"If we dont retire George W. Bush... we're going to be run again by a messianic militarist who's turned most of the world against the United States, even though most of the world was with us after 911; including turning many allies against us.

A militarist who is expanding the military budget so it now eats up 50% of federal operating expenditures, even though we have no major government enemy left in the world...

A messianic militarist who likes to distract attention from America and become mayor of Baghdad, operationally, instead of paying attention to this country.

Just think, every time you turn on the news it's Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.

It's not Toledo Ohio, it's not San Antonio, it's not what's going on in agrarian America and the dispossesion of the small farmer.

It's not the living wage deprivation of 47 million Americans.

It's not 45 million people, including children, who don't have health care.

We're the only country in the Western world without universal health care.

It's not the environmental devastation.

We've got to pay attention to this country, and we've got to retire George W. Bush."

—Ralph Nader, 5/11/2004

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