Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction

by: User/Pkeffect

Evles indicated using 28 grams dried mixed cubensis chopped and placed into jar.

Began by soaking in pure grain (everclear) 190 proof alcohol. Finely chopped mushrooms in jar.

Then the jar sat in warm water bath for 7 hours. This was done by placing a rag in the bottom of a pan and filling it up with some water.

Placing the jar of soaking fungi on the rag in the water and bringing the heat up slowly.

Straining and squeezing the fungal matter 3 times. Saving the broth each time. Filtering many times while hot. Through coffee filters.

The combined strainings were then added back to the heat bath and brought up to almost a boil.

Finally reduced a bit then began evaping.

The elves told me they wanted to pour off the darker pure grain and wash the crystals in some fresh everclear while they are frozen.

Put into final resting place and add just enough fresh everclear to keep the crystals covered to store in the freezer.

The elves said that was a dime in the background and that they harvested approximately 4 times that amount from the 28 grams of fungus.

They (elves) impress me so.

For matters pressing the elves induced me into what they described as a 30mg vaporized crystal experience. It came on about 1 minute 30 seconds into the induction. The initial rush was more profound than vaporized DMT experiences but not as intense as 5meodmt vaporized. The visual aspect was that of DMT and maybe even a bit more, hard to say, there was much going on.

Auditory and physical symptoms persisted throughout the 20 minute peaking experience. The come down was much like the downside of oral administration or fungi. After effects persisted for about 30 - 40 minutes after peak.

All in all the elves have stumbled upon something wonderful and overall overwhleming.


Ask Dr. Shulgin Online

ARCHIVE: March 5, 2003

Psilocybe Mushroom Extractions

Dear Dr. Shulgin:

A friend of mine performed a Soxhlet extraction of 12 grams of powdered Psilocybe cubensis, using 95% ethanol. When the 60 mL of extract cooled to room temperature, many small transparent, colorless crystals had formed on the bottom of the container and did not redissolve on agitation. Do you know what these crystals are? — Journeyman

Dear Journeyman:

There is a fascinating report in the literature that gives a quantitative measurement of the efficiency of extraction of both psilocybin and psilocin from the mushroom Psilocybe bohemica. The citation to the article is Kysilka, R. and Wurst, M., Planta Med. Vol. 56 pp. 327-328 (1990). These Czechoslovakian scientists studied the efficiency of both methanol and ethanol as solvents, each containing varying amounts of water. The results were, to me, both unexpected and most provocative.

The isolation of psilocybin seemed to be quite reasonable. This alkaloid is reasonably soluble in boiling water from which it can be nicely crystallized. It is less soluble in boiling methanol, and almost insoluble in boiling ethanol. And the extraction efficiency is optimum with methanol and almost as good with ethanol. With both, the less water present, the better. The compound is, after all, a perfect example of a zwitterion, the internal salt of a phosphoric acid and an amine base.

But the numbers with psilocin are strange. With aqueous ethanol, the optimum extraction was with a 70% ethanol concentration, and the extraction efficiency dropped almost to zero when there was no water present. But methanol was extremely inefficient regardless of the amount of water present in it. These researchers were apparently surprised by these findings, as they explored further and uncovered other clues. Time is a factor. Psilocin is extracted at a much slower rate than is psilocybin because it is contained intracellularly in the plant, and thus slower to be gotten out. They conclude that many of the low psilocin assays of mushrooms are due to this difficulty of getting the alkaloid out of the plant and into the extracting solvent. Using this information they determined that the levels of psilocybin and psilocin are substantially the same in Psilocybe bohemica, in conflict with the published literature values where very small amounts of psilocin were observed.

Efficient extraction apparently requires patience.

As to the identity of the crystals that were drifting around in the cooled Soxhlet receiver, from their being insoluble in ethanol, and white, and transparent, I would guess that you are seeing pure psilocybin.

