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If you have ever felt you were not alone while tripping alone, you are not alone.

This is an attempt to receive and compile information regarding the other strange entities which cohabitate hyperspace with us. If you haven't seen them, ignore this. If you have, tell me all you can.

Please respond privately, as I anticipate lots of response. I will post results to the group, and, given enough response, a paper and a FAQ based on this.

Use whatever writing style or metaphors you want - but here are some questions to get you started:

  1. How many times have you been visited?
  2. How regularly does "contact" occur for you?
  3. How many "species" of entities have you met?
  4. What did they look like, in physical terms?
  5. What did they look like in mental terms?
  6. Did they change shape, or remain relatively constant?
  7. Did they resemble any terrestrial creature?
  8. Did they resemble any mythological creature?
  9. Did they make sounds? Describe.
  10. Did you try to make them leave?
  11. Were you terrified, blissed, both or neither?
  12. What were the events preceding the encounter?
  13. What technique or entheogen did you use?
  14. How much of it?
    How much do you weigh, how tall are you?
  15. What was the procedure used to administer it,
    smoking, tea, etc?
  16. Did you "invite" the entities, or did they come unbidden?
  17. Do you have speculations as to their origins/intentions?
  18. Would you repeat the experience?
  19. Add any and all additional comments:
Please add any relevent questions and answers.

Hoping to hear from you soon!
survey by Robert F Campbell
hypertexture by dimitri