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Chapter 3: Darkmoor

In the next article we will review the Upper Four Circuits.


Between the lower and upper circuits lies a place of uncertainty and fear. It has many names but the CyberNaut refers to this place as Darkmoor. When the individual, through life's events or dedicated study, learns of the existence of newer, better states of mind there typically follows with a time of uncertainty.

Why do I feel this way? Am I crazy? Will I get in trouble? What about my family and friends? Will they shun me? What if they do? These are all typical questions we ask ourselves. Mine was 'Am I demon posessed?' Unfortuantely some 10 years ago I struggled against the flow. I fought myself in Darkmoor. I became a victim of my own fearful projections. I became obsessed with the fear of demonic possession. I was trapped in Darkmoor for ten long years.

We feel comfortable in our four circuit lives. Yet some internal pressure drives us onward toward newer lands. CyberCraft teaches us that what drives us is into Darkmoor is our genetic heritage. This is something we are completely unable to constrain or withhold. Struggling against it is about as effective as the young teen struggling against their awakening sexuality. And indeed ignoring the arousal brings on increased states of emotional dis-ease.

Many of the neo-Pagan aficionados have already experienced this time of uncertainty and proceeded. Goddess religion helps us to realize that circuit two and four religious establishments are incomplete because they neglect the body and mind as one unified entity. The universal processes of life reminds us of that unity.

Darkmoor is not a bad place really. It is a time of trying. A time of using new mental and emotional muscles; stretching old ones to newer limits; and of growing new links to the Matrix, Patrus, Lady and Lord. For some folks it is a time of joy and discovery. For others Darkmoor is indeed very dark.

Depending upon one's previous programming a CyberNaut or CyberPriest/ess can recommend some very simple exercises to help the Aspirant to overcome previous mistakes. This author suggests to the Aspirant that quality time while in this area helps to engender quality experiences elsewhere.

Perhaps the best self-integrating rituals would be ones which include teachings which bring awareness of the upper circuits. In fact I can't envision a person who would experience harshness in Darkmoor if they were aware of upper circuit material. However an individual programmed to see advancement as evil or demonic would have one hell of a time in Darkmoor.

Passage through Darkmoor can be fun and exciting. But one must become aware of the upper circuits to navigate effectively through Darkmoor.

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