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Recent Additions
 Spring, 2011

Media Meme News Video
  • Several hundred new videos.


 December, 2010

Media News

WikiLeaks CableCloud represents words from all released cablegate titles as an adjustable tag cloud and frequency list linked to a title search. The list and search results are also available as RSS.

WikiLeaks RSS for updates & cablegate.

New feeds:

  1. Appalachia Rising
  2. Botany Photo of the Day
  3. Climate Change: The Next Generation
  4. Climate Ground Zero
  5. Climate Progress
  6. Clusterfuck Nation
  7. CrimethInc
  8. Entheology
  9. Environmental Visualization Lab
  10. Goddard Institute for Space Studies
  11. information aesthetics
  12. Information Is Beautiful
  13. NatGeo Photo of the Day
  14. OED Word of the Day
  15. Root Force
  16. Ruckus Society
  17. Shroomery
  18. State of the Climate
  19. The Yes Men
  20. UN Human Rights News
  21. WikiLeaks Cablegate
  22. YES! Magazine

 November, 2010

Digest lists headlines from the past 24 hours
sorted by category or newsfeed.

Cloud now lists words from the past 24 hours. Each word
links to a special headline search that may list many more
or less headlines per feed than the usual display.

New feeds:

  1. Arctic Sea Ice
  2. Climate Change Denial
  3. Climate Denial Crock of the Week Video
  4. Climate Zombies
  5. Concerned Scientists: Clean Energy
  6. Concerned Scientists: Global Warming
  7. Concerned Scientists: Scientific Integrity
  8. Earth Focus on Link TV
  9. Mother Earth
  10. Obameter
  11. Psychology Today
  12. RealClimate
  13. Skeptical Science



 October, 2010

 June, 2009

 March, 2009

m.deoxy.org mobile services interface
for IPhone compatible devices.
m.deoxy.org/news headlines by category

  • Mountaintop Removal
  • AviationSmog Talk
  • Climate Denial

  • Chapel Perilous
  • 8 Circuit Brain Model Conversation with Antero Alli
  • RAW/SubGenius Hour of Slack 1043

  • DEOXY.VIDEO.DIGEST for May 2008
    lists 1706 new titles pushing our total over 20,000!

    Vidsky uses images to represent words in the video cloud.


    Some pages that were never listed here:

  • Acid Genes
  • Alcohol
  • Amnion for the Human in Embryo
  • Archaic Technology of Ecstasy
  • AviationSmog
  • Consciousness 101
  • Drugs
  • Emotional contagion
  • Ism
  • Positive LSD Story
  • Reality Tunnel
  • ReUnitedNations
  • SearchBot
  • The Phenomenal Self
  • Tobacco
  • Voting

    And many more at meme, media & wiki.

  • Video rises to 11000+ titles with a new interface: watch
    deoxy.video presents thousands of links to streaming video carefully chosen to light your mind. Titles are indexed and searchable, viewable as a tag cloud, or at random. A download link is also provided.