Everything I require of the alchemical quintessence, the Internet provides, except physicality (which I didn't require). If you believe knowledge is power, which I certainly do, then the Internet is the dispensation, you know? The angels have landed, the aliens have unfurled their banner on this planet, and now let's see if information can liberate, and it will be settled in the next ten or fifteen years. Either they'll get a handle on it, whoever "they" are, whatever a "handle" means, or it will slip from their control and it will be clear that some kind of dialog is now going on between individual human beings and the sum total of human knowledge and that nothing can stop it. That some kind of renaissance, some kind of total new relationship to knowledge and possibility is put in place.

I think biology is the quantum mechanical magnification of uncertainty into macrophysical space. So that essentially we're chemical systems that by some means, yet to be understood, amplify quantum mechanical uncertainty into dimensions such as we see, and that permits these emergent properties and systems and morphologies to show themselves.