Whats the idea for this page? If we want to discuss wiki pages its best to use the talk pages (like this) or even the forum. This helps as we sign our contributions to talk pages and its obvious who said what on the forums so that means we can follow the flow of any debate and add to it. See http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ThreadMode and http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?DocumentMode for more info.

Now that these distracting images have been added its hard to tell who said what and this article is now just noise imo. I do think a page on mega corps would be of interest to us however I dont see why we should stop at wal mart (see this page and search around about weyerhaeuser for example). Glandmaster

I was the one that did a lot of the changes on there. The wal-mart entry has been chaos from the beginning. I think the page should be wiped and the topic of the problem of wal-mart addressed in a coherent manner. The topic of conglomerates definitely shouldn't stop at walmart.. but wal-mart should be singled out for being the archetypal model for such a economic disease. memetic alchemy

I agree with your points - both about the wiki and wal mart. I will have a look around for something to add but as this isnt really my area of interest I hope someone else will jump in too. Glandmaster