Conspiracy as an instrument of ruling class control

The title of the talk is conspiracy and class power and the key word in that title is the and. That is what your getting on the left lately is a debate in which people are saying we mustn't look at conspiracy we've gotta look at the broader institutional systems thats a argument being made by Alexander Cockburn, Noam Chomsky, Chip Burlay and any number of people and I think its a incorrect argument. Its not conspiracy or class power, its conspiracy and class power and I'm not going to talk about any specific conspiracies in any detail I want to talk about the relationship of conspiracy to the larger political economic context of the system.

Class power depends on a certain amount of conspiracy. It is logical that teachers, welders etc conspire for their self-interest. But we are asked to believe the ruling class, even when in policymaking positions, do not conspire for their self-interest.

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