"no fight: no blame." - tao te ching, chapt. 8

Psychic aikido is the application of the philosophy of martial arts and physical combat to the realm of psychic combat, or the battle of ideas.

Like physical aikido, psychic aikido uses the opposition's own momentum and techniques against itself. The accomplished practitioner of psychic aikido is adept at quickly assessing an individual's character/neurolinguistic code/reality model, discerning game rules among large and small groups, spotting cultural trends, identifying successful infection strategies and techniques for engineering memes.

What distinguishes psychic aikido from other, more formal systems of interaction is its selfless detatchment to personal aesthetiques. At it's core, psychic aikido is about getting results in the most effective and efficient way possible. It is not a fully developed artistic expression of the individual, rather, it is a strategic method which, if one so chooses to, can be employed to help disseminate one's own artistic expression. In other words, psychic aikido is not a style - it's a meta-principle.

Prerequisites for successful implementation of psychic aikido include, but are not limited to: balanced awareness, focused-centeredness, relaxed-focus, strength and (re)flexibility.