If you believe in the higher self,
this is a simple trick of the lower self.

If you believe that there is no lower self,
that there is only the higher self, but that somehow or other the higher self has to shine through—the very fact that you think that it has to try to shine through still gives validity to the existence of a lower self.

If you think you have a lower self or an ego to get rid of
and then you fight against it—nothing strengthens the delusion that it exists more than that.

So this tremendous schizophrenia in human beings of thinking that they are rider and horse, soul in command of body, or will in command of passions—wrestling with them—all that kind of split thinking simply aggravates the problem and we get more and more split.

So we have all sorts of people engaged in an interior conflict which they will never ever resolve because—the true self, either you know it or you don't.

If you do know it then you know it's the only one, and the other so-called lower self just ceases to be a problem. It becomes something like a mirage, and you don't go around hitting at mirages with a stick, or trying to put reins on them.

You just know that they are mirages and
walk straight through them.