to find a surface capable of reflections is a powerfull tool because it touches us all.

This is culture jamming, poetic terrorism, meme-warefare, and information disruption. of any other pop word you might ascribe. the point is to unleash non-local information of esoteric, psychedelic, and conscuiouss expanding metaphors back into the public space and facilite cross-pollination in the collective conscioussness.

Notice that there is no 'messeanger' behind these creations. This an delibrate tactic to counter the learned defencemechanism of contemporary man which is prone to dismiss information based on source awareness. Without a messenger, the observer of this information has but it's own associations to reflect upon and interact with.

These are A4 papers in B&W ment for the public space. these are diminshed, contact me if you want the fullsize versions. /divstah on #chat