"The regulation of sexuality is the gateway into undermining secular democracy...using morality as the criterion for governance rather than secular pluralism."

Quotes from America's War on Sex by Dr. Marty Klein:

Nowhere in our founding documents is there any mention of regulating anything considered immoral, disgusting, or sinful. In fact, the U.S. was founded on the idea that people could choose what to do and with whom to associate based on their personal values and ideals—not those of a king, feudal lord, or religious hierarchy. Nor even, as James Madison, declared, a tyrannical majority in their own town, state, or country.

When our fellow citizens say they want to eliminate entertainment, fashion, medical technology, bedroom activity, and businesses that are "immoral" or "sinful," they are calling for a dramatic shift in American law. Such major changes in the rules of American life would bring us far closer to modern Saudi Arabia, the former Soviet Union, Taliban-era Afghanistan, and Nazi Germany.

Those who fear and hate sexuality ("erotophobes") are attacking those who appreciate or tolerate sexuality ("erotophiles"). And while erotophiles are not attempting to force erotophobes to live more sexually adventurous lives, erotophobes insist that both sides—everyone—live according to their erotophobic values...

It's a war against sex: sexual expression, sexual exploration, sexual arrangements, sexual privacy, sexual choice, sexual entertainment, sexual health, sexual imagination, sexual pleasure...

The goal of this war is to control sexual expression, colonize sexual imagination, and restrict sexual choices.