— Dr. Shulgin

Psilocybin and Psilocin Extraction

MAGIC LIQUEUR - the ultimate trip - update

From: (now defunct)

Crystals precipitated in 190 proof "Everclear" left beaker extract from 16 grams dried shrooms right tube extract from 9 grams dried fungi THE PSILOCYBIN PRODUCERS GUIDE by Adam Gottlieb 1976


Crumble and pulverize the dried mycelial material and combine each 100 mgof this material with 10 ml of methanol. Place the flask in a hot waterbath for four hours. Filter the liquids with suction through a filter paperin a buchner funnel with Celite to prevent clogging. Collect and save thefiltrate liquids. Heat the slurry (the mush in the filter paper) two moretimes in methanol as before, filter, and accumulate the liquids of the threeextractions. To be certain that all of the alkaloids have been extracted doa small extraction with a portion of the used slurry and test with Keller'sreagent (glacial acetic acid, ferrous chloride, and concentrated sulfuricacid). If there is a violet indication, alkaloids are still present andfurther extraction is in order.

In an open beaker evaporate the liquids to total dryness with a hot waterbath or by applying a hair dryer. Be certain that all traces of methanolhave been removed. The remaining residue should contain 25-50 percentpsilocybin/psilocin mixture. Greater purification can be achieved, but wouldrequire other solvents and chromatography equipment and is hardly necessary.

Each 100 grams of dried mycelium should yield about 2 grams of extractedmaterial. This should contain at least 500 mg of psilocybin/psilocin mixedor about fifty 10 mg doses. Theoretically psilocin should have the sameeffect upon the user as psilocybin. The only difference between the two isthat the later has a phosphate bond which disappears immediately afterassimilation in the body. In other words, in the body psilocybin turns intopsilocin. Psilocybin is a fairly stable compound, but psilocin is verysusceptible to oxidization. It is best to keep the extracted material in adry air tight container under refrigeration. A sack of silica-gel can beplaced in the container to capture any moisture that may enter.


The standard dose of psilocybin or psilocin for a 150 lb person is a6-20 mg dose. We will figure the average dose as 10 mg. The crude alkaloidextraction process given here yields a brownish crystalline powder that isat least 25 percent pure. Each mason jar should contain at least 50 gramsof wet mycelium. After drying this would be about 5 grams of material. Thecrude material extracted from this should contain 25-30 mg of psilocybin/psilocin or roughly 2-3 hits. This yield may very to some extent dependingupon several factors. Many of these species contain less of these alkaloidsthan dose Psilocybe cubensis and the alkaloidal content of this species mayvery in different strains. Cultivation conditions have alot to do with yieldtoo. Higher temperatures (75 degrees F.) cause more rapid growth but lesserpsilocybin content than do lower temperatures (70 degrees F.) One must testeach new batch of extracted material to determine the proper distributionof dosages. Depending on the potency of the mycelia and how well the extraction was conducted the dose may range between 25 and 100 mg. Alsobear in mind that the dose varies for different individuals.


Paul Stamets - 1996 - book - "PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS of the WORLD".

Quote - page 50-51 "Another method I have seen is to soakcrushed mushrooms in 75+% ethanol. AFter two to threedays, the roughage can be filtered, leaving a dark-blue elixir that can be decanted accordingly. Forevery fresh 5 grams of mushrooms, 25-30 millilitersof alcohol is recommended. Psilocybin and psilocindissolve into this solven, and the alcohol also actsas a preservative. I really don't have much experiencewith this technique, but have talked to people who sayit is their preferred method. Some call this "blue juice."

PF TEK SHROOM EXTRACTION update - December 28 2002

This technique describes how to extract psilocybin from magic mushrooms with pure 190 proofethyl alcohol and make a magic mushroom liqueur of concentrated psilocybin to effect a powerfulpsychedelic dose as potent as desired. The entire process involves only the shrooms and alcohol.The alcohol is untainted with chemicals and poisons because it can be easily acquired from a liquor store (United States) either over the counter (in some states) or with a special permit (most states - see end of article section - "procuring 190 proof ethyl alcohol from a liquor store").


1. Acquire quality psilocybe cubensis shrooms (harvested before or just as the veils open andcool dried with desiccant). The more shrooms used in the beginning, the more potent theconcentration can be when finished. Use at least several grams of dried shroom material to makethe process worthwhile and effective. The shrooms need to be thoroughly dry (rock hard) to allowpulverization. To pulverize the shrooms, put them into a small strong zip lock plastic bag (freezer bag), cover the bag with a magazine (for protection of the bag) and pound it with the rubber heel of a large shoe. Or, powder them in a small canister type coffee bean grinder.

