We must learn from the social insects.
They have been running successful urban civilizations for 100 million years.

Each termite colony is a gene-pool organized into castes which sends out explorer-migrants to found new mini-worlds.

Those who wish to preserve urban civilization should study the insect hive. The word termite comes from the Latin word termes—which means the end. The end-point of terrestrial society is the hive.

The growth of urban civilization during the last 5000 years is a steady move toward insectivization.

The well-run anthill is 99,995,000 years ahead of humanity in efficient social organization.

A hive is a joyful, clean Manhattan with 8 million secure citizens moving in tune with the humming unity.

Humanity cannot grow beyond the Insectoid Stage until it understands precisely how the social insects are ahead of us in terrestrial culture.From The Intelligence Agents by Tim Leary


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A farmer uses cow shit to trap termites to feed his chickens

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