Speaking Personally...
recorded 1961 by Dennis Preston from Lansdowne Recording Studios

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"The interview took place in the London summer-two long afternoons, punctuated by tea and sherry, in Aldous's sitting-room with the view of the trees in Ennismore Gardens. The range of subjects was very wide. Aldous, as the case might be, responded to his interviewer, side-stepped or expanded. The great point of it all is that it has left us with such a characteristic record not only of Aldous's thought but of Aldous's way of expressing it; more spontaneous, more informal than his writing, more informal still than his lectures and broadcasts - there was no time limit, no audience... This record comes as near as anything to the way Aldous talked to his friends. This was his conversation."

Sybille Bedford, from Aldous Huxley, A Biography - Volume 2

via Grey Lodge Occult Review: Issue 14
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