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    +++'''Cognition Factor''' (the movie), is a full-blown CGI/3D construct, a new way of presenting word, picture, music and opinion as visual Videx:language.+++
    Videx:Cognition Factor stitches live conversations with [Deoxy:mckenna.htm Terence McKenna], brother Dennis McKenna, along with Ralph Videx:Abraham, Rupert Videx:Sheldrake, Ralph Videx:Metzner, Alex Videx:Grey, and twenty more of the top thinkers of our times, into the plot. It's a narrated gonzo Videx:documentary, showcast inside a Videx:3D landscape backed by original compositions from top musicians like Dr. Lx Paterson, Dom Beken and Phil Le Gonedic, of The Videx:ORB, Merv Pepler <no>(EatStatic/Ozrik Tentacles), Colin Angus & Matt Catt (The Shamen/Pablo_Sandoz), Steve Hillage (System 7), brought together by South African ambient composer, performer and originator, Mike Martin - Indidginus.</no>
    ]]] Scheduled for international release in 2009. ]]]
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    #MAGIC Videx q=cognition+factor

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