"The reason why I'm giving him attention is because I see them sapping energy from the radical left."

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"How an anti-immigrant, anti-liberal, anti-democratic lunatic became somehow accepted on any level with the left is just completely bizarre to me. This is what makes left-wing people's alliance with Jones so tragic: They mistake his current anti-government rhetoric for some kind of generalized anti-authoritarian kind of principles but...Jones is a massive champion of capitalism and of private property and is anti-democratic. Jones will use the word "corporate" a lot and I think people mistake that for some kind of anti-capitalist rhetoric but he's pro-capitalist."

"Jones also regularly mocks environmental causes. He basically sees any environmental claim that impedes upon private-property as a lie or part of the new world order. He believes that oil can never run out. He believes that the Kyoto protocol is part of the new world order conspiracy. He doesn't believe in global warming."

"Left-wing people should have absolutely nothing to do with Alex Jones or anyone who would associate with him and this includes the Loose Change kids and the frickin Zeitgeist movie and all that crap."

"psychological warfare against the libertarian left by parasitic right-wing third positionists who advocate anti-Semitism, racialist nationalism, schizophrenic masonic/Illuminati conspiracy theories, anti-feminism, and totalitarian-minded moral crusades, whose leaders sell this madness and disinformation to live comfortably"Retaliate Against Alex Jones’ Treacherous Psychological Warfare!

Retaliate Against Alex Jones’ Treacherous Psychological Warfare!