Terence McKennaSyntax of Psychedelic Time, 1983

11:53 "There’s no question but what the human imagination has taken to itself so much power that it no longer can remain on the surface of the planet. We sort of have to part company with the planet for our own good and for its [own good]."

14:15 "I think that the old evolutionary model, which was that evolution was the struggle of the fittest, and the devil take the hindmost, is pretty much discredited. And we now understand that what is maximized in evolution is not the sharpness of the fang or the length of the claw, but the ability to cooperate with other species, harmoniously. That’s what’s being maximized. … Humans are a perverse lot, and I suppose what one can reasonably hope for is incremental advances toward the good."

16:02 Terence begins talking about Ketamine. [NOTE: He is talking about injecting Ketamine, NOT snorting it, which is a more recent phenomenon.]

17:19 "It’s [Ketamine] a troubling psychedelic, because a lot of people, I think, are doing it who have never done any other, and I think that would be very, very misleading."

19:09 "On Ketamine your definitions dissolve so completely that it’s a major accomplishment to realize that you’re a human being on a drug."

22:39 [Regarding synthetic vs. natural substances] "I’ve always taken the position that it was important that the psychedelic have a relationship to a plant."

25:31 "I am Oss and my brother is Oeric. … When we wrote that, that was straight transcription. That’s what the mushroom said." [Referring to their underground classic, "Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide".

26:56 "The mushroom has this peculiar ability to invoke, or allow, or trigger a voice in the head, this logos-like phenomenon of information unrolling in your head. No other drug that I’m familiar with does that consistently."

37:52 "What freedom means is you find out how good you are by discovering what you do when you have the power to destroy yourself, and we as a species are in that position and no one can do it but us. And if we do not destroy ourselves, then very obviously the intellectual tools that we have taken in hand are the tools which will send us out to the stars."

49:57 "Science did work better in the 19th century than it’s working in the 20th because reality is slowly slipping through its fingers."