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G E N E T I C   C O U N S E L I N G

This description of a new college course in Genetics, taught in a prestigious Sun Belt University, is a very valuable neurogenetic clue. It is the kind of evidence (easily overlooked by hive observers) which Evolutionary Agents seek.  It reveals much about the Neurogenetic Stage of the hive culture—and of the planet.

Catalogue of the University of California, Spring

Co-Sponsored by the Program for Women in Health Service, UC-San Francisco

00-160 - 10 hours

X428 Health Sciences (1)




In 1975 the Ad Hoc Committee on Genetic Counseling of the American Society of Human Genetics described genetic counseling as a "communication process which deals with the human problems associated with the occurrence, or the risk of occurrence, of a genetic disorder in the family."

This one-day workshop is primarily for health professionals who want to learn how to do genetic counseling or who want to strengthen their skills in this field.

Genetic Counseling always appears one generation after Personality Counseling.

When an advanced, post-political culture offers courses in "Job Counseling," "Personality Counseling" or "Marital Counseling," the I-2 Agent knows that a move towards Self-Actualization is occurring; that a free-mobile-individually oriented society has emerged.  (Note that the Soviet Union was not offering courses in Personality Improvement in 1978.)  Extension courses in the Snow Belt cities were just beginning to catch on to the Self-Actualization movement which had originated—where all individual freedoms start—on the Western Frontier.

The term Genetic Counseling indicates that a 7th Circuit Stage 19 Consciousness is dawning.

The emphasis is on genetic disorder, not upon genetic endowment, but this is to be expected.  A new technology always appeals to hive-security first—as a way of dealing with danger.  Awareness of genetic disorder always precedes awareness of genetic excellence.  Just as psychiatry always precedes self-actualized psychology.  Pathology always precedes Potential.  When the experts in a hive begin treating "broken-down personalities" they have recognized the existence of "personality."  And the next step is for healthy individuals to start taking charge of their own "selfs."

On nursery planets the military (warrior-caste) is responsible for developing new technologies for faster mobility and communication.  The citizens in the Western Frontier then co-opt the technology for their own self-actualization. So it was with Genetic Intelligence.

The first step is discovering that genetic causes exist for human problems.

This is a big breakthrough—resisted, of course, by Stage 12 Socialist Demo-poll cultures.  Genetic determination focuses on gene-pool statistics and caste-differentiation, thus minimizing the importance of hive managers.  Stage 12 Socialist-Welfare cultures insist that the collective super-hive (the state) is responsible for everything.

Once humans begin to face the fact that genes determine the varied destiny of their different children, then they are ready to see that genes determine their own caste.  Next comes the catastrophic discovery that each gene-pool is a time-hive, a genetic molecule, made up of many elements called castes.

The whole game is genetic robotry.

Within ten years after Genetic Counseling Courses start studying Genetic Problems we can expect courses in Genetic Potentials and Self-Selected Breeding.  These courses will emerge on the Western Frontier.  (There is no chance that China or the Soviet Union will offer courses on genetic elites.)  The definition of Genetic counseling then changes from an emphasis on pathology to one of excellence and growth.

By 1985 the definition of Genetic Counseling will read like this:  a communication process which deals with the human potentials associated with the occurrence, or the possibility of occurrence, of a genetic advance in the gene-pool.  In 1978 the Dom-Species on the Sunset Strip was moving from Stage 12 Social-Sacrifice to Stage 13 Self-Consumerism.

The Pre-Dom ideas emerging on the volatile Western Frontier were:

Pre-Dom1 (Stage 14)
Bodily Intelligence Self-Actualization
"My Body is my Time Ship"

Pre-Dom2 (Stage 15)
Voluntary Civilian Space Migration
"We Are Not Terrestrials"

Pre-Dom3 (Stage 16)
Brain Reality Consumerism
"I Can Select My Own Reality"

Pre-Dom4 (Stage 17)
Brain Reality Self-Actualism
"I Can Create My Own Reality"

Pre-Dom5 (Stage 18)
Brain Reality Fusion
"We Can Fabricate an External Reality"

Pre-Dom6 (Stage 19)
Genetic Consumerism
"I Can Select My Own Genetic Reality"

It is the function of terrestrial Dom-Species to place under Hive-Taboo all notions of the future.

The ideas of Bodily-Sensory-Hedonic Consumerism—fiercely taboo in Stage 11 and 12 societies—had actually crumbled on the Western Frontier by 1978.

The PreDom1 Taboo against Bodily Self-Actualization was also crumbling in the Sun Belt—as exemplified by the legalization of marijuana, the classic tool of one who wishes to control one's own hedonic reality.

The Pre-Dom2 Taboo of 1978 condemned Civilian Space Migration.  In January 1978 the Director of N.A.S.A., one Dr. Fosch, testified in Congress that Civilian Space Migration was a "pre-adolescent" idea.  He was precisely correct.  If pre-adolescence is defined as age 11, then a pre-adolescent idea will become a young-voter idea in seven years and will be legalized in California in ten years.