In a heat resistant soaking vessel (pyrex glass), combine the shroom powderwith several times its volume with 190 proof Everclear (ethanol). Thisis the "slurry". Place the soaking vessel in a pan of boiling water. Raisingthe soaking vessel off the bottom of the hot water pan is a good ideafor preventing serious sticking of the good extracts. The slurry willstart to boil. Turn the water boiling pan heat down and let the slurry sit for a few hoursat a warm-hot temp. Alcohol boils at a lower temp than water. Watchthe temperatures closely. Things can get totally out of hand and ruinedvery quickly without close attention paid.

While the slurry is still hot, filter it through filter paper. This is probablythe most important part. A good filtration will be efficient and will keep most of the shroom material out, making for a clean extraction (clean ofshrooms that is - but heavy on psilocybin). A small lab type vacuum pumppowered bottle top filtering funnel with filter disk holder makes it all reallyeasy and fast, with little waste. That is why this extraction idea isreally only for the fanatics.

Collect and save the filtrate liquids. Heat the slurry (the mush in the filter paper)one or two more times with the 190 proof as before, filter, and accumulate the liquids of the extractions. The photos at the top are of extractions donetwice.

Inexpensive dust-pollen masks make excellent filters for the slurry. These are available at hardware, drug and paint stores. They are usually white or tan colored, fit over the nose and mouth and are held on to the face by a rubber band attached to the filter. Fashion the filter over the mouth of a drinking glass. Squeeze the filter and slurry to extract the alcohol. There are many details to deal with, but doing it once reveals them all. Experience is the best teacher. Store the extracted alcohol in a fresh bottle.


Combine the alcohol extracts into a glass. Place a small electric fan (small desk clip on fans are perfect) near the glass and point the air flow directly down into the glass until the surface of the alcohol ripples. This will speed the evaporation and concentration. The process will take several hours. The more alcohol extract - the longer the evaporation time. As the alcohol evaporates and the level recedes down into the glass, wash the residue that adheres to the inside of the glass back into the solution. Any fumes that are generated will be harmless because the alcohol is a non poisonous drinkable spirit. Keep flames away from the solution - pure alcohol is very flammable.

One can also use heat to evaporate and concentrate the elixir. Use a double boiler type of setup to heat and evaporate off the alcohol to concentrate the elixir.

The concentrated shroom liqueur will have a pungent mushroomy aroma (like fungiperfume). Also, a white crystalline kind of precipitate will form in the alcohol elixir (seeabove photo). Store it in small screw cap bottles or vials in the freezer. Alcohol doesn'tfreeze solid and will remain liquid. PROCURING 190 PROOF ETHYL ALCOHOL ("Everclear" - "Golden Grain" ect) FROM A LIQUOR STORE

First, call a well stocked liquor store and ask if they have 190 proof ethyl alcohol. Full service liquor stores supply hospitals and laboratories with 190 - 200 proof ethyl alcohol.

If a permit is needed, call the state liquor board (usually in the State Capital) and ask for anapplication to get an ethyl alcohol permit. The fee is 5 or 10 dollars. On the application will be a question asking what the use of the alcohol will be. Write what they more or less want to hear. State that the use of the alcohol will be for "non-toxic surface sterilizing plus herb extraction - preservation - tincture - and perfume making" (or something to that effect). The poison warnings on the alcohol bottles and this idiotic red tape are just bureaucratic nonsense that results in the state making a big fat bundle off of the sale.


      * shrooms
      * 190 proof ethyl alcohol (GOLDEN GRAIN - EVERCLEAR ect)
      * Pyrex glass wide mouth slurry soaking vessel
      * funnel and filtering set up - or
      * dust-pollen masks
      * small desk fan

Here are some important guidlines for right now! There is one thing about magic shrooms that is universal.Anyone that you know that has taken magic shrooms will tellyou one thing, if asked, and that is that the shroomswere were hard on the stomach. They make most peoplesick, at the least, temporarily, and some get very sick.What makes for the sickness, is that these magic shroomsare not easy to digest. It is the stomachs reaction todifficult to digest food that is the sickness. So theygoal would be to elliminate the stomach, or by pass it.These extraction teks can do that. By making the extractvery potent and using good filtration technique, theproduct can be consumed by mouth so that the salivaand the mucous membranes in the mouth do most of the job.So when anything of the extract reached the stomach, it isbasically digested leaving the stomach with nothing to dowhich results in no stomach upset - just the trip. Thisis the greatest idea in magic shroom history. To elliminatethe ugly physical effects is a real godsend. It makesit all totally superb and beyond any known psychedelicin entheogenic quality and potency.

