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The first one I think of is The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich, which was burned by the United States Government in 1957. It had been burned by the Soviet Union earlier and by Nazi Germany even earlier than that. It describes very accurately the system of government we have now, which I call the TSOG, the Tsarist Occupation Government.

Reich's argument was that fascism is not an abberation that happened in Italy and Germany for a few decades. It's sort of the permanent undercurrent of all partriarchal authoritarian societies, and when they're under threat they turn fascist. Fascism is just a modern name for something that's been happening periodically throughout the history of authoritarian pyramidal civilizations. The Inquisition was the last major breakout of the same spirit.

I think we've got it in this country now in the form of the Tsarist Government that has taken over, which started with Reinhard Gehlen... He was Hitler's chief of Soviet intelligence and he had an arrangement with some Tsarists who had infiltrated the KGB and the Red Army and they were his sources of information on the Soviet Union which gave Hitler the idea that he could knock off the Soviet Union in a couple of weeks and then go back to fighting England and France, which turned out to be a little bit inaccurate.

In spite of their bad record in that case Gehlen managed to sell them to the United States Government at the end of world war two. He was the first of the major intelligence agents to surrender. As a matter of fact he went looking for the United States Army so he could surrender... He ended up being the head of Soviet operations for the CIA, and that was the beginning of the Tsarist infiltration of our government.

That's why we've got a Tsar now in Washington decreeing what medicines we can take... and can't take, what recreations we can enjoy..., how much pain we've got to endure when dying, that is defined by the Tsar. Medical evidence, any sort of scientific [evidence] is totally irrelevant because we're all supposed to have faith in the Tsar. This all started with Reinhard Gehlen's penetration of American Intelligence at the end of world war two bringing all these Tsarists with him.