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The rhizome itself assumes very diverse forms, from ramified surface extension in all directions to concretion into bulbs and tubers. The rhizome includes the best and the worst: potato and couchgrass, or the weed. (Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, in : Mille Plateaux / A Thousand Plateaus, 1980 )

This quote from the book »A Thousand Plateaus« by the french philosopher G. Deleuze and the psychoanalyst F. Guattari, which forms the second part of their capitalism and Schizophrenia duo (the first part being Anti-Œdipus) is the main notion that marks the purpose of the existence of an austrian art institution, a collective of multimedia artists, that named itself RHIZOM (»Rhizom« being a german word for rhizome). RHIZOM


Wedged between the patrician buildings of the city centre and the upper-class houses of the outer districts (and not to forget the architecturalised transport hub called Jackson), the narrow Jakoministraße is home to a microcosm of small businesses, shops, and restaurants. And small houses. So far.