Aldous and I would give a (LSD) session to a friend or someone who wanted and the preparation for a session was very very careful. The day before we didnt do anything we just fixed the house very quietly, the day of the session there was nothing except that and even the day after; so there was a three day thing because as Aldous wrote in Island the session is a gratuitous grace. Its what you take away from there. A gratuitous grace, something thats given to you for nothing, not that you merit it you just are lucky and get it but what you do with it afterwards is what counts.
Laura Archera Huxley
27:50 Hoffmans Potion

'Liberation,' Dr Robert began again, 'the ending of sorrow, ceasing to be what you ignorantly think you are and becoming what you are in fact. For a little while, thanks to the moksha medicine, you will know what its like to be in fact what you are, and in fact you always have been. What a timeless bliss! But like everything else, this timelessness is transient. Like everything else, it will pass. And when it has passed, what will you do with this experience? And what will you do with all the similar experiences that the moksha medicine will bring you in the years to come? Will you merely enjoy them as you would enjoy an evening at the puppet show, and then go back to business as usual, back to behaving like the silly delinquents you imagine yourselves to be? Or, having glimpsed, will you devote your lives to the business, not at all as usual, of being what you are in fact? All that we older people can do with our teachings, all that Pala can do for you with its social arrangements, is to provide you with techniques and opportunities. And all that the moksha medicine can do is to give you a succession of beatific glimpses, an hour or two, every now and then, of enlightening and liberating grace. It remains for you to decide whether you'll co operate with the grace and take those opportunities. p164

'Is there any connection,' Will asked, 'between what you've been talking about and what I saw up there in the Shiva temple?' 'Of course there is,' she answered. 'The moksha medicine takes you to the same place you get to in meditation.' 'So why bother to meditate?' 'You might as well ask, why bother to eat your dinner? But according to you the moksha medicine is dinner.' 'Its a banquet,' she said emphatically. 'And thats precisely why there has to be mediation. You cant have banquets every day. They're too rich and they last too long. Besides banquets are provided by a caterer; you dont have any part in the preparation of them. For your everyday diet you have to do your own cooking. The moksha medicine comes as an occasional treat.'

'In theological terms,' said Vijaya, 'The moksha medicine prepares one for the reception of gratuitous graces - premystical visions or the full blown mystical experiences. Meditation is one of the ways in which one co operates with those gratuitous graces. By cultivating the state of mind that makes it possible for the dazzling ecstatic insights to become permanent and habitual illuminations. By getting to know oneself to the point where one wont be compelled by ones unconscious to do all the ugly, absurd, self stultifying things that one so often finds oneself doing.' 'You mean, it helps one to be more intelligent?' 'Not more intelligent in relation to science or logical argument - more intelligent on the deeper level of concrete experiences and personal relationships.' p179

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