1. Use warm-hot temps when soaking the initial slurry (shroom-alki).Use the hot water bath idea from the Gottlieb tek below. Avoidhot bottomed slurry soak vessels. The good stuff can bake onand stick very easily.

2. A good filter is a must. Lab quality filter paper helps for a cleaner extract (less shroom stuff). The fanatic should get a little bottle top vacuum filtering funnel with a hand squeeze vacuum pump and fine slow flow filteringpapers. (science supply - not cheap - but affordablefor the fanatics - look for the 47 millimeter filtersized set ups - small but perfect for this).

3. When filtering the slurry, do it while it is hot.

4. The crystals when heated in the initial slurry are free basemolecules. In the final liqueur on cool down, the free basemolecules will coalesce and form crystals. It takes a day ortwo for the process to be complete. The smaller the finalamount of liqueur, the easier it is for the molecules to meeteach other and combine. When you get your final magic liqueur,the free base psilocybin will coaslesce and form whitish crystals.At first they might look like whitish glue, but they transform insolution to hard crystals.

5. The final elixir will have a layer of crystalson the bottom of the storage vessel. The freebase Psilocybinmolecules come together fast in the cool alcohol. When it is time for dosage, reheat the crystal liqueurin its storage vessel in a pot of hot water. Boil theliqueur and stir and scrape deposits from the glassas the liqueur boils lightly. Alcohol boils at a lower temperaturethan water. Keep the storage vessel off the bottom of the boiling water pot.Direct heat is very bad for the elixir, making it stick.As the liqueur boils, the crystals will remelt with time. The large particles of the crystals can be crushed with a long needle probe to hurryup the process. When the crystals are gone, administer themagic liqueur while it is HOT. Using a syringe enablesuniformity and accuracy of the doseages. The hot liqueurquickly becomes cloudy on slight cooling. So a hottemp of the liqueur with remelted crystalsis important for accurate dosage administration.Or the crystals can be dried and used as they are!

6. Or, the crystalline extract can be completely dried by placing the elixir container in front ofa small fan to get most of the liquid out. To complete the drying, desiccant is recommended. Place the small vessel of liquid extract into a larger jar with quality desiccant. It takesseveral days to complete drying, but the final crystalline substance is very dry, loose, and canbe weighed and worked with very easily.

7. TEK personalization through experience is what happens to anyonetrying this. DOSAGE and STORAGE Getting crystals is really moot. I think the following schemefor dosing and storage is the only way to go. With this way,one doesn't have to deal with the problems of crystalizationand other things related. Plus, the dry crystals would be much more prone to potency loss if left dry. If they arein an alcohol solution, that would be better for preservation.

As an example, one can start with 20 grams of dried shrooms.After the filtration of the hot slurry, the resultant liqueurshould be put into an evaporation vessel and with a fan blowingair across the mouth of the vessel, the liqueur should be evaportateddown to about 50 milliliters. Then, in a double boiler, heat thesmall amount of liqueur to put the crystals and extract back intoa cloudy solution. Then while it is hot, dispense 10 cc of theliqueur into waiting small storage jars with watertight caps. Eachsmall jar is allowed to cool, the cap is put on and the jar isplaced into the freezer for storage. Then when it is time to trip,the desired jars are removed from the freezer, allowed to warm toroom temps, the lids taken off, a small fan set up blowing airacross the jars mouths and the liquere evaporated off to a manageble"hit". The small jars then become adminstration "spoons" - wherethe entire contents (alcohol - water - and extract) can bepolished off with the tongue.


Many years ago PF experimented with alcoholextraction of dried magic shroom material. To makethe story short, PF found the crystals. But, PFdidn't mention that when PF wrote the PF mushroom extraction tek and puplished it in thePF TEK book (1996) and posted it at this website.

PF has monitored the WEB for 7yearsand has seen no posts concerning this easy way to extract and seriously concentratethe shrooms magic. PF has always said that thisextraction tek solves the "problems" ofimpotent or mediocre magic shrooms.

