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From Why Children Should Rebel
by Eugene Khutoryansky

a good example of bad tactics
Our current concept of childhood is a relatively recent invention. Throughout most cultures throughout most of human history, individuals today referred to as "children" had the right to marry, serve in the army, and even act as the head of state.

We can still see remnants of this in ceremonies such as Barmitzvah celebrations practiced by those who follow the Old Testament, though the true purpose of such events has been obscured by today's society. In the Judeo-Christian culture, boys who reached the age of 13 were considered to be full fledged adults, with all the associated rights and responsibilities.

This is a far cry from today's attitudes and practices, where even individuals considerably older than 13 are still not allowed to own property in their own name, enter legal agreements, or have any significant decision making power over how they are to live their lives. Instead, they are entirely at the almost arbitrary mercy of their parents or legal guardians.

This situation is similar to the subordinate legal status women had to their husbands just a few generations ago. It is in effect a form of slavery, though under the supposed belief that this is in the best interest of those who are enslaved. It was only in 1920 that women finally gained the right to vote in the United States. Prior to this date, it was considered outrageous to propose that these "irrational creatures" could be trusted to have a say in governance.

The sad thing about our current state of affairs is not just that a large segment of our population has its rights and freedoms systematically denied, but the fact that our society is routinely denied the contributions of those citizens who potentially have the most to contribute.