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    *[Deoxy:ayahuasca Ayahuasca]
    '''ARCHAIC'''--What we have to do is look back in time and find cultural models that served in the past...[ the archaic revival], an effort to jerk 20th century culture 180 degrees, and send it right back to the value systems of the high paleolithic, because that's the last moment that intelligence, language, religion co-existed with nature on this planet in a less than fatal arrangement.--~~[Deoxy:mckenna.htm Terence McKenna], ''A weekend with Terence [Deoxy:media/McKenna McKenna]''~~
    '''TECHNOLOGY'''--<a href="/shaman.htm">Shamanism.</a> Use of the archaic techniques of ecstasy that were developed independent of any religious philosophy—the empirically validated, experientially operable techniques that produce ecstasy. Ecstasy is the contemplation of wholeness.--~~[Deoxy:mckenna.htm Terence McKenna], ''The Archaic Revival''~~
    '''ECSTASY'''--Literally: the withdrawal of the soul from the body; mystical or prophetic exaltation or <a href="/def/rapture.htm">rapture</a> characteristic of shamanism and visionary states, originally and <i>naturally</i> catalyzed by entheogenic plants; also, such states <i>artificially</i> induced by breath control, fasting, <a href="/annex/cwl.htm">meditation</a>, drumming and other shamanic and [Deoxy:find/yoga yogic practices].--~~[Deoxy:def/ecstasy.htm Jonathan Ott], ''The Age of Entheogens & The Angel's Dictionary''~~

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