Then, finally, these posts have appeared at the MYCOTOPIA interactive myco hobbiest web site: SEARCHER

By Searcher (Novice) on Saturday, November 16, 2002 - 06:29 pm: Edit

My most exciting piece of beginner's luck came when I got rid of some cakes that seemed stalled in their development (and/or had really uneven surface colonization) by splitting up and drying the mycelium for use in place of mushroom dust to create the liquer described in the following link:

By letting the resulting liquer continue to dry out, I wound up with amber colored crystals that could be crushed and placed in gel caps. A few hundred milligrams of this extract sent a curious fruend of mine into orbit, and now he's been bugging the shit out of me to butcher ALL of my cakes to concentrate on this extract and forget about trying to grow shrooms. He claims the trips he got were much "cleaner" (whatever that means) and that the stuff certainly tastes better than the shrooms themselves. By Searcher (Novice) on Monday, November 18, 2002 - 05:05 am: Edit

As I recall, there were about 6 or 7 jarsthat seemed to have good mycelial development, but colonization was very uneven, or so slow, that I abandoned them to put better jars in my grow chamber. Rather than just tossing out the slow jars, I decided to break them up and try Prof PF's extraction technique. By the way, the alcohol seemed to absorb a lot of water from the air - it no longer smelled of alcohol, and the drying process slowed down a lot just before the amber tar and then the crystals appeared. I used no heat, but kept a large fan blowing on the liquid over a large, shallow cookie sheet. By Searcher (Novice) on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 - 12:53 pm: Edit

Behold, cystals - little white snowflakes - just using 99% isopropyl--- By Searcher (Novice) on Sunday, December 08, 2002 - 02:55 pm: Edit

Here are the results from my first methanol soak:

Yielded 3.85 grams of crystals from 8 ounces of mycelium. But wait, there's more! Remember we're doing three, consecutive soaks. Looks like we'll be getting even more residues out of soaks 2 & 3:

Miscellaneous notes on the methanol: You'll note that this residue us lighter in color than residue gleaned from the water soaks. Also, this residue comes out dryer - no intermediate "tar" stage.

By Searcher (Novice) on Sunday, December 22, 2002 - 07:46 am: Edit

Almost any liquid will extract something from the shrooms themselves or the mycelium. Even water will work, producinga brown syrup that can be dried into a sticky tar. Only the acetone was a bust in extracting the magic - but it does extract some other crud that might make it a good pre-wash for more seriousextractions. Recapping the results of the tests using other spirits,99% isopropyl, 151 proof ethyl alcohol, and 99.9% methanol - methanolwas the hands down winner for getting the crystals. Once the pretty white crystals have dried, they can be re-dissolved in grain alcohol for a potent elixer. The crystals tend to absorb water from the air unless they are kept in a heavily dessicated chamber. TECHNO-HIPPIE By Techno-hippie (Technohippie) on Sunday, December 22, 2002 - 04:58 pm: Edit

I tested my 20g dried shroom, 24cc Solution. AWESOME is all i got to say I had one of the BEST trips ever. We started with 1cc each and started feeling the effects almost immediately. Within 10min we where having the full level 1 experience. We decided to take another CC, Took us to level 2.... Within 10 min. By this time it was hard to keep track of time. But we did 1 more CC and that was all we needed.

NO unpleasent side effects... No upset stomach, or dizziness... nothing negative. It was VERY euphoric, very clear. We were tripping hard, yet we could think very clearly. Couldn't always speak clearly but the thoughts were profound and clear. The visuals where awesome.... everything was so alive and beautiful. The moon was full... so that made for a magical evening.

The greatest thing about the extract was the control we had over the dosage. Each dosage was equal with magic content. Unlike when you eat the shrooms themselves where the magical content will be different from shroom to shroom. So, dosage isn't quite as accurate. I've split a bag of shrooms with a friend before and got off way more than he did... on the same shrooms. With the extract we both knew we were getting the same amount.

I've had tea, chocolate shrooms, cooked with magic.. even psycedellic coffee, and this is by far the best method of consumption. I will be testing how long the extract lasts in potentcy.

I had this in the freezer for a week... and it was still very potent.

Anyway guys... there is my experience with the liquid. Freakin awesome!

Thank you PROF and Searcher for bringing that tech. out to mycotopia. I've never heard of liquid shrooms until now! WOW!

I'll post my other experiments with this in time.

Peace & Light to all!!