"David Roel of Enormous Vibrating Eye discovered an informal collection of thoughts from PKD in a stack of tapes loaned to him by a friend...complete with background television and children playing."—[1]

"A friend loaned me a bunch of tapes, and one of them turned out to be an audio interview of Philip K. Dick, interviewed in his home. You can hear the television on and his kids playing in the background. Very relaxed and chatty. I transfered it to mp3s. Everything you hear is exactly what was on the tape."—[2]

"A couple of dusty old cassette tapes loaned between friends turn out to be interviews with author Philip K. Dick at his home. Since the discovery, they have been converted over to mp3 format for your listening pleasure. Supposedly everything in the background is exactly as it happened at the time of the interview."—[3]

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