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7 - Sharing Bio-circuit Experiences

Bio-Circuit 5 Experiences

I have had some very wonderful experiences with the upper 4 circuits. Some of this may sound threatening but I hope not too much.

Between circuits 4 and 5 is a place I call Darkmoor. Antero Alli terms it Chapel Perilous. (I'll see if I have info. on Darkmoor on the E-Net.) Darkmoor is the region of doubt we experience when we begin to notice the upper 4 circuits. Some, perhaps most of us, start thinking that we are betraying our parents, sometimes our peers, and perhaps ourselves when we modify our lifestyles toward circuit 5. After all most of us were taught from early on that we had to 'work hard' to live. Circuit 5 lets us know that we can enjoy ourselves, even be a little lazy when we need, or when we want.

The upper circuits do somewhat parallel the lower circuits. The bodily feel goodness of circuit 1 is paralleled and amplified in circuit 5. For most people life can be good, for some it can be great, yet others live fantastic lives. Generally when we learn not to fight ourselves, our general need to feel good and be happy, we learn to live well.

About a year ago I met the young wife of younger friend, who through their own doings were coming to terms with an impending divorce. In the months after we met she and I were synchronously thrown into 'things' together. We began to see and sleep with each other during their separation. She moved in with me some months before their divorce was final. Jim, her ex, has shown great integrity throughout the process and now seems to have resolved his concerns about the divorce. Both Jim and Alisandra made it through their problems by using circuit 5, the holistic neuro-somatic pleasure circuit. By indulging themselves in pleasure they found that their previous relationship was pretty shaky from the beginning. Since they both are fairly independent their new lifestyles are much better than their old one.

For them, in their need, circuit 5 worked well. They had no idea that circuit 5 existed. But they naturally used the processes of this circuit to help them get through. Sure it was tough, but not nearly as tough as others.

Alisandra is 14 years my junior. I tend to 'worship' youth and beauty. So I surround myself with people I think of as youthful and beautiful. In my social intercourse my friends and I deal with people our age down to college students. Since I have no surviving family and Alisandra's fundamentalist parents in Tennessee think she is 'possessed by the Devil' (by me??) neither of us have older, cranky parents to deal with.

Currently for us circuit 5 is the main circuit. We take our pleasure any-when and where we desire. And with anyone we desire. Sure we have our little spats but we both know the rules of communication. We deal with the little stuff before it pile up. She knows about my minor blood sugar problem so we don't get into arguments when my body decides to do something different. (I've been told by lovers 'You're cranky in the morning.' Isn't everybody??

Sometimes I wonder how the grasshopper felt. Did he really think that winter wouldn't come?? If we take our pleasure constantly will we miss some other important event? Yes. Tim Leary writes that people _stuck_ in circuit 5 think having fun is too important to be weighed down with commitments and progress. Those stuck in circuit 5 find it extremely difficult to even notice the upper 3 circuits.

The general warning is that there is always something else to learn, to experience. Till things go 'non-local', 'exponential' and/or 'non-linear' in circuit 8 we always have another circuit to experience.

One other important point. Infact it's a large consideration. Health, no not just sexual health, but health in general. Exploring circuits takes time. Without a healthy body and mind the fun of exploration is diminished, perhaps even precluded.

In this model life extension is a vital part. Writer Paul Bragg, who influenced Jack Lalane, made it to 96 with all his teeth and normal vision, running 5 miles a day and swimming a mile on occasion. Alas due to an unfortunate accident Paul Bragg is no longer with us.

There is no reason why we can't live to 100 or 150. Health is part and parcel of circuit 5. What does it benefit us to be kings and queens if our health is failing? Yet with good health of mind and body even paupers have the opportunity to become wealthy. With the emergence of micro- and nano-technology in 50 years or so, we may have the tools to extend life to 2-3 hundred years. Some visionaries tell us that because technology is exploding exponentially, in the coming century we may find ways to extend life indefinitely. Or perhaps until the individual decides it's time to die. It'd be a shame to die the day before immortality machines are brought online.

Along with life extension comes greater ability to cope with change. In a 150 year life cycle comes the ability to cross train in several different fields of study. Then after they have been assimilated a cross-discplinary approach to the tough problems can be used to better solve those problems.

Of course a 150 year lifecycle also means about 120 years of pleasure in circuit 5. That's quite a consideration.

Circuit 6 experiences

Circuit 6 experiences concern the Collective Neuro-genetic Relationship

Alisandra and I have been involved with neo-paganism for a few years. While neither of us believes in a real Goddess or God we do see the value in this for some people. However what appeals to us are collective neuro-genetic archetypes. Please read Jung's work on archetypes for established and accepted definitions of archetypes.

To us archetypes are patterns in both the conscious and unconscious that 'program' windows of action or opportunity for us. Archetypes can be either the individual's genetic coding (programming) or a culturally determined way or mode of experiencing life.

Alisandra likes Connor MacLeod from Highlander. In this story a young immortal must confront his immortality, ignorance and conflict with other immortals for a fabulous prize. Here is the powerful story of the mythical Hero's Journey. It is the story of all human life. Expanding consciousness can be substituted for immortality and the story is much the same. (And as presented in the previous reply consciousness may indeed bring to us practical immortality.)

Circuit 6 helps us get in touch with our past, present and future history. Some folks think that the current state of humanity is the culminating state. I think not. In a million years or so we may find as many different types of humans as we find in other different but similar species.

Part of circuit 6 is aspecting a neuro-genetic archetype. Some folks call this channeling; and while they think they are channeling a discarnate entity from elsewhere I have my suspicions. In my life I have noticed a semi-major personality change about every 2-3 years. To me the current personality is a variable composite of past personalities. It's variable in that it is a changeable forum or quorum of memories, thoughts and feelings that make up Mike. In this quorum there are stronger and weaker individuals. Each play their own part in my psyche. If I allow a change in the quorum these internal changes are evident to me and close friends.

Aspecting (channeling) is changing the forum, rearranging the quorum for a different perspective or view of reality. Modern channelers then speak and act differently than normally. But we don't need to be channelers to get in touch with the collective neuro-genetic patterns.

I said I'd share. (But I didn't say I would lecture a bit too. Along with aspecting is something similar I term virtual personalities. I have a virtual personality named Ammond. He lives in a somewhat different world than Mike. But he has much the same outlook.

Virtual personalities, sometimes called alter-egos, are pretty much the same thing as a Fantasy Role Playing entity. Those who have played Dungeons and Dragons are familiar with FRP games. But what has gaming theory got to do with life? Almost everything. Life has rules, regulations and consequences. Games have the models of those very same things.

Tim Leary got into hot water with 'games' in a time when life was a serious matter. Early in Joseph Campbell's book PRIMITIVE MYTHOLOGY Joe talks about different culture's approaches to life. One approach is that life is a game to be played. I like that approach myself. If we make ourselves perceive life as a game we can have fun with the game. Sometimes we can even get away with mucking with/the rules. Consequences are there though...

In Mike's life Ammond is part of the game of aspecting a neuro-collective archetype we know of as witch or magician. Others play this important game with him. Alisandra played for a while too. Both of us got tired of that game so we have mucked the rules, plotted a different course to the stars again. We are starting in another direction. But the archetype(s) is deep within our psyche. We can no more escape them than we can escape our own arms.

An advantage of being able to muck the rules is that we can determine what we can and cannot get away with. American culture is very restrictive. Getting in touch with the genetic archetypes enable us to experiment, to know, to be flexible enough to shape-shift into a new personality at whim. Our participants who are actors can identify with this concept.

In current psychologies we have models including only three entities--child, adult and parent. However these are a basic three in many thousands. The collective neuro-genetic circuit gives us the opportunity to emulate any of those thousands of internal, genetically and culturally driven archetypes.

Just for fun, here are a few words from Ammond...

'The witch is a powerful person because they learn to turn, bend, shape and condition reality. Life is a marvelous thing when one realizes that magick does indeed work. Through magick I can create, modify or condition anything in my life. That's fun and I benefit greatly.'

Thanx Ammond. And now a few words from another important person-- Arthur C. Clarke... 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' Of which Ammond bends into 'To the culturally xenophobic any sufficiently different technology is indistinguishable from magic, ie. pure garbage.'

Circuit 7 experiences...

What can be said about circuit 7? Lots of things, but these statements are almost in a different language. Something not in English. In its most basic aspect circuit 7 is the point in the individual's development where they begin to understand how they program, influence, and condition their own minds. The programmer takes control of the program to design in or erase out those functions useful or not. This includes feelings and emotions. [Glasser's Perception orders give us a hint as to how to use circuit 7 better.]

Circuit 7 is the metaprogramming circuit. Dr. Lilly has a lot to say on this subject in some of his books. I think Center Of The Cyclone and Programmimg And Metaprogramming The Human Biocomputer both address this topic. I haven't read the latter at this point. It's on my list of a hundred or so.

In other topics I refer to the human mind/body complex as a single somewhat mechanical entity. Robert Anton Wilson says the brain is something like a silicon computer. Cyber-punks term the brain 'wetware'. They even go as far as to distinguish between minds, ie. 'meat mind' and 'machine mind'.

In K. Eric Drexler's Engines Of Creation--The Coming Era Of Nanotechnology, he starts his book off writing of the machines that inhabit the human body. Each human cell is inhabited with millions of tiny nanomachines. And today we have the beginning of the capability of sensing, viewing, controlling and creating newer, more useful nanomachines. Obviously our understanding of the word machine is evolving. (Perhaps you have heard recently that folks at IBM labs have the ability to manipulate individual atoms. In 22 hours with a scanning tunneling microscope they moved 32 xenon atoms across a nickel surface to spell out IBM. It was difficult and slow, but it was done. Additionally genetic researchers on the East Coast are asking for children with genetic conditions to volunteer for genetic manipulation and testing. They think they can 'fix' the bad chromosones.)

The human body and by extension the human brain (wetware) is composed of individual micro and nano machines. So by extension we can think of the human brain as a macro-machine (in light of the littler machines that make its composition.) As time proceeds, technology and human knowledge progress. Even the understanding of 'technology' and 'knowledge' changes with new information. The understanding of 'human' and 'mind' changes even as you read this reply.

Today we are on the verge of a radical change. Additionally, radical changes in our paradigms are happening now. Either our individual worldviews keep up with existing useful knowledge or we will grow 'strange', alienating ourselves from the force of the march of the race toward the stars.

One of these paradigm changes is one which considers the human animal more machine and less a metaphysical entity. By extension we can also say that the human mind is more machine than metaphysical entity. A truly advanced, conscious and replicating, self-modifying, amazing machine, but a machine it remains. This disturbs many metaphysical minded folks because it has ominous consequences, the most ominous being that if WoMankind is basically a machine then what about an afterlife? According to this model unless some vehicle is generated to contain human consciousness there is no life after death.

Continuing on... Just like a computer we can program our minds. School is the primary place of programming. Learning is taught very little in schools. Students are supposed to open their minds to let the teacher pour in the socially accepted, accredited programs. It's no wonder our children hate school. They have the genetically driven need to learn, but they perceive they are being programmed. Programming and learning are not the same thing. Our children perceive the hypocrisy. I rebel against the idea myself.

However ethical self-programming is a different item altogether. Folks like Leary, Wilson, Alpert, and Lilly, tell us that some techniques can indeed change our minds. Techniques like focused meditation, positive visualization, brain machines and chemical alteration are powerful tools for brain change.

Personally I've used positive visualization to some success. Focused meditation is probably the best current legal technique. More powerful techniques are brain machines which use a feature of the brain to train the brain into semi-discrete states while listening to motivational tapes. The most powerful and most dangerous tools are psycho-active drugs. These are generally used to demolish existing emotional structures which might compete with the newly forming, more delicate emotional structures. This wrecking crew is composed of any of the psycho-active drugs available. The most popular are LSD, 'shrooms, XTC and pot. All of these drugs tie back into circuit 5 so there is a double whammy involved with their usage. For some people demolition of emotional structures works well. Others would just freak.

Currently these drugs are illegal. Our society has some difficult problems to face with respect to mind-altering substances. The primitive (and now our contemporary) shaman has used plant substances to alter brain chemistry for some 30,000 years. I have a fairly extensive reading list for these metaprogramming substances. Perhaps this is subject matter for an addendum.

Brain machines and disciplined meditation seem to be the most powerful legal tools. These are able to softly rearrange the minds programming without demolishing whole structures. As time marches on brain machines will progress. I presume that at some point, the most powerful models will become illegal. Figures.

Circuit 8 experiences...

Circuit 8 is very mystical. Writing about circuit 8 for me is difficult. I have a limited understanding of it. This is probably because Mike is a 7 circuit person. However Ammond is an 8 circuit person so maybe I should let him take over for awhile...

Hey, Ammond. Wake up!

'Uhhum, what? Oh, circuit 8 is the metaphysiological circuit. This can be interpreted in two ways. [This is boring you know. Mike doesn't really like this stuff so i think it's a great idea to let the experts cover their fields. He can be such a stuffed shirt at times. You fundamentalist! Get a clue Mike! Let go. Have fun. Jeeze, it won't hurt your reputation too much. People won't think you're crazy or nothin.]'

I dislike self-made, so-called experts turkey. Did you know that an expert is a 'has-been drop of water under pressure??'

'Ok, let's get on with this... [i knew we weren't going to get anywhere. He's supposed to be writing this stuff, not me. Always leaving it to the little guy.] Ok, where did i leave my magick book? Here it is under the pickled frogs. Jeeze i hate that smell... This whole place has that horrid smell. Should open some windows. It's springtime. I'm giving up pickling small animals. The larger ones can stay in the yard...

Circuit 8, yes i'm familiar with that area. Any progressive magician is, or rather should be. The term magick is a squirrely thing. It's hard to pin down. It took me almost a year and a few thousand pins to get it pinned down on my magicians viewing matrix. Darn pins, kept backing out somehow. Magick. Hummpf!

It can been seen in two lights. One is the mystical view, which i subscribe to. i couldn't be a real magician if i didn't. Rules you know. Damn unions, always making impromptu proclamations. Do this, do that. Believe this. I'm ready to quit and become a customer service engineer. I can fix anything. At least i could make some real money. Might even get a car...

Where was i? Oh yeah, two lights. Some folks like to believe in mysterious metaphysical powers. It all works together you know. Somehow. Like attracts like in contradiction to current physics. So whatever you work for you somehow magickally get. Or at least something like what you wanted. Hard to tell at times. It generally depends upon how much you want something. And how hard you work at it.

The other view is that natural laws haven't been fully appreciated, uhh, understood yet. This revolves around strange things like 'information' and 'consciousness', 'charm' and 'quarks' and such intellectual sillyness. Generally the idea is that we are all linked in a network of sorts. When we find the proper technologies and applications we should be able to slide around on the net, doing and going to different places in a flash. Sounds like hooey to me. i prefer magick, it's simpler.'

Thanx for that helpful explanation Ammond, I'll take it from here. Cranky this morning??

'Not a damn bit!'

Know what you're doing?

'Yep, it's all in this here magick book. Cernunnos on a crutch! Where did it go? Magick book, hummph! Just about gotta' keep it on a steel leash. Here it is under the pickled snakes. I'll just mosey over and put it back where it belongs. Oh yeah, the front door is open. Bye. Don't make a mess on the way out, will ya'? This stuff is hard to replace. Where'd that infernal book go?'

Ok, to continue from the previous paragraphs. Quantum physics has been bringing us some strange information. Mostly it says that our views of the universe affect our perception of the universe so what we think we see is really something else. Or something like that. You'll have to get the information yourself. There are some good and bad books on this subject. Be careful of what you pick up at the bookstore. Somehow those books jump right off the shelf at you saying buy me, read me. You'd think there was something magic about it all.

Experiencing good synchronicity is a good example of circuit 8 being active. Jane Roberts, another aspecter of fame, has a lot to say on following one's impulses. Of course Jung is the one who coined the term Synchronicity.

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