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    ~~~Imported from [Wikipedia:Reality%20tunnel Wikipedia] on 2008-02-23~~~
    +++'''''Reality tunnel''''' is a term coined by [Deoxy:leary.htm Timothy Leary] and popularised by [Deoxy:raw.htm Robert Anton Wilson].+++
    The theory states that, with a subconscious set of mental "filters" formed from
    their beliefs and experiences, every individual interprets this same world
    differently, hence "Truth is in the eye of the beholder".
    This is not necessarily meant to imply that there is no objective truth; rather
    that our access to it is mediated through our senses, experience, conditioning,
    prior beliefs, and other non-objective factors. The individual world each person
    occupies is said to be their reality tunnel. The term can also apply to groups
    of people united by beliefs.
    A parallel can be seen in the psychological concept of confirmation bias--our
    tendency to notice and assign significance to observations that confirm our
    beliefs, while filtering out or rationalizing away observations that do not fit
    with our prior beliefs and expectations. This helps to explain why reality
    tunnels are usually transparent to their inhabitants. While it seems most people
    take their beliefs to correspond to the "one true objective reality," Robert
    Anton Wilson emphasizes that each person's reality tunnel is their own artistic
    creation, whether they realize it or not.
    It is believed that through various techniques one can break down old reality
    tunnels and impose new reality tunnels by removing old filters and replacing
    them with new ones, new perspectives on reality--at will. This is achieved
    through [Deoxy:cognitivechaos.htm various processes of deprogramming] using neuro-linguistic programming,
    cybernetics, hypnosis, biofeedback devices, meditation, controlled use of
    hallucinogens, and forcibly acting out other reality tunnels. Thus, it is
    believed one's reality tunnel can be widened to take full advantage of human
    potential and experience reality on more positive levels. Robert Anton Wilson's
    ''[Videx:Prometheus+rising Prometheus Rising]'' is (among other things) a guidebook to the exploration of
    various reality tunnels.

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