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5 - Cybercraft Relationships of the Circuits

Earth Mother--Matrix
The Matrix is a different order of entity. Matrix is the planet, the planetary ecosystem; the primordial Earth Mother. Mostly the Matrix is the grid of space in which all life lives. Should an anthropomorphic term be needed it should be called Grandmother.
Sky Father--Patrus
Although not previously mentioned a primordial father figure in the same order as Matrix exists. This entity is the Patrus, the Sky Father and represents the external forces effecting the Matrix. Additionally the Sky Father may be considered the original Star-Sky seed bearer. He may represent evolution, changes in weather, space alien intrusions, extra-terrestrial biological experiments and or accidental transmissions of life from meteors or comets. Call him Grandfather.
The Lady is the divine archetypal neuro-genetic pattern of all human women. She is the best that all women can ever hope to be plus a little more. The authors will not name her. She is yours to name and venerate.
The Lord is the divine archetypal neuro-genetic pattern of all human men. He is the best that all men can hope for plus a little added on the side to keep us guessing his next move. He remains nameless as does the Lady.
Domain Relationships
Domain interests can and will occur in all circuits from all domains. Each circuit has a high, mid and low domain focus. However some circuits may be more suited to a particular domain.
Circuit Tasking
Again the task of the CyberNaut is to accelerate and decelerate all circuits to provide optimal usage and operation of each circuit toward personally chosen ethical ends.

Lower Circuit Relationships

Circuit One Relationships

Circuit one is the Goddess circuit. The Goddess is not to be confused with the Matrix.

All the circuits can be moved to or from any other circuits. This circuit can be moved to when personal physical needs arise. Circuit One is an area of knowledge that relates to bodily concerns and needs. Other circuits may be associated with Circuit One. Most importantly for CyberNauts would be the combination of circuits One, Six and Seven. In this mode of operation the CyberNaut would be engaged in metaprogramming towards a happier, healthier relationship with the Goddess. Additionally Circuit Eight may be added in when involved in mid domain Craft efforts.

Acceleration of Circuit One includes all knowledge bases that help the physical organism survive. This is a 'do' circuit more than a 'know' circuit. Physical health and hygiene are integral to this circuit as well as personal defense measures. Life extension efforts originate in the high domain here.

Circuit Two Relationships

Circuit Two is the God circuit. Circuit Two is not to be confused with the Patrus. This circuit represents all human authority structures. By using circuits Two, Three, Six and Seven CyberNauts can gain healing and instruction with respect to social, familial and political authority structures.

Again this is a do circuit more than a know circuit. Acceleration can be achieved by learning successful teamwork, corporate and political structures. This circuit needs much healing as most CyberNauts have an awful taste in their mouths concerning authority structures and God in particular. Many an individual fears not only external authority but their own internal authority. Rituals should be written to enhance the CyberCraft images of power within. We can and will trust ourselves amidst all the chaos and confusion of a society run wild. Whereas Circuit One is related to the body and emotions Circuit Two is focused toward emotions and external relationships.

Circuit Three Relationships

Circuit Three is the Semantic Time Binding Circuit. It should be associated with the Divine Son. In Wiccan thealogical structures a Goddess and God exists. However nothing is said of their progeny; a divine son and daughter. Most Wiccans know of the Three Faced Goddess. Little know of the Three Faced God. According to the neurogenetic teachings of CyberCraft the Three Faced God is composed of Bright Youth, the Mad Prophet and the Wise Elder. See R. J. Stewart's nicely written material on the Merlin Conferences for more information.

This circuit represents the fiery nature of flowing information and ideologies. It relates more to ideas and ideologies than emotions. Fierce ideological fighting of both an external and internal nature is indicative of this experience. Such shows the immature nature of the circuit. Its mature aspects would be manifest in the free and tolerant exchange of ideas and technologies. Hidden, deceitful, false and inflexible communications are abhorrent to the mature aspects of Circuit Three. However such deceitful communications are pointers to its immature nature.

Circuit Three should be combined with circuits Five and Seven to create more humane and beneficial systems of communicating ideas and technologies. Circuit Three has great promise when it manifests itself in mature form. It should also be mated with Circuit Eight to start processing new research into non-local discarnate communications and information networks.

