1. Consciousness1 is not what it appears to be;
  2. Consciousness seems like an exterior window;
  3. Consciousness is actually an interior mirror;
  4. The difference in perspective is important.

    1. Consciousness in the most ordinary sense,
    synonymous with awareness, perception,
    and experience.

Note: This information may seem relevant to:
    Those who choose to explore the mind.
    Those who the mind chooses to explore.


Lack of awareness
of the basic unity
of organism and environment
is a serious and dangerous

Naïve realism

    Naïve realism is a common sense theory of perception. Most people, until they start reflecting philosophically, are naïve realists...Naïve realism claims that the world is pretty much as common sense would have it. »

Reality Tunnel

    The theory states that, with a subconscious set of mental "filters" formed from their beliefs and experiences, every individual interprets this same world differently, hence "Truth is in the eye of the beholder". »


    The real can be known only through the false, so the ego is a must. One has to pass through it. It is a discipline. The real can be known only through the illusion. You cannot know the truth directly. First you have to know that which is not true. First you have to encounter the untrue. Through that encounter you become capable of knowing the truth. If you know the false as the false, truth will dawn upon you. »


    God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object, if real, will be apperceived and introcepted by more and more of us as we turn toward the inner realities within each of us. If God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object inhabits each of us, we eventually will see this. We will become universally aware. We will realize consciousness as being everywhere and eternal. We will realize that Consciousness-Without-an-Object in each of us is prejudiced and biased because it has linked up with a human brain. »