There are two sets of Taboos which are imposed by the Dom-Species to maintain its equilibrium and Hive-Solidarity:  X_Dom Taboos condemn the past and Pre-Dom Taboos condemn the future.

The Dom-Species is held together by its opposition to the proximal past and future stages.

As examples of X-Dom Taboos we note the shames attached to Cannibalism, illegal personal violence, violation of property, personal dishonesty, rape.  The Ten Commandments are a valuable index of the Neurogenetic Stage of the time:  Thou shalt honor thy parents; Thou shalt not steal, kill, lie, sexually trespass, or violate territory within the hive; Thou shalt adore the Hive-totem and not worship past pagan Gods or Future Gods.

Social Welfare countries (Stage 12) place under taboo all forms of individuality—both past and future.

Stage 11 Societies (Democratic-bourgeois) place under taboo Feudal Elitism (10) and State Power (12) and post-familial individuality (13).

The Pre-Dom3 Taboo in 1978 condemned any intervention into Brain Control—either by others or self.   Thus the revulsion against C.I.A. Brain Experiments using drugs or bio-electrical means.

The Pre-Dom4 Taboo against Self-Directed Brain Change was even more rigid.  While there was some liberal hand-wringing about C.I.A. experiments with LSD there was stark terror at the thought of Self-Appointed Individuals using psychedelic drugs to change their own Realities.

The Pre-Dom5 Taboo against Intentional Communes of Individuals linking to create new Realities was very pervasive in 1978.  Every attempt to construct such communities was routinely snuffed.

The Pre-Dom6 Taboo against Genetic Consumerism surfaced for the first time in 1975-78 when citizens became morally outraged by Genetic Engineering and cloning.*

The flap over Recombinant DNA Research, Life Extension and cloning was a wonderful sign that Neurogenetic Consciousness was emerging.

Nothing can happen in evolution until the Dom-Species gets upset and worried.  When the red-neck politicians and the liberal agitators moralize about "monsters escaping from the laboratory and being unleashed on the unsuspecting public," the Out-Caste Intelligence operative perks up interest.  The "monsters," of course, are us in the future.

The basic tactic used by Evolutionary Agents to reassure the Dom-Species about Future-phobias is to point out that allowing the next mutation to occur is the best way to avoid past terrors.  To convince the Doms that past-terrors are worse than future fears.  Thus the Stage 11 Capitalist had to realize that some Social-Welfarism was the only way to avoid a return to Stage 10 barbarian-dictatorships.  The Communist Stage 10 dictators realized that some individual consumerism is the only way to avoid a return to tribal anarchy.

The task of the evolutionary agent is always to encourage migration.

In 1978 it was the assignment of Evolutionary Agents to demonstrate that Civilian Voluntary Space Migration was the only way to deal with the tensions of nationalism, tribalism and Self-Actualization.  Anita Bryant comes to see that the only way to keep homosexuals away from her children is to allow Gay Societies in Post-terrestrial Plan-Its.  Racists of all colors realize that the only way to preserve Discrimination and Racial Pride is in High Orbital Mini Earths (H.O.M.E.s).

By 1978 it was becoming obvious that the only solution to Hive Terrors, both past and future, was Migration to Space Plan-Its.  The past always migrates behind the future. 

Today's future taboo is tomorrow's dogma.

Liberals, in 1978, were alarmed that nuclear energy, brain-changing drugs, radiation-control of brains, genetic engineering might fall into the hands of Barbarian Territorial Dictators.  Note that cloning, the key migratory technique for a post-terrestrial species, is first discussed in fearful terms of Hitler-like revivals.  The hive custodians frighten the people with mad scientist Nazi-devil rumors and thus conceal the possibility that you can clone yourself and friends.  The same taboo-terror was projected on post-terrestrial intelligence.  The Martians were coming to eat us, and not to enlighten or entertain us.

Such natural hive fears can be assuaged by the realization that nuclear energy, brain-changing drugs (LSD), cloning, and genetic research can only be safely employed in frontier, experimental communities—which can be found only in High Orbital Mini Earths.

The first sign of Neurogenetic Consciousness, as evidenced by this University of California course on Genetic Counseling, could only have appeared in a community which was into Self-Actualization and in a state where the governor, Jerry Brown, had become a Space Plan-It enthusiast.

* The emergence of a new taboo is always sign for evolutionary rejoicing.  Today's new Taboo is tomorrow's advance.  Agents who create new crimes are automatically promoted to the Out-Caste-Hall of Fame.  Examples of new crimes are:  automotive speeding, bootleg radio broadcasting, psychedelic drug manufacturing, nuclear research, computer larceny, leaving a country without an exit visa, DNA research, cloning.

Genetic Archives Bumper Sticker from 1493
(also used in 1978)