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Elemental Notes
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I'm looking for more info on DMT experiences. I've never tried it, but many of the experiences sound to me like ones I've had through yoga and meditation. I'm hoping that there are parallels. Please excuse this post if it sounds disjointed. English is not my mother tongue.

BTW: I suggested to someone on the net that they try DMT with Tibetan chants. (Preferably from Drepung Monastery.) Hopefully, they were able to find the right harmonics, to help them navigate. If they did get the chance, please share the experience, I've lost your email address and am very interested in finding out how it went. And especially, if it helped or not.

I just finished reading the Ayahuasca accounts. They've left me at a loss. Some of it is very familiar, some of it sounds like hokum. The feeling of having had a bowel movement, seems natural and normal. (To Easterners, this could be similar to trying to raise Kundalini.) The field of vision to 2pi steradians also seems normal. But these are just physical. (in the broadest sense.)

On a more etheral level, there is the universal meeting with the gnomes. It is very important at this point to go slowly. Master them. There are many more levels to move to. And it is possible to move to one before one is prepared to walk on it. This can be unsafe. Master each level, just in case you have to drop down one or three, when you get into trouble; and we all do at some point.

After the gnomes, you will encounter the sylphs (or you should), but I never saw anything written about them. They hold out as much temptation as the gnomes do. Even more so. If you can get past them both...well, let's say that if you can work past the gnomes and the sylphs, you will be prepared by definition for battle with the Undines and Salamanders. I'm hoping that someone remembers the Sylphs and can share some of their experiences, although McKenna, did speak of his enchantment with them.

Now the Undines and Salamanders....

There was one account of harmaline, ayahuasca, and freebase DMT. Naughty, naughty boy. How did you like the Undines and Salamanders? This was not a "bad" trip. Just a different part of the same sphere. Remember that every coin has a front and a back. If you haven't mastered the gnomes and sylphs, I wouldn't tangle with Undines and Salamanders. (And vice versa, or same difference twice backwards.) If you are not faint of heart, you fight the gnomes and sylphs, while accepting the Undines and Salamanders, but for this, you must be completely unafraid, and I realize that instinct is to do the opposite. But instinct is going to hinder rather than help you.

But there are ways to get past all of this. (Because the elementals aren't all that important.) First, remember that the elementals are as surprised to see and encounter you as you are to see them. (Try sneaking up on one and saying BOO!!) And don't worry about the ethics of this. They wouldn't be elementals if they could survive at the higher levels. This is a sort of purgatory for them. When you are asked, "Who are you?" Answer truthfully, "A sightseer." And don't even think about souvenirs, you can't bring them through customs anyway. (And please don't pick up any hitchhikers :-)

Experiment a little bit. But remember that you are in the first plane that is contiguous to and below the Material Universe. There is a lot of garbage on this level. And not too many visitors. Think of it as a small town on the interstate. People may stop in for a burger, and to fill up the tank, but then they usually move forward. This is a nice place to "pass through", but you really wouldn't want to overnight it here, would you? Remeber, you are as much of an attraction as they are.

Also, don't be afraid if you come across empty shells, sometimes with really grotesque forms. These are just coccoons, which have been split and are in various states of decay. But, enough about this area. Let's get to the dome.

What happens if you try to rise up?? Do you hit the ceiling?? No. The ceiling isn't there!!! The only thing that keeps you at the lower levels are the amusements (some of which are not amusing) which are thrown your way. But the ceiling does keep elementals from rising!! So you leave them in their world. Just remember that on the way back down, you'll have to traverse this first sphere, and while the dome keeps elementals from rising, no floor keeps them from falling.

I thought the best line in all of the writings was "How the fuck am I supposed to wipe, when my asshole keeps disappearing?!?!" This had me bursting out in peals of laughter. Can you imagine, you were about to enter, a place where almost no one has ventured, a place where you will have to confront your very essence, where the risk and rewards are beyond your wildest imaginations. A place that will alter you. And you were worried about whether you had wiped. (Aren't the gnomes, devilish??) *grin*

It's strange, the topography the writings described was oh so familiar, and yet, I haven't seen it through ingesting any substances. I am hoping that the experiences I've had mesh with those of people who've tried DMT. There's only one big problem as I see it. The experiences are supra-rational, and rationality somehow takes away from it. Very often, when I travel, I'm at a loss for words to share the experience. But then someone else's words bring out and bring back words of my own.

And on that note, Peace be with you, Inshallah,

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