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nov. verb.— Plant sacraments or shamanic inebriants evoking religious ecstasy or vision; commonly used in the archaic world in divination for shamanic healing, and in Holy Communion, for example during the Initiation to the Eleusinian Mysteries or the Vedic Soma sacrifice. Literally: becoming divine within. Hence: Age of Entheogens nov. verb., Entheogenic nov. verb.

1979 Ruck J. Psychedelic Drugs 11: 145. In Greek the word entheos means literally "god (theos) within"... In combination with the Greek root —gen, which denotes the action of "becoming," this word results in the term that we are proposing: entheogen

1980 Wasson The Wondrous Mushroom, xiv. We are now rediscovering the secret and we should treat the "entheogens" with the respect to which they were richly entitled.

1986 Wasson Persephone's Quest, 31. We must break down the "Drugs" of popular parlance according to their properties and overcome our ignorance, which in this field is still monumental. "Entheogen" is a step in that direction.

1993 Ott Pharmacotheon, 19. I have been privileged to be initiated into the sacred realm of the entheogens... have imbibed the amrta of India, the ambrosia of the Olympian gods, Demeter's potion; have for brief blessed instants gazed into Lord Shiva's blazing third eye.


The Age of Entheogens & The Angel's Dictionary
by Jonathan Ott

URL: http://deoxy.org/define/entheogen