This is a know circuit which realizes the innate value of knowing. Rituals need to be written to acknowledge and venerate the Divine Son. At some point Circuit Three needs to be mated with Circuit Four to produce the next series of circuits. Circuit Three can be accelerated by exposure to new, different and seemingly conflicting ideologies in a non-Aristotelian environment.

Circuit Four Relationships

Circuit Four is the Social-Sexual Circuit. It should be associated with the Divine Daughter. In previous chapters it has been called the guilt circuit. Typically guilt and shame have been used to control the activities of women of all ages. In it's immature aspects this circuit is heavily polarized being either promiscuous or fearfully abstinent. A balance based upon knowledge should be strived for. In essence this circuit is the doorway into Circuit Five.

Circuit Four should be used with circuits Five, Six and Seven to produce newer personal mythos replete with viable mythopoetic structures ready to serve WoMankind.

Immature Circuit Four struggles indicate an unwillingness to integrate ones nature within the Matrix. It suffers from guilt tripping in Circuit Two. And is confused by the holistic information in a mature Circuit Three. Circuit Five exists to liberate Circuit Four but present conditions in American society lend poorly to complete liberation.

Circuit Four can be accelerated by getting in touch with our own emotions and bodies. Rituals should be written to liberate Circuit Four for more integrated emotions and sexuality. Guilt and shame must be jettisoned to make room for healthy, holistic emotional and sexual lives. Circuits Three and Four compliment each other. Some rituals are needed to integrate the airy and sexual.

Switching Gears into the Programming Circuits

Circuit Five Relationships

Circuit Five is the Holistic Neurosomatic circuit. Circuit Five conflicts arise over what it takes for the individual to feel good. This circuit is the first attempt at taking control of ones own life. Knowledge based upon the holistic integration of the previous circuits enable the CyberNaut to proceed smoothly through times of personal and social stress. All lower and upper circuits can be processed with this circuit. If it's not fun why do it? Circuit Five is the springboard into the other upper circuits. And through Circuit Five we can take that long first step toward understanding and achieving our short and long term goals.

Rituals should be written that include Circuit Five inflections for all other circuits.

Circuit Five is the most important of the upper circuits for the novice CyberNaut. Antero Alli refers to Circuit Five as Chapel Perilous. When the novice first ventures through the previous Circuits they form stable relationships between themselves and their world. However Circuit Five has the tendency to change previous programming. This Circuit upsets the apple cart. A seemingly instantaneous realization occurs that things aren't what they really seem to be. Now everything is in doubt. Nothing is sure. Only the brave and mature should venture into Chapel Perilous. But as can readily be seen, life seems to propel us into Circuit Five whether we are ready or not.

Circuit Six Relationships

Circuit Six is the Collective Neurogenetic Circuit. By way of Circuit Six we can begin writing and integrating personal mythologies concerning what we are and where we want to go. This circuit allows us to explore the hidden spaces of our aspirations while hinting at intelligent, ethical control of our psychic-selves. This circuit should be combined with all other circuits in ways that allow deep penetration of personally chosen data into human psyches. Circuit Six will apply mostly to the mid and low domain.

Priestesses we know tell us of the emotional and energetic charge they receive when performing the Charge of the Goddess. In Drawing Down the Moon Circuit Six is in full operation. Through the Charge of the Goddess this Circuit offers a neurogenetic link to Circuit One. In doing this we gain a mythopoetic view at our pasts and futures.

For men we have a ritual called Drawing Down the Sun. Circuit Six offers men access to neurogenetic links which offer the same insights but from the God's aspect of Circuit One.

Circuit Seven Relationships

Circuit Seven is the Metaprogramming Circuit. This is the second most important circuit for the novice CyberNaut. In Circuit Seven operations the CyberNaut can and will discover, analyze and repair all previous circuit disfunctionalities. As with Circuit Five it should be associated with all other circuits. This circuit is critical when accelerating and decelerating circuits.

Circuit Eight Relationships

Circuit Eight is the Metaphysiological or Non-Local Quantum Circuit. Here circuit tasking is a little different. The goal of Circuit Eight activities is to escape the model itself, freeing the entity to experience as clearly as possible non-local existence. Typically Eight is used with all circuits to step outside the framework for new perspectives.

Circuit Eight is the walk way to higher states of being. As life extension and personal research enable new personal and common vistas this circuit becomes more important.

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