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Cognitive Chaos


  1. Brain Activiy can be modelled as a fractal topology interfacing both random and determined forces.

  2. Consciousness can be presented as a set of strange attractors (patterns of chaos) around which specific neuronal activity organizes itself. These n-dimensional attractors are produced with theorems derived from a synthesis of work by Mandelbrot and Cantor.

  3. By attaining a thorough intuitive and technical grasp of the actual shapes of the attractors (although they are ultimately indeterminate) one can ride the chaos like a lucid dreamer learns to contain and direct the process of REM sleep.

  4. Benefits of linking cybernetic processes with awareness in this way include:
    • Exploration of the brain's unused capacities
    • Conscious control of autonomic processes
    • Mind-directed repair of tissue at cellular/genetic level
    • Control over most diseases and the aging process
    • Awareness of the morphogenetic field
    • Direct perception of the Heisenbergian properties of matter


  1. First Stage

  2. Second Stage

  3. At this point we prepare for work with the device:

    1. A modified sensory-deprivation chamber in which attention can be focused on a computer terminal and screen.

    2. Electrodes taped to various body parts to provide physiological data which is fed into the computer.

    3. A peculiar helmet with a highly sophisticated fourth-generation brain machine, which can sonically stimulate brain cells either globally or locally and in various combinations, thus directing not only "brain waves" but also highly specific mental-physical functions. The helmet is also plugged into the computer and provides feedback in various programmed ways.

    4. A series of exercises in which the theorems are used to generate graphic animations of the "strange attractors" which map various states of consciousness, setting up feedback loops between this "iconography" and the actual states themselves, which are in turn generated through the helmet simultaneously with their representation on the screen.

    5. The "alchemical" use of mind-active drugs, including new vasopressin derivatives, beta-endorphins and hallucinogens (usually in "threshold" dosages). Some of these tinctures are simply to provide active-relaxation and focused-attention states, others are specifically linked to the requirments of "Cognitive Chaos